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ABC Nightline - IDEO Shopping Cart

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DeepDive methodology in practice
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Yuxin Chen (3 days ago)
My college asked my to watch this and I do not think it really impressed me. This design do cost similar to current models. However, it would be harder to manufacture due to all hooks on the cart to hang bags. Besides, this good cannot going to each other, it means much more space would be required. So, it is just an idea and it needs much more efforts before they have a Most-Viable Product.
gravity ASHISH (29 days ago)
Nyx (1 month ago)
anyone is forced to watch this for uni or highschool ?
Milo The Kitty (28 days ago)
LOL I need to watch it for my science assignment and I'm in 6th grade
Emerson Cruz (1 month ago)
PLTW Engineering- Packet 1.Form and Function 2.Process 3.They defined there problem/ did research and interviews 4. A. They Grouped and took photos B. Asked questions 5. A. One conversations at a time B. Stay focused on topic C. Encourage wild ideas D. Defer Judgment E. Bulid one the ideas of others 6. So that not everyone comes up with the same / boring idea 7. Sticky notes and build also they generate concepts 8. Group 9. They split in 4 smaller teams and are developing a solution 10. Playful and Fun 11. Permission 12. To make a whole product and it also develops a solution 13. Fail and Succeed 14.About 14% of the weeks time 15. to improve the design 16. Nature .....NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES!!!!
Guy Wade (2 months ago)
The cart should follow you.
SvenThe CavsFan (2 months ago)
watching this for school
no captions
Yukun Tong (5 months ago)
Actually, I don't see Wholefoods or any other supermarkets use this kind of cart design today in CA. Well, Cheer for the IDEO Homework!
Alex Kime (6 months ago)
lots of thin little metal pieces that will break off after a few hundred people bump them into corners or stack them incorrectly.
Colton Hagan (7 months ago)
Info 200 yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Simple Ideas Show (8 months ago)
Beichen Liang (10 months ago)
18w Washington INFO 200
S PK (10 months ago)
This is very good practices but nowadays, i still see the same shopping cart as before this invention. (shopping cart which this team went to survey in supermarket before done the prototype is same as nowadays shopping cart) why??
Low Choon Ying (10 months ago)
who else is here for homework lmao
meng Wu (2 months ago)
Krish Danger (11 months ago)
Very cute video
Txin (11 months ago)
An epic video for showing how teamwork goes failure.
Rapmon's Suga Kookie (11 months ago)
My communication teacher is making me watch this ugh
Jens Eriksen (1 year ago)
Kai_Land (1 year ago)
The guy who brought in the shopping cart or the blue skirt tie guy looks like the math teacher in the incredibles
gabrielle woods (1 year ago)
All this goes into creating a freaking shopping cart?????
Jahin Rahman (1 year ago)
Brenzyc (1 year ago)
someone wanna hit me up with the ENGG 200 answers?
Sinister Backup (1 year ago)
Hey Adrian #Mustangs
GreyWolfEmber (1 year ago)
0:22 start
Kakashi747 (1 year ago)
4:47 best part
cindy chan (1 year ago)
i think in the future we will just scan products we want to buy and it goes into a computer system, and into a bag already in the trolley and we just swipe our card and pay. It takes out the time having to take stuff out the trolley onto a conveyer belt to be scanned. But i haven;t worked out how to guard against fraud, unless at the end you have to weigh it all. And if it matches up you can go.
Jim Johnston (9 months ago)
yeah at the amazon shop you just pick up what you want and leave. no checkouts.
jbeauf00 (9 months ago)
PutinindaclubIbiza99 I'm sorry, I'm not buying any groceries online. Who knows how long those groceries have been on those shelf's. I want to see my groceries right there. That doesn't seem like a good idea to me.
PutinindaclubIbiza99 (1 year ago)
Amazon has a grocery store in Seattle where u just use your phone, it hasn't gone public yet
Natalie Cruz (1 year ago)
This is already happening at many places!
The Notorious Bala (1 year ago)
Does anyone know if this product made it into the real world or?
The Notorious Bala (1 year ago)
dan badi no supermarket in the world uses this?
dan badi (1 year ago)
The Notorious Bala why ? Idk and no
The Notorious Bala (1 year ago)
dan badi why? And is there anything existing similar or does this exist in any form?
dan badi (1 year ago)
tdreamgmail (1 year ago)
Homer's car is more feasible than this
Wyatt Phillips (2 years ago)
Anyone came here from 2.008x?
RayDeeUxGD (2 years ago)
Hope Tambala (2 months ago)
Penelope Hanhurst (2 years ago)
omg lol
Michelle Zhou (2 years ago)
My science teacher is making me watch this video then write a 9 paragraph essay about how scientists work together to solve problems. :(
Milo The Kitty (28 days ago)
Rodolfo Reyna-Echaniz (1 month ago)
bro, it's 2018 and i've the same homework... oh, and i'm from mexico btw
BENJAMIN VON FELDT (1 month ago)
same but only 5 sentinces
Anam Mansuri (1 month ago)
my English teacher is making me watch this video and write about what i watched ooooof
Ricky Fredrickson (2 months ago)
I have to watch it for my College level Computer Science class ;) (I'm a senior)
Ulti737fs (3 years ago)
No swiveling rear wheels. You can't do sick drifts with swiveling rear wheels.
Omer Z (3 years ago)
No captions for deaf designers. :-(
Mariana Lopes (6 months ago)
Even though english is not my native language I'd gladly try to help caption the video, but unfortunately It is locked for the common yt user :(
p3s00k (3 years ago)
This is how it ends, when you mix many "good ideas". Unusable product. This is not how inventing works. If Apple builds phone like this, they would end with another "windows mobile".
DaVince21 (1 year ago)
Too bad for you, this IS how inventing works, and IDEO has been quite successful at doing it constantly. It goes without saying that, after a first iteration like this, a lot can be done to reiterate to get to better and better products in the end.
Sebastian Hines (2 years ago)
+p3s00k Apple does build phones like this...
Jakub Ozga (3 years ago)
Rep that electro-mechanical major 2016 boiii
yo yo honey singh (3 years ago)
they failed when it comes to storing these carts. Usual Carts go into each other so they don't take to much space in the store. But still i like the idea.
its been 16 years and i havnt seen SHIT like this damnit
Lyn McNeil (6 months ago)
Ikea has very similar carts. The wheels turn 90 degrees, you hang a bag instead of having a basket. They have had carts like this for at least 9 years.
Yifan Zhou (10 months ago)
because it's not even a good product. why do i have to load small baskets onto the cart when normal carts already have a fixed basket, why take away the baskets and hang bags when you can simply put the bags in the big basket like normal carts, and it's NOT beautiful.
PutinindaclubIbiza99 (1 year ago)
Not all of their products are successes, and this item was made in only a week.
antdude (2 years ago)
+TWM Seitz Ditto. ;)
cas110gude (3 years ago)
+TWM Seitz then what do you expect from something that is not SHIT? can you give us an example? This case is old. Is there anything new going on in your field?
Gail McMeekin (3 years ago)
Enlightened trial and error creations in a nonjudgmental environment equals new inventions!
p3s00k (3 years ago)
+Gail McMeekin You mean "no inventions"! One genius cannot be replaced with hundred idiots!
Destroyaj (3 years ago)
"It needs a little refinement" ... XD lmao she has no idea what she's talking about
Taylor Cohea (1 year ago)
The reasons why stores would not want it because it does not hold enough groceries. I bet if stores used this basket store sales would drop.
K.H. Weiss (3 years ago)
+Destroyaj She is quite correct. Just imagine a store were you pick up the frame with wheels and then you have to load it with baskets yourself (the rolling frames cannot be stacked with the baskets in place). You will have to look in the store for baskets all over the place. After the checkout, the store employees have to redistribute the baskets to locations in the store where they are needed. That will not work reliably and will constantly get in the way of shoppers. The bags will rip when hung on hooks. When full they will not fit well inside the frame. Where do you put really big/heavy items? Etc, etc. This is an interesting start and it shows the process well, but I don't think this was a commission by a company that actually makes shopping carts.
holohulolo (3 years ago)
I actually want to know what refinements she has in mind. You know... you never know! hahhaha
Errotz GT (3 years ago)
Errotz GT (3 years ago)
ya +MinersOnThe Loose 
hes fucken annoying
Rahul Gangwani (4 years ago)
That guy is wanted in 9 states for child molestation. 
IDEO designs are really really weak. They seem more into pushing design consultations and axioms. 
felixthefox (4 years ago)
1:31 guy in background's like "don't give us a dam space shuttle!"
Dhritiman Sen (5 months ago)
MidroVidro (4 years ago)
mega epic
Hong Zhi Tan (4 years ago)
LIKE THIS, IF PURDUE ENGR 131 brings you here !!!
Green Kick (4 years ago)
Love this idea and IDEO. Would be nice to see REUSABLE shopping bags over plastic. :) As an eco blogger, that stuck out for me. But as a shopper, I can see this being a great option. I like the idea of scanning your own items as you put them in the cart. Then just pay the total at the check out. No line ups! Way to go IDEO! 
Diego Jauregui (4 years ago)
Hey look its the guy from The Incredible! 
Ralph Zoontjens (4 years ago)
For the haters of the design, I would like to know why you think so. I do see some flaws but no major ones.
Ralph Zoontjens (4 years ago)
What a jewel! The very first thing we did with the class on the very first day when I started in design school back in 2001 was watching this video. Great to stumble upon it and see it again.
Nabil Bela (4 years ago)
With teamwork and more idea, we can do better.
sony yung (4 years ago)
Matthew Niederberger (5 years ago)
I can confirm I'm here for homework, but at RIT.
Joshua Patel (5 years ago)
So you've taken ENGR 131? You know that none of the TAs know what class is on that day? Obviously, since you've made a judgement of us, you do. Then you would also know that it's a weed out course that the instructors want you to fail in, and that it's only a 2 credit hour class that involves 4 hours of class a week, two homework assignments and meeting with your team for at least an hour every week. Shut up and sit down, you uninformed fuck. -the "whiny, entitled, narrow minded ingrate"
Tan Tze Hann (5 years ago)
From Bristol UK...
TheDaigleathome (5 years ago)
Nope. I'm still in high school and I have to watch this.
Steve Holler (5 years ago)
I enjoyed the video and wasn't here for class reasons. The best part of the comments are that I've formed a perception of the makeup of the student body for Purdue's ENGR 131 = whiny, entitled, narrow minded and ingrates. Stay classy Purdue.
Mark Adams (5 years ago)
10 ish people x 5 days = 50 man days. Shopping trolley. Not a mobile phone or app in sight.
Jessica Jordan (5 years ago)
am i the only non-purdue student forced to watch this?
DaEliminator (5 years ago)
Purdue's new source of revenue: Make a video, force all of us to watch the video, collect AdSense money.
Nick Ladocsi (5 years ago)
Everyone is here because of Purdue 131 hahaha Boiler Up!
Daniel B (5 years ago)
2 hours until class... :(
Eugene Koretsky (5 years ago)
Only Purdue Engineering would be dumb enough to make us watch this
TheAmazingRem (5 years ago)
Well that was interesting...not.
Brennan Boggs (5 years ago)
Can't wait to make some shopping carts for ENGR 131.
Joshua Patel (5 years ago)
turn up for late night purdue procrastinators
EVAHNN W (5 years ago)
They combined all the carts except the intercom one.
jiffmok (5 years ago)
Brian Boysen (5 years ago)
ENGR 131 up in this shiz
Daniel Clemente (5 years ago)
Richard Li (5 years ago)
Just here for the hw
qwertyuioas8 (5 years ago)
All I had to do for my engineering class homework was to watch this video....so yeah
qwertyuioas8 (5 years ago)
All I had to do for my engineering class homework was to watch this video....so yeah
Multip loop (5 years ago)
somebody form mrs. Reyes class??
Golden Manifesto (5 years ago)
Anyone here from Mr. Harris's class?
Maria Cardarelli (5 years ago)
Mr larrick sent me here... am i alone PLTW
Thomas B (5 years ago)
You have that right
Kyle Considine (5 years ago)
Time to do some homework.
Dayton Shockey (5 years ago)
Is everyone who watched this from STEM... ya im done also..
Joseph Kim (5 years ago)
So I had HW on this so yea....Im done.
Tim Brown (5 years ago)
"but the adults.. wah wah wha" What the fuck. Why do they call them 'the adults'. Weird as f*ck
Kristin Gallegos (5 years ago)
I like their motto: fail often in order to succeed sooner.
sarna87 (5 years ago)
Am I the only person that didn't realize there was a mechanical Free Willy? I always thought they used a real whale for the entire movie...
M Leclaire (5 years ago)
this was my homework as well. But it was very cool to see.
M Leclaire (5 years ago)
I loved the new cart idea. I would love to see these actually in a store. Moreover I loved the way they went about the research, actually talking to "experts" that work, fix and use the products. That seems like it would be a great job.
ocomakesmusic (5 years ago)
It's amazing that they did this in five days. Normally stuff like this takes months to develop and create.
akpcorp (5 years ago)
leave a comment if this is your HW before classes even started.
Coach Kris (5 years ago)
To the kids that HAD to watch this for school: Wait ten years after working a 9 to 5 job where people are drones and great ideas are few and far between. Then watch this again. Sorry for sounding like an old man...but I am.
Jim Tayler (5 years ago)
Coolest shopping cart ever.
speedbump0619 (5 years ago)
It really isn't immediately obvious that the frame (cart sans baskets) is stackable, but I guess it would be a terrible design otherwise. I suspect a cart like this would cause people to buy fewer items than one giant bucket. It would be interesting to study.
Reif Larsen (5 years ago)
it's the whole innovation hippy mentality. gets over the top sometimes
Making Games (5 years ago)
He, cool, I was sent here for homework as well.
ghostmosquito (5 years ago)
Ideo ppl are extremely snobbish from my personal experience. Engage them and be prepared to be belittled for being a dumbass
Antti Lindström (5 years ago)
The cart is stackable, it's just as space efficient as the "old" version. The baskets move around inside the store only. You leave those when you pack your stuff into bags - not necessarily plastic ones. You can hang the bags on the cart. However, this renders the cart not usable for people who usually steal these, making it less preferable for them.
Great video...
Hazwan Azmi (5 years ago)
So most are here because of homework... damn.
Nan Ywet Poung (5 years ago)
i got some ideas for my lessons
Daphne Phaung (5 years ago)
i got a lot of ideas for design and i learnt how team is very affective
Daphne Phaung (5 years ago)
just amazing ideas and great video!!!
Nijing Feng (5 years ago)
me tooooo~
This video was recommended by a classmate in our Future-Focused Leadership course in the MA program in Leadership and Org Development at Saint Louis University and is referenced in our text for the course Puccio, Mance and Murdock (2011), Creative Leadership: Skills That Drive Change. You can't help but feel that most workplaces haven't really caught on to how adults work best together. For all the critical commentators here, I wonder how transparent you would be about your work practices?

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