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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! Cosmo Bachelors Make Good Girls Go Bad!

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When you buy your September issue, you also get your free COSMOMEN double cover for double the hotness! Watch the hunks in action in this video guaranteed to get your heart racing!
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Text Comments (30)
jeon jungkook (11 months ago)
0:55 sino?pls
Jerry Psychol (1 year ago)
Mga Bakla yeheeeyyy
Jon Lindley Agustin (1 year ago)
Denisse wants Cosmo Bachelors to make her go bad.
Renzo Dragneel (1 year ago)
3:32 sino to????
Irene Mae Syching (1 year ago)
Renzo Dragneel (1 year ago)
vin abrenica's abs 😙
Learn More (1 year ago)
0:34 who's that?
Jenrick Prieto (1 year ago)
Ang Yummy Ni Alden 😍😍
The Black Persuit (2 years ago)
Sineseduce ba nila ang mga kababaihan?! what the???
Belle Da Fox (2 years ago)
Gosh! Makabuang... Why so cute? The song really fits it makes my Naughty side awakes :P
Jeric Garcia (2 years ago)
alden love kita
megdexhinata09 (2 years ago)
So my understanding of this video, are guys taking off their shirts will lip syncing with the song? Interesting!
Jlianne Delos Reyes (2 years ago)
1:41 tommy
Abby Mine (3 years ago)
Tommmyyyyyy...next time kaw na bida ..sana sana♪♫♪
Melanie Sabalo (3 years ago)
Melody Sarmiento (3 years ago)
hahah nextme tomas ikaw na bida..
Geraldine Monreal (3 years ago)
oh my God T0mmy Esguerra, .hahaha ikaw lang sapat na! buh0k pa lng ulam na. .!why so h0t!???
oooooooooh yummmy...juicekooo penge kapeeeeeeee...uuuugh..kakagigil..hot padin c thomas kahit payat pa..hahaha
gracerowena (3 years ago)
O my gawwddd!!!tommy esguerra is here!!!!😘😍 team sira ulo must be here too!!!😂 luv u tomasss
gracerowena (3 years ago)
O my gawwddd!!!tommy esguerra is here!!!!😘😍 team sira ulo must be here too!!!😂
Wang Bu (3 years ago)
omg walang pinalampas mga Tomiho wahahaa
Choi Sabay (3 years ago)
Thomas Robert esguerra kahit anu anggulo mo ang pogi mo tlaga
Geraldine Maano (3 years ago)
tomas hahahaha love u
Athena Maulana (3 years ago)
Crystalheart Miras (3 years ago)
angel tampoli (3 years ago)
Tommy brought me here why so cute..
its unicorn candy (3 years ago)
Lyanada Feiam Aguilar (3 years ago)
Alden!!!!! waaah 😜
Gen Winna Bayron (3 years ago)
ang sarap ni alden
Zah fire (3 years ago)
so bad...

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