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✄ Relaxing ASMR HAIRCUT for MEN: Role play, ear whispering, hair cutting, scissors ✄

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You can only receive this ASMR haircut if your hair is completely relaxed! Let me help you to relax, unwind and enjoy this experience. In this video, expect some hair brushing, tapping, scissors sounds, spraying and close up ear to ear whispers. So relax your scalp, your hair and your whole body and leave the haircut on me. In this binaural ASMR, I am using a 3d microphone so please wear your headphones for best results. Get your Sensual Relaxation at: www.FEELmoreASMR.comBecome my patron on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/olivia
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Text Comments (141)
TOM skoda (2 months ago)
Spongehank Hillpants (2 years ago)
yes just what I want a 30 second unskippable horror movie advertisement at 3 am while I'm tryna get my tingles on
Spongehank Hillpants (2 years ago)
was gonna say the same thing again
Bruno Da Silva (2 years ago)
Yeah whats the theme song i like it
ShaneStanley109 (2 years ago)
I got my head phones in and I can hear every word but I was just thinking it would scare the shit out of me if a real scary face popped up screaming at the end of this video
Offhat (2 years ago)
my parents came in the room and asked what am i watching i said porn so it would be easier to explain
Michelle Patrick (7 months ago)
Meli Gaming (2 years ago)
cuz it is easy
Meli Gaming (2 years ago)
Marissa J (2 years ago)
Joe Donovan (3 years ago)
thankyou :)
Conor O'Shaughnessy (3 years ago)
Haha this is gas
Conor O'Shaughnessy (3 years ago)
+sara styles Does Niall Horan epitomise everything Irish? They make him pretend he's British every chance they get.
sara ad (3 years ago)
+Conor O'Shaughnessy niall horan never says gas though
Conor O'Shaughnessy (3 years ago)
It's an Irish expression for hilarious or funny
Edgar Pifflewiff (3 years ago)
gay as shit?
Elad Karako (3 years ago)
Finally! a proper ASMR'tist whom video is not still image, fair quality camera and mic. and enjoyable script. 😊
TheRegimelife (3 years ago)
Her accent suggests that she's from the balkan countries. That is Eastern Europe, I'm saying this, because 98% of north americans are geographically illiterate. She does have a great soothing voice.
Mika Aoife (4 years ago)
Thank you Olivia. This was very relaxing. :)
Jeremy Watts (4 years ago)
what's this pissed up fucking slapper on about? I can't hear it
ShaneStanley109 (2 years ago)
Tanner Trabbish (4 years ago)
I love your accent, very relaxing, what accent is it?
Erik Charles (4 years ago)
dang most of the asmr chicks are better looking
Spongehank Hillpants (1 year ago)
Erik Charles I bet you're fat
Daniel K (4 years ago)
Please marry me! :D
Black Los (4 years ago)
This is so relaxing
redmonkeyass26 (4 years ago)
I thought i was the only one that liked going to get a haircut and felt like this everytime i did.
99,999 views (4 years ago)
she didn't ask me for $50...??????? I can't get le tinglez without immersion 2/5 stars sry
Lord Nikon (4 years ago)
Your mannerisms make you very sexy and that unto itself is great same. Well done olivia
Alexis Kraus (4 years ago)
This is relaxing, but I am put off by the way she moves her mouth.
Andy 'Doog' Phipps (2 months ago)
I hope you've got less rude in the last 4 years
bluestate69 (4 years ago)
i love this video. i have revisited it numerous times. her London ones are her best. really good sound. Audio is impeccable.
Paul Matthews (4 years ago)
+Brandon Garrett haha
Brandon Garrett (4 years ago)
Ode Ralf (4 years ago)
I love your pretty face.
Poop Good (4 years ago)
I really love you are so amazing and I replays this video thx for all your video and also you can try same eating chocolate or anything wish all the best you are amazing
Jairo L. (4 years ago)
I just watch because she is pretty.
Don Key (4 years ago)
TheUKASMR watch that .
Owen Duffman (4 years ago)
My brain just came
dazedbitai (4 years ago)
Great job!
Dagger 323 (4 years ago)
The intro to your videos is absolutely mesmerizing :-)
Kirsten Wong (4 years ago)
are you using a dummy or a real person?
Edemonas (4 years ago)
-how are you feeling? -horny i guess :P
Alexander Anderson (4 years ago)
This video has a bit of an echo, and when you mix that with an amp to the bass in her voice, it sounds and feels amazing.
djttv (4 years ago)
I'm in love :)
Yippee Ki-yay (5 years ago)
very relaxing.....  like U very much ;)
ihatevettel1 (5 years ago)
fuck yeah
bluestate69 (5 years ago)
she totally screwed up my hair. i wanted it shorter on the sides, and i wanted it tapered towards the top of my head!!!! however, it was very relaxing.
FBIOPENUP (5 years ago)
lol i would wear a cap for a month just to be this relaxed
Kat N (5 years ago)
oh damn that snipping was veeery effective
Lando Pira (5 years ago)
So pretty! I love whisper videos!
Paul Fuccillo (5 years ago)
Since I am anti-Haircuts at the moment, in real life.  I truly appreciate asmr role-plays for men's haircuts!  Thanks Olivia, by the way you are phenomenal!
Lizzie Pika (5 years ago)
Thanks for everything, Olivia! Your videos are the best :)
SoundFeelsGood (5 years ago)
Thank you for the mental massage! : )
Você é linda !
cbrb40 (5 years ago)
My goodness you are so beautiful! I love your gorgeous soulful eyes and sweet lips. you really put me on cloud 9 when you talk its such a beautiful gift to have my dear. Were you giving me a haircut? I didn't even notice it I think I've been hypnotized. ;)-p You're as sweet as they come Olivia such a pleasure to watch your videos. when I fully wake up tell me how my hair looks. ;) xoxoxo  Yeah you even relaxed my hair. haha
jodyjoe28 (5 years ago)
velmi pěkné video, tak relaxaci! :)
neo1panther (5 years ago)
You are gorgeous.
MISS JADE (5 years ago)
Sooooo relaxing! I love every second of this video! Keep it up!
q9pokerman (5 years ago)
lots and lots and lots of tingles, amazing!  Thank you.
ifihf (5 years ago)
that was lovely!  thank you Olivia x
Stephen Watkins (5 years ago)
Wow your beautiful! Awesome job too :)
AnbruchASMR (5 years ago)
If I was ever so very fortunate to experience you as my hairstylist, I'd be a puddle or a fluff on the floor...soooo many tingles! Love your work Olivia! :D xx
ASMR Angel (5 years ago)
The spraying near the beginning was amazeballs!!! 
triplep999 (3 years ago)
saw your comment and was wk drink when it was going to happen and then it did...amazing 😈
Abraham Garcia (5 years ago)
I like your videos but your intro throws me off
Erich J. Moraga (5 years ago)
I'm smiling from ear to ear, even though they got a little water in them with your generous spraying ;-)  I also thought a haircut w/ paper scissors would hurt, but that was fairly relaxing...
Vette_78 (5 years ago)
Beautiful feelings from a beautiful person. May I make one suggestion of using soft spa music in background from Pandora. Thanks.
SuperMariaJames (5 years ago)
Compared to the asmrs i've seen, u look like a lost duck. You're all over the place
OC (5 years ago)
Am I the only one who can see the Jennifer Lawrence resemblance?! 
Kervin M (5 years ago)
Yes!..Exactly!..THANK YOU! Lol
WAfer Ino (5 years ago)
Your voice is lovely but it sounds like you're cutting a hedge with garden shearers, not hair.
rkingsiv (5 years ago)
Good.  Always a treat to see your lovely face and listen to your peasant, relaxing voice.  I feel so much more relaxed now.  Thanks.
MishuBaby14 (5 years ago)
My hair is really long and I'm a girl but it really makes NO difference at all whatsoever, this video is SO awesome!!!!!! Thank you so much! You're very good!
That someone (4 years ago)
*dun dun DUN*
Noemi Ulloa (4 years ago)
+mike craven no it's not
Lord Nikon (4 years ago)
This video is for men only
The Beyblade Jay White (5 years ago)
pnutbutta jelly (2 years ago)
Czech republic Czechoslovakia doesn't exist anymore
Mila Chestukhin (3 years ago)
Czechoslovakia, but she lives in London now I believe
Okifuri (5 years ago)
Very relaxing. Please allow me to be naughty and mention that your super white teeth and your shinny pink lips look so magnetically kissable.
Мария Тод (5 years ago)
Like it!
SatscapeMinecraft (5 years ago)
Nice and relaxing. You remind me of "Penny" from "The Big Bang Theory"
Gangsta ASMR (3 years ago)
bruh I was just watching it XD
L O (5 years ago)
Vegan Mark (5 years ago)
Thank you so much Olivia. My ASMR started when I was a young child although I didn`t know it was ASMR at the time of course. When I would go to the barbers to have my hair cut the crunching sound of hair being cut slowly with scissors used to send shivers up my spine and several times I fell asleep in the barbers chair. Thank you for this great video.
pdmac7 (5 years ago)
I love your videos! The shadows in the past few videos have been distracting for me, though. You may already know about lighting, but in case you don't, there are two main types: spot and flood. You seem to be using a spot light (like a lamp directed toward you) that shows sharp-edged shadows on the wall behind you. I think the easiest way to get rid of the distracting shadows would be to turn it into a flood light by turning it sideways, backwards, or up so that the light is bouncing off a wall rather than directly at you. The soft light this creates usually looks good on people, too :) If you like the spot light but want to get rid of the shadows on the wall, you could try scooting up away from the wall and angling the light to the side of your face so that the shadow is off-camera. Just a friendly suggestion :) Keep up the good work!
Jocelyn Lagunas (5 years ago)
You should get a binaural mic that would me awesome \^0^/
Olivia Kissper ASMR (5 years ago)
A new mic is on its way ^ ^
divabills (5 years ago)
Great video! I like the informative nature of your videos. My tingles tend to appear when they seem like a surprise. With many of your performances I feel I'm watching an informative video that just happens to also trigger ASMR. Thank you for the hard work!
LilScorpio8 (5 years ago)
I <3 looking at you're facial expressions, the sounds you make with the scissors and your voice whisper, make this video much merrier!!! :)
iammuskyhunter (5 years ago)
Wonderful job Olivia. Thank you!
Veteran Raver (5 years ago)
"Incredible" you are my favorite ASMR Artist! I love the men's haircuts you do, you really know how to work the camera for the viewer to experience realism and especially the tingles 
Kashanka27 (5 years ago)
Omg amazing!! ;))
TheRealJistic (5 years ago)
IMO the other sounds just get in the way of your amazing voice.
NYCrazyRob (5 years ago)
This is for men only!  No women allowed except for Olivia!  D:
A V B Ferreira (5 years ago)
I love everything about you Olivia
ZCorp Alpha (5 years ago)
Love It !   EPIC
dziobaczka18 (5 years ago)
Yupi, finally haircut role-play!!! These films are my fav!
Samantha Derrick (5 years ago)
5:09 your comb!!!!!! tingles for life!!!!!!
Matthew Baker III (5 years ago)
Olivia, you are my favorite ASMR artist and the benchmark I compare other artists to. Your videos are always top notch, keep up the great work. Thank you!
Indian ASMR (5 years ago)
Tingles all over my body.. Thank you so much....
misery_chastain (5 years ago)
my goddess <3
Johanna Jane (5 years ago)
I wish your videos were actually binaural because they would be amazing!!! they almost have the sound of wind blowing in each ear! lovely videos tho :) x
Andrey Ivanov (5 years ago)
Greetings from Russia! Thank you Olivia, very relaxing. You my favorite asmr artist! All the best to you! :)
buildabearexpert (5 years ago)
buildabearexpert (5 years ago)
I actually had to make sure you weren't actually cutting my hair :) Great job. Love your videos.
JrocKnorth (5 years ago)
I really need a girlfriend. random I know and sorry about that. Love the video, you are one badass asmr girl. A favorite for sure. I hope that convention thing for asmr and dreams went great for you. Wish I could have came at the time.
Guilherme (5 years ago)
After spraying water: "I hope that this is enough". Dear lady, trust me on this, my hair is not THAT long. You sprayed water enough for five of my hairs. Relax, lady, my hair is soaken wet; water is falling from it, and the floor is dangerouslu wet. From yours truly, Male customer, who got really relaxed by the long spraying.
WhisperedStories (5 years ago)
Another wonderful video!
rapidachris (5 years ago)
Thank you
columkenn (5 years ago)
The sound is great for me. Your voice is beautiful and very relaxing
Mason Sousa (5 years ago)
My hair is relaxed
torr8383 (5 years ago)
You are terrific!
xkatie23 (5 years ago)
My main asmr trigger is water spraying bottles, you should of picked up one of the hairdressing style bottles much more effective x
ZCorp Alpha (5 years ago)
She did fine
Simplicity Speaks (5 years ago)
Perfect as always Olivia! Can you do a 'self-massage' video one time? I would love that!!! Just facial self-massage with some whispering or soft speaking and your beatiful handmotions will certainly bring me into a sort of tingle-coma!!!
Moeun Bou (3 years ago)
+q:-$. qq+q++
Olivia Kissper ASMR (5 years ago)
thank you! that is already on my list so yes, it will be coming soon :)
David Pyke (5 years ago)
Thank you Olivia lately the tingles haven't been there but you brought them back to me!
David Pyke (5 years ago)
+Olivia's Kissper ASMR Your welcome honestly I didn't know what ASMR was until I started looking online and when I figured out what it was I started searching for things to stimulate the response. Having found you I have to put you as one of the best for me in that category! :)
Olivia Kissper ASMR (5 years ago)
I love the way people talk about their tingles! :) Thank you!
Tom O Dwyer (5 years ago)
TheHornet79 (5 years ago)
Its a bad idea to watch ASMR videos in the afternoon....
Richard0470 (5 years ago)
I may end up bald the amount of times I come to you for a haircut Olivia! A beautiful experience on each occasion.. 
chiclep (5 years ago)
Your hand movements around and in front of "face" are wonderful...
hellomounia (5 years ago)
Hi Olivia! I just wanted to say every single one of your videos gives me so many tingles and helps me sleep. Thank you very much for that! I was just really wondering where you come from? Your accent is lovely!
Diamond Dust (5 years ago)
Very soothing and so relaxing
Megan Moonshine (5 years ago)
I'm so happy for this video, thank you for putting the time in to make this. I enjoyed it a lot!
Fudgiedawhale35 (5 years ago)
I get my head shaved, so I have to come to you, for the scissor sounds. Olivia, why dont you, just cut my hair from now on? You would make me, sit still, in the chair :)

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