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Model Folk: Nipples for Men - LIVE! Kenn Village Hall 29 March 2018

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Following on from the now legendary viral (official) video of the Model Folk's "Nipples for Men" this bunch of awesomely talented wandering minstrels embarked on a major tour to promote their second album, Houses for Little Horses. I caught up with them at Kenn Vilage Hall on Thrusday 29 March where I secured myself a place on the periphery of the mosh pit. I whipped out my iPhone once or twice during the evening, including for this LIVE performance of this song which asks one of the most puzzling scientific questions grappled with by philosophers and academics around the world. No answers were forthcoming on that topic, but I think we got a glimpse of how the Miggle looks when he is "very happy". Who knew that a man could get so much "pleasure" from playing a washboard? If you haven't seen the official Nipples for Men video about which everyone is talking...check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nmfPFA6lFM Like what you hear? Then like the band on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/themodelfolk/ Or even buy the album via their website..... https://themodelfolk.com/
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