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Fairy Tail Girls AMV ~ Good Girls Go Bad

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Song: Good Girls Go Bad Anime: Fairy Tail Programm I used: Windows Live Movie Maker I hope you like it
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Text Comments (61)
Alacia chane (10 months ago)
Funny thing is I have Five Friends in the entire world Sam Elli Bethany Kayla Syda
Prince Exodiac (10 months ago)
Lmao. I love this amv still.
Loren Johnson (1 year ago)
Wow I’m impressed ........ this was interesting. Great job!
Mike Wilson (1 year ago)
I love your songs 🌹
Serena Lara Gonzalez (1 year ago)
I like this song
Samyra Alegre (1 year ago)
Quem está assistindo em 2017♥V♥
Alex Ivailova (1 year ago)
*sigh* why is the opposite for me? T_T i make the good/shy boys go badass T_T like damn i know im bad but dude... i want a shy boy!
yui hirasawa (1 year ago)
goodbye manga hello anime
Nashi Dragneel (1 year ago)
Woo - Hoo !!!!!
Hei Hei Chicken Girl (1 year ago)
It is that way in Gray's case
Jules Fam (1 year ago)
Come on!! Why german sub again?!
kasinda leivans vlog (1 year ago)
this is so cool i love amv
ann gleeson (1 year ago)
nice job
Sugar Chan (1 year ago)
cool german!
Rubin Stern (1 year ago)
Du bist Deutsch oder 😁?
JustCola22 (1 year ago)
ein deutscher kann das sein? 🤣🤣
JustCola22 (1 year ago)
Nice :D
X_Luciana_Isort (1 year ago)
colaboy22 ich Auch
JustCola22 (1 year ago)
luna star (1 year ago)
colaboy22 ich bin deutsch
Dead Bitch (1 year ago)
Great amv but i could have used some more Erza
Na'eem Ishani (1 year ago)
good job. I enjoyed it.
Ultimate Shipmaker (1 year ago)
So viel Deutsch 😂
Levy mcgarden (1 year ago)
Mira I didn't know you liked making Amvs and nightcore
Natsu Dragneel (2 months ago)
She's mira levy i expected this..
Levianna Redfox (11 months ago)
Mommy, you have YouTube
Gavin L (1 year ago)
You guys have took role playing to the next level.
Levy mcgarden Same here!! :\
Sunshine 9232 (1 year ago)
I have been in love with this song and show for awhile now. And now I find 2 of my loves together. 👏👏👏👏👏👏💖💖💖💖💖💖
Madcake Love (2 years ago)
this is my drug
Madara Uchica (2 years ago)
Amazing lol.
Gavin L (1 year ago)
o sh!t goodbye. Of coures its nothing but fan service
Jade Hunter (2 years ago)
How did you make this?
Phee pretty cure (2 years ago)
Cherry Spring Stripe (2 years ago)
Cherry Spring Stripe (2 years ago)
Thanks !😃
Cherry Spring Stripe (2 years ago)
I really like it !!!! Who's the singer of this fabulous song ??? Please answer .....
Emily L'Anomalie (2 years ago)
And Leighton Meester has a few lines
Cherry Spring Stripe (2 years ago)
Thanks !😃
Mira - Chan (2 years ago)
It's Cobra Starship
cookie enderdragon (2 years ago)
\( ^-^ )/ I love this song
Austin tex Thomas (2 years ago)
Kana and gildarts what a a family
Mika D (2 years ago)
Omg I love this song
Döner Box (2 years ago)
Hammer AMV! :) Ich als Junge finde das Juvia,Lucy und Mirajane die besten Mädchen sind.
Mira - Chan (2 years ago)
+Döner Box Mirajane is beste x3 Ich als Mädchen mag Zeref noch (so sexy xD)
J Herm (2 years ago)
when it says " you were hanging in the corner with your five best friends" I thought it said " fathers friends."
SantosToria (4 days ago)
Luna Sunshine (10 months ago)
J Herm lol😂😂😂😂
Loren Johnson (1 year ago)
J Herm me too! Ha nope...
Alex Ivailova (1 year ago)
J Herm same
cherry fox (1 year ago)
J Herm same at first-hand
CherryChan (3 years ago)
Doll *^* Und Lu hat mist gebaut xD
Mira - Chan (3 years ago)
... haha hab ne neue Id ... mah 140 Follower weg Sie heißt TheMVDemonSaku2
Mira - Chan (3 years ago)
Forever -.- ich kann nie mehr on kommen ... nie
CherryChan (3 years ago)
Neh =^=  Du bist schon wieder auf MV gesperrt .-.
Mira - Chan (3 years ago)
wir 10 Runden durch die Halle ... im Moment müssen wir immer zum Sportplatz joggen und das sind 1,5 km und dann dort (weil das ja noch nicht genug ist) nochmal 800 m und aufwärmen (dumm durch die Gegend hüpfend xDDDDDD)
CherryChan (3 years ago)
Ich sein gutes Lu .u. ich hasse auch Sport, wir müssen manchmal 12 Minuten joggen -u-

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