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Look Like A 2012 Victoria's Secret Model, Everyday! Part 2: Hair

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Text Comments (28)
Classical Vindell (11 months ago)
You have lovely hair.
happy person 10 (2 years ago)
no it wouldnt
Ah Jodie (3 years ago)
helpful, thanks
Amy Escobar (3 years ago)
Amy Escobar (3 years ago)
You're so pretty :'(
Terrie Lynn Subido (4 years ago)
Have the same curling as yours
Cory Sutton (4 years ago)
My goodness you're beautiful
Asante Freeman (4 years ago)
I have a new appreciation for women now after watching these 2 videos. Well done!
Crazymakeup755 (5 years ago)
12sandmand (5 years ago)
Would this work for someone with curly hair? Like not wavy, just strait up curly.
Liz Smith (5 years ago)
Looks horrible
awaytobeloved (5 years ago)
It would make a perfect angel for Victoria's Secret it is impressive! :oo
Allie Giraffe (5 years ago)
great video. Unfortunately no amount of make up (or even photoshop ha) would make me look like a model of any kind, let alone a VS model.
Dana Al (5 years ago)
Your hair looked way better before to be honest
Brittany Acosta (5 years ago)
haha it literally smells like vodka!!
lena neto (5 years ago)
you're so beautiful :)
sunsundenergy (6 years ago)
on 1:10 , did someone on the background said " Cabs are here?" was he Pauly D ? :D
Afaf Zenah Shihabi (6 years ago)
her hair is beautiful!
kaikaleidescope (6 years ago)
You are beautiful!!! You really do look like a VS model! All you need now are a pair of wings, expensive lingerie and six feet high stilettos! You are so beautiful Legra!!! So flawless!! Hope you are doing great! :) xo
ElenaMusik (6 years ago)
:) Thank you for the inspiration!
CaliLove604 (6 years ago)
The Conair infiniti wand:)
CaliLove604 (6 years ago)
Can you do holiday hair and makeup?:)
greendayy710 (6 years ago)
whats the curler with the red handle called? and how many inches is it?? thanks
LovexxxKizz (6 years ago)
y u no victoria"s secret model????
Jordan (6 years ago)
omg your sooo pretty!! and your skin is flawless! have u ever had acne before? plz respond!
Kristy Simonson (6 years ago)
love this look legra, thank you!
Monica Samia (6 years ago)
How gorgeous do you wanna be?!
luritzia (6 years ago)
your hair is amazing and i have this curling iron so i can recreate this! :) yay x

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