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Pique Tea, an example of Food Product Design for health | Food Design

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Not a sponsored video | A crystallised tea with high concentration of antioxidants: Pique. Is it more or less environmentally sustainable than regular tea? Is it worth the effort? piquetea.com All Food Design Thinking BOOKS and Creativity TOOLS: http://francesca-zampollo.com/books-food-design/ For Food Design Thinking consultancy: http://fooddesignthinking.org/ For all COURSES: http://onlineschooloffooddesign.org Online School of Food Design© More about me: http://francesca-zampollo.com/ Follow me on: Instagram: @fooddesignthinking | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/francesca.zampollo
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Elle Stocks (7 months ago)
I like the idea of finding new ways to maximise the nutritional value of our food and drink, however not at the expense of such a beautiful moment such as brewing tea. Something which I enjoy and enjoy the fact it slows me down for those few minutes. I feel like it this powdered tea is lacking a bit of soul. There isn't a strong connection between the start and end product. Whereas tea leaves (loose or even the more expensive tea bags) are often decorated with the other flavours they are combined with, which makes them oh so pretty, but you can relate it back to the beginning process. It seems a shame they create these interesting crystals but the end product is powder and sealed in a packet. I understand that many people might feel they are too busy for brewing and this is a quick fix for them but I feel there is not enough things which allow us to have a moment to ourselves.
Elle Stocks Hi Elle! I agree with you... for me too tea is a ritual, a moment made to extend time, not rush it. And I think they know that this is how it is for many, so they push their marketing on the health aspect of this tea, with its concentrated formula full of antioxidants 🍵. Still, do we need concentrated antioxidants? Maybe somebody does. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts!! 🙏 stay tuned

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