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Hi everyone! Today's video is a mini bag review - I hope you find it useful! All bags listed below: 1. Chanel Black Mini (not available online, preloved here): http://bit.ly/2h3VQK5 2. Celine Nano (not available online, preloved here): http://bit.ly/2z614vH 3. Chanel Rose Gold Flap (not available online) 4. Saint Laurent WOC/ Clutch: http://bit.ly/2uUFUKT 5. Saint Laurent Kate: http://bit.ly/2h3VJhy 6. Chanel Rectangle Mini (not available online, preloved here): http://bit.ly/2h3VQK5 7. Gucci Soho Disco (my colour sold out): http://bit.ly/2z5JR5G 8. Chloe Drew: http://bit.ly/2z6iyIx 9. Gucci Marmont Camera Bag: http://bit.ly/2z4xdE7 10. Furla Metropolis: http://bit.ly/2z4Le4z Gucci Bag Comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECErXiRIDa8&t=12s ************************************** Link Love: Blog: http://www.chaseamie.com Instagram: https://instagram.com/chase_amie/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/chase_amie Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/chase_amie/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chaseamieblog/ Snapchat: ChaseAmie Email: [email protected] ************************************** Mailing Address: PO Box 71117 London SE18 9LR United Kingdom ************************************** Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. Occasionally companies will gift me items however this will not affect my opinion if and when I do review said item. I will always mark reviewed items if it/they have been gifted. That said, the vast majority of items are bought with my own money. Some of the links used are affiliated. All paid-for content will be clearly stated. ************************************** Have a question? I have a page on FAQs right here :) http://www.chaseamie.com/faqs
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Text Comments (356)
Elife Valentine (15 days ago)
Güle güle kullan canım çok güzelmiş 😍 dmksldlqlldlalskamamna I love all bags you have 😍 hope i can afford to buy them and have themmmm.
omg so cutie i want it all
Beata Collazo (29 days ago)
Lucky! I wish you would list the prices. Thank you. 💜
S Lee (1 month ago)
i have the ysl woc but in nude! how do you think the wear and tear is for the bag? i realized that I wear a lot of white that could clash with the bag, what colors do you recommend wearing with your lighter/nude bags?
S CT (1 month ago)
They are all beautiful mini bags, but there's redundancy. So, I think you should sell some of them. Btw, Love your Chanel square black mini, but it's way too small for me😩
Sophie Su (1 month ago)
Thank you very much! Now I have a clear image of what I want
yarri grainger (1 month ago)
only just found this video! did you sell your Gucci camera bag? I'm looking for one pre loved x
Amanda Watkins (1 month ago)
So close to pulling the trigger on my first designer bag. Your videos convince me more and more with every upload!
sja1014 (2 months ago)
Your nails look hot! Love the color
Diamond A (2 months ago)
Hi , can I ask you about chloe bag? If you are suffering from the color? Or notice that there’s a change in it?
jazmine gallagher (3 months ago)
This was super helpful x
Chani P (3 months ago)
surprised LV croisette did not make the cut !
Random (3 months ago)
such a well done video!
Random (3 months ago)
9:00 idk why but i feel like those type of gucci bags look so cheap, the red chanel one is adorable
Ayisha Trotz (4 months ago)
can I have number 2 bag
Fida Leo (4 months ago)
Chanel is classic ❤
anna (4 months ago)
Love your vids! Would love to see the prada diagramme crossbody bag:)
jane valentine (5 months ago)
You are so thorough. I love your videos!
JA G (5 months ago)
Where is your Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity mini? They are so cute - like a little mean bag for bad ass girls :)
Angela 0216 (5 months ago)
I like square shape as well!! Chanel square mini is on the top of my wishlist !!
Noura A (5 months ago)
i notice you had the same colour for the bags you didn't have any royal green purples oranges or grays
Noura A (5 months ago)
love it darling keep up the updates ..
Steph Murphy (5 months ago)
Do you advise against white bags? I’m dying for a white bag but no one can give me a straight answer 😓
annabelle7123 (5 months ago)
YSL clutch bag is so beautiful... I know the size is impractical and I won't have lots of fancy places to go except one or two weddings a year but IT IS SO PRETTY!!
Accessories Dhekra (5 months ago)
Me Who Else (6 months ago)
Fab review! Loved it. How would rate on mini lambskin chanel bag? I noticed the red bag wasnt in your wear and tear review list.
Nar dunyo (7 months ago)
What pre owned sites do you shop in?
Hanhabelle (7 months ago)
Just came across you channel and love all your bag review, even though I don't really buy designer bags I love your personality and the way you explain your love of luxury goods 😀 👜
Annika Swan (7 months ago)
I subb
Vivi Ha (8 months ago)
What color is the ysl clutch? Is it a pale pink? Or pink?
Boston girl313 (8 months ago)
Hello. I will be a mother of the bride. Which do you think is the best one to carry for my daughter’s wedding. It’s evening and sort of formal. Thank you for your input.
Nini Mimi (8 months ago)
They put so many places for the cards in the YSL because it is supposed to be a very big wallet - wallet on chain :) so it really looks like a wallet inside!
tangerine20 (8 months ago)
What about the heaviness of bags and ease of carrying? I feel like that should have been a metric when reviewing/ranking bags :)
Vivienne Au-yang (8 months ago)
This review is good but it is more of a ranking of all of the mini bags you own than a comprehensive review of all of the great mini bags out there. It doesn't have that many brands like Louie, Ferragamo, Hermes or even the more reasonably priced ones.
Scholar Odims (8 months ago)
chase amie how can I get bags in bulk
juliana lee (8 months ago)
Hi could you do a review of the Celine nano please !
Sage Sabiduria (8 months ago)
Have you ever had the Louis Vuitton pochette metis? I’m curious to know what you think about it. 😊
Julies Dresscode (9 months ago)
Amazing bags! Your wardrobe is so awesome! Wonderful channel!
Debbie Tan (9 months ago)
Hi, what do you think about Anya Hindmarch smiley crossbody bag? I was thinking of either getting the Gucci soho disco or the smiley crossbody. 😓😓😓 couldn’t make up my mind.
Trinh Dang (9 months ago)
Hi! Im from America and i can’t find a YSL pink with gold chains nowhere? Is that color only available in Europe?
nimbl3 (9 months ago)
Trinh Dang the color with gold hardware is no longer available.
Jamie C (9 months ago)
I have been looking for a new addition of mini bag into my collections. Love your reviews. Very informative. Now I just need to see how I can get my hands on a Chanel Rose Gold Classic Bag too! :D
Veronica Rosales (9 months ago)
I love all them
Nicole (9 months ago)
the Chanels have chain straps, will they be uncomfortable to wear? the wocs have chains connected under the flap, which by time I would image the chain would rub against the leather edge and broke it. the Guccis have great design speaking of straps, leather and not connected in strange place.
Jen Mateo (9 months ago)
can you fit an iPhone 8 plus in the chanel square mini?
Life of Lily (10 months ago)
hey you! you were one of my inspirations for starting my youtube channel all about luxury! I would love for you to check it out. :)
Hadas Aharon (10 months ago)
I love mimi YSL and Gucci
IcedCupcakes (10 months ago)
I kinda regret not getting the celine nano in black. When i bought it, they only had the pebbled black silver hardware and smooth navy blue gold hardware in stock. I went with the latter because i wanted gold hardware but i think i really should’ve chosen the black pebbled silver hardware. That would go with everything bcs i dont feel like my navy blue suits everything i wear sobs
The Danielle Denise (10 months ago)
Bless the youtube algorithms for having your video in my recommended section, because I have been searching for the perfect bag and I can not make a decision!
buttonsandsuch (10 months ago)
Thank you SO MUCH for making this video!!!! You are amazing. Happy New Year!
Meme's Sweet T (10 months ago)
I wish I had just one of those. Maybe one day. God bless you .
Precious (10 months ago)
Should do a give away for the ones you don’t use much ❤️❤️❤️😅
Jennifer Lin (10 months ago)
i love that pineapple behind you
Kim De leon (10 months ago)
All of your bags are beautiful ❤️😇
Sara Dhanji (10 months ago)
Super helpful reviews!!!
roong33 (10 months ago)
I would be interested if you are going to sell Chloe Drew.
Alexia Mariel Tan (10 months ago)
Very helpful!!! Love ysl bags ❤️
Z Aw (10 months ago)
i love the YSL bags!!! that tassel was made of my dreams
cotton candy (10 months ago)
U made it Great video ,it's so details
Jenny Baby (10 months ago)
I like all your collections
Royce & Tracy (11 months ago)
Where do you buy / sell your preloved bags?
Kathy Kyles (11 months ago)
After all this time, I still want the Celine Nano. I love my mini luggage and have been wanting the Nano for a few years.
Tammy Minda (11 months ago)
Hello Chase a new subie here. ☺
Gabriela K (11 months ago)
unfortunately in brazil where i live any of these are unaffordable 😞 it’s 5x more expensive than in europe or USA where these are already pricy
Dionne Ward (11 months ago)
Love the video and I am hoping they don't get rid of the soho anytime soon 👜💕
Hey It's Jen (11 months ago)
Hey! I’m wondering did you experience any colour transfer with the Gucci soho? Also does it lose its shape?
Chase Amie (11 months ago)
Hi Jennifer! No colour transfer issues but I am careful with it :) I have a whole video on 'luxury hacks' where I discuss how to prevent colour transfer :)
prettyshamarlee (11 months ago)
This was a very well done and helpful video.
mattie benavides (11 months ago)
what color is the ysl....is it a shade of pink..lavender....?  such a pretty color but I haven't seen in the store....I have seen more of true beige...
Estera Kowalczyk (11 months ago)
Estera Kowalczyk (11 months ago)
'imem whit bags.
claudiafabulous (11 months ago)
Very helpful view doll now I know what to expect on some bags I was looking for
Gob Lifestyle (11 months ago)
I love your bags!
Island Chick (11 months ago)
Great info thanks
Chengyuan Cheng (11 months ago)
how do u even have money to buy these😭😭
Sneha DasBarman (11 months ago)
All the bags are so pretty 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Shirley Yee (11 months ago)
I love mini bags and love your review. All your mini collections are gorgeous. 😍👍🏻
Laurenlusts (11 months ago)
If you haven't sold the Gucci mini bag I'll buy!!
Ebony T (11 months ago)
You have the most beautiful collection! I love your reviews!
Kelly De Kesel (11 months ago)
I found the Furla one very comfortable actually... have used it a lot past year and especially on a trip. Only thing is that it do loses it's shape quite quickly
kar475 (11 months ago)
Great video!! It was so helpful especially regarding the Furla Metropolis bag!
petitedrop (11 months ago)
You look amazing girl 👍👍😘😘 can you tell us what make up products did u use? Thanks 😊😊
monica mu (1 year ago)
For the Furla bag, you can wrap a scarf around the should area of the chain. It helps.
Justine soucy (1 year ago)
Mini bags are my favourite bags! That way I don't overpack :P
Nickey Wonder (1 year ago)
Really love your style, and I think I may be moving in the mini bag direction with my collection.TFS!
Bill Law (1 year ago)
Would you like the Gucci camera bag better if it was the small size vs the mini size?
Anna (1 year ago)
Hi Amie - Was wondering whether you can share your opinions on the mini reissue "224"? I am really into Reissues in general as Im not a big fan of the CC logo - but it is really quite expensive...
Summer Alvarez (1 year ago)
Great video! Would you be interested in selling the Chloe or Furla bags?
Kate Morozova (1 year ago)
thanks a lot! Such an informative video!
Dalpenge.Jiyeon (1 year ago)
What is that bifold you have there ?? The Chanel one. What's it called?
Lynsha V (1 year ago)
Dalpenge.Jiyeon a flap ;)
Lakim71 (1 year ago)
Thoroughly enjoyed your review of each bag. I like how you when in depth about each mini bag. Best review on YouTube, you have a new subscriber in me.
September (1 year ago)
Love your video! Very informative! The Chanel square mini is definitely on my list!!! Sad that they have increased their price for the classics! At least for the US. :’(
Yanru Zhang (1 year ago)
Thank you! You always make such a great video!
GG Carangi (1 year ago)
So useful ! Thanks
ashley joannna (1 year ago)
Yes I guess chanel square is better for you . You look short and rectangular is for normal to tall people i guess 😊
Haf Sa (1 year ago)
Do u think the nano Celine will slouch or how do u avoid it?
Chase Amie (1 year ago)
I haven't seen any evidence of slouching - it has an inbuilt base so it seems pretty sturdy to me :)
Donna Morvan (1 year ago)
Hello amie! I see a bit of your storage solution in the background but i know you have more bags...how do you store the ones that are not displayed? i’m wondering what your storage solution is like. I know I am out of ideas and my office is overrun!!!
Donna Morvan (1 year ago)
Hey! Thanks for the response! That’s what I’ve been doing too. But for sure, a clear out is inevitable it seems. :)
Chase Amie (1 year ago)
Hi Donna! Honestly, I'm in desperate need of a clearout too! I've used some of the shelving space in my closets to line the bags in rows; it makes them pretty easy to see and it's fairly efficient in terms of taking up space :)
Stephanie (1 year ago)
doesnt the light in your cupboard ruin your bags?
Kristen Majewski (1 year ago)
LOVE! You are tempting me with the Celine nano! I recently got the Chanel Gabrielle WOC! Would love to know what you think of my unboxing (it's my first video)! https://youtu.be/Xf--MGW3d90
Shaiza Shamim (1 year ago)
Honestly, I can always depend on your channel for quality, useful content. Such consistency! Though I do think it might be time to sell some of these bags. Your heart is infinite but your closet space is not!
Chase Amie (1 year ago)
Ahh tell me about it! I'm always so scared of seller's regret that I think I hang on to things for too long!
Alex Kinok (1 year ago)
Great video. I like the chanel black mini and celine nano and I agree they are cute and practical. However, I feel too many have them, so I don't have the urge to get them. Is it just me?
liya881212 (1 year ago)
I love this video so much! So many detail! Very useful!

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