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Victoria's Secret Angel's Boyfriends And Husbands|The Men Behind The Wings Victoria's Secret Part 1

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1. Victoria's Secret Angel's Boyfriends And Husbands|The Men Behind The Wings Victoria's Secret Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uO9h43EQ1Ds&t=9s 2. Celebrities Falling On Stage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7teHnLlo78 3. Victoria's Secret Models Childhood And Now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_fsvmklcy0 4. The Children Of Victoria's Secret Angels | Very Cute: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czmvsMQ2uSI 5 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Openings Models 2017 - 1997: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S592smXnTTo 6. The most beautiful wings in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2017 - 2006: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pjvb3JXou4s ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ☆ Thank you for watching the video review and leave comments are always appreciated! Please share on facebook and twitter. Subscribe channel: https://goo.gl/gniyiV G+: https://goo.gl/tp5w2g Twitter: https://goo.gl/Xmfm8n ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ♫Ahxello - Frisbee Music Released and Provided by UXN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1n247WHSbG8 ♫Elektronomia - Vision Music Released and Provided by Elektronomia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSxnKdbYSqM
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Text Comments (186)
Ana Delgado (13 hours ago)
Disculpen no tendran algo en español x q no entiendo nada su video muy bien
Maury Oktavia (1 day ago)
i'm crying
kyana akhavan (1 day ago)
And rosie & jason
The music was way to loud
hoang Le (1 day ago)
Candice so beautiful
Dharma Chatterji (1 day ago)
Great everything,
Skyliee Chase (2 days ago)
Go to show you..looks arent everything
literally (2 days ago)
jasmine boyfriend is the hottest
Doom Father TM (7 days ago)
First one lol wth?
Daniella Marsam (10 days ago)
1:14 he looks like Alesso
Jorie G. (12 days ago)
Romee ❤ Laurens 😍😍
joei lee (30 days ago)
Behati 💗
Alley Brown (1 month ago)
Garima Kashyap (1 day ago)
Alley Brown (1 month ago)
Katemi van Osch (1 month ago)
Candice and Hermann are seriously goals
mahringot7 (1 month ago)
Adam actually dated Anne while he was on a break with Behati. So they dated and then took a break, where he performed at the VSFS but also dated Anne V at the time, but then got back together with Behati like a year or so later and then they got engaged and the rest is history
Socorro Kennedy (1 month ago)
he is handsome she looks old.
Sarah Johansson (1 month ago)
That Turkish guy was handsome of all.
Nuno Silva (1 month ago)
Next to a great woman there's always a great man!
Vasu Bansal (1 month ago)
Brandon Richford (1 month ago)
It's better to have narrator on this video it's really hard to read the words below its very fast
miss bella (2 months ago)
Adam ❤behati👍👏👏
Fruzsina Schaub (2 months ago)
Bohnes and Josephine :33
Doc Q (2 months ago)
Candice and Jojo 😍😍
Şahin Asgerov (2 months ago)
As as as🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Olívia Fernandes (2 months ago)
They are so beautiful but their boyfriends are so.....
Na tye (2 months ago)
You forgot the most beautiful couple: Izabel Goulart and Kevin Trapp.
TV Shows (2 months ago)
Part 2
Name your channel, man (2 months ago)
I read the second one as "Adam levine, lead singer of behati prinsloo"
ᅳDanilrizrosee (2 months ago)
The men behind the wings? Ouch it must hurt a lot.
Ake Achumi (2 months ago)
Adam and behati 😍😍😍
Mrs.Styles Parry (2 months ago)
I was just here for Georgia Fowler and Harry Styles
Julia Leticia (2 months ago)
1:21 photoshop
naidelyn._. 123 (3 months ago)
Lais, Jac, Stella?
TV Shows (3 months ago)
Lais part 2 😁
Ari Mtz (3 months ago)
Caleb <3
Ada Wong (3 months ago)
The girls look like angels dating a busted looking ass guy. Like a beautiful rose planted on cow shit.
Lidia Jiménez Botello (3 months ago)
Kate and Anton ❤
Beauty Beauty (3 months ago)
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3178555/Gisele-B-ndchen-donned-burqa-secretly-visit-Paris-plastic-surgeon-11-000-eye-breast-operation.html LOOK AT THE FRICKING NUTS GISELE... HIDING HERSELF FROM BEING CAUGHT DOING PLASTIC SURGERY... WHAT A LIARrrrrrr
yoctae (3 months ago)
It is hard for me to read the red text
chan cha (3 months ago)
mel b. (3 months ago)
Candice Swanepoel ♥️😘
mel b. I love Candice very much ,too❤️😀👍!
x xChloex (3 months ago)
They should be with women ❤️
Felix van Lith (4 months ago)
doutzen and sunnery?!?
Momoi Baite (4 months ago)
Adam Levine and wife are the best couple and matching and beautiful
ABDULAH SIDIQ (4 months ago)
what name the song title in the part of romee and leuween?
TV Shows (4 months ago)
Elektronomia - vision
Moa Jamkic (4 months ago)
Where is Miranda Kerr ??
celeste way (4 months ago)
La más linda para mi entender es candinse pol
dubrob210 (4 months ago)
So they all date models, businessmen CEOs, entertainers. No hard working construction workers?
Ananda Carvalho (30 days ago)
This comment makes no sense, where are they gonna meet a construction worker? They are rich Rich people with rich people Poor people with poor people This is the world work
Chris John Abrenica (2 months ago)
dubrob210 know your worth
mel b. (2 months ago)
dubrob210 No money no honey!
John Cats (4 months ago)
sasha vidal (4 months ago)
Only Miranda Kerr look good with her new husband
Alethea Braun (4 months ago)
Need to slow down the writing. I am a fast reader and didn’t have anytime to really look at the pictures without pausing which takes longer
Alethea Braun (4 months ago)
Oh and the find should have been better.
Ebrar Staff (4 months ago)
Metin Reis 🇹🇷
YoYo Lova (5 months ago)
Beautiful people meet people beautiful people and we just can go fuck ourself
Violette Bourdeau (5 months ago)
10... couple goalsss 😍
Amanda Silva (5 months ago)
Doutzen?? Izabel?
Hmada Hmada (5 months ago)
Mariangel Quiroz (5 months ago)
Inji Kavinsky (5 months ago)
Romee’s boyfriend though dayummmmmm
Bianca Hotca (5 months ago)
most of the guys are not good looking, quite at all. Not even the girls
Eu 123 (2 days ago)
Bianca Hotca agreed these "hot" vs models are actually average
Thais Zomerfeld (6 months ago)
Romee Strijd 😍
Lisa Horgan (6 months ago)
Ya da bakar
Lisa Horgan (6 months ago)
Güzel olmasan kimse bakmaz diyor burda
Lisa Horgan (6 months ago)
As bayrakları as
kate inuka (6 months ago)
Jasmine's bf is so handsome 😱
Anveksha Rai (6 months ago)
Adriana Lima's boyfriend looks so much like Jamie Dornan in the thumbnail 😂😂
Jacqueline Linares (7 months ago)
Buscad a jehova mientras pueda ser hallado buscadlo en tanto está cercano deje el impío su camino y el inicuo sus pensamientos y vuélvase a jehova el cual tendrá de él misericordia y amplio en perdonar ( Isaías 55-6) iremos a juicio ante Dios y seremos juzgados por nuestros pecados.hay eternidad después de la vida.
Anne S (7 months ago)
romee and laurens are my favorites 😍😍
rushty pimentel (7 months ago)
Hermann and Candice
rushty pimentel I love Candice very much ,too ❤️😍❤️!
Inday Bolanio (7 months ago)
Mag around the world mi ni anti jossie salud aguilo kaya prefer the two sets jemsam aguilo ni no more questions okey?
PAULA CARNEIRO (7 months ago)
Sara 😘
Carmen Constantinescu (7 months ago)
They're not even hot and completely not my type skinny and lanky. Buhh what can i say they go for the nerds.
Brenda Malone (8 months ago)
most of them ended up with soy boys because they may be boys them self.
Cali K. (8 months ago)
So, without the glitz, glamour and makeup, these "angels" look pretty darn average! Wouldn't recognise them without it either. Whoop. Human afterall.
Hades 88 (2 days ago)
Average it's too much said, some of them are really gorgeous
Mike AtGoogle (8 months ago)
Adriana Lima's pic at :29 is simply stunning and unmatched. They look like the perfect/happiest/most innocent couple. Adam's wife reminds me of Claudia Schiffer and is a 10 out of 10 (at :53)!
Marcelo Decon (8 months ago)
Jasmine dumped Tobias Sorensen??? Since when??
Piss Miggy (8 months ago)
Sorry but Adam Levine is so gross. He slept around with some of the Angel’s until one said yes. Taylor Hill is just spectacular bf ok she is the ultimate instaglam girl. Sara Sampaio is amazing too her bf looks like her twin brother !
Hades 88 (2 days ago)
So Adam was a player, not a big deal, there are many like that. Until one said yes tho? You make him pathetic...
Nana Viquez (8 months ago)
A ver si ese si le dura a Lima porque esa vieja es una Z
Franny Tapia Thenoux (2 months ago)
Nana Viquez te gustaría ser como ella jajaha
Antønia Gray (8 months ago)
I think Behati Prinsloo is the most hilarious angel she's cute and so funny 😂💓 😻
Wizardwiwizard (8 months ago)
I would like to be "behind" them too if you know what i mean 😏
Kaka Zhit (4 months ago)
Pickle Pickle (5 months ago)
Wizardwiwizard Creepy! coming from some chinese kid
fisya jr (8 months ago)
I'm here for adam levine and taylor hill 😍
Mimoza Maimutza (8 months ago)
Because they have notoriety automatically they have men with money or celebrity.
ashley john (8 months ago)
I love adriana but hers was the worst !
NAZ BEGGAZ (9 months ago)
C a n d i c e
NAZ BEGGAZ I love Candice very much ,too ❤️!
Jenn Ferley (9 months ago)
❤ Candice ❤
Jenn Ferley I love Candice very much ,too ❤️😍❤️!
beth roy (9 months ago)
whats the song at 4.35
TV Shows (9 months ago)
+beth roy elektronomia - vision
Tiago Picas (9 months ago)
My Name Is Hades (9 months ago)
And what about Lais? This list is not nearly full
TV Shows (9 months ago)
part 2
Pretty Zaeiah (9 months ago)
Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik
literally There's a difference between Victoria's Secret models and Victoria's Secret Angels. Angels have a special contract with Victoria's Secret, and have obligations to the brand that a runway model may not. There are only 14 Victoria's Secret Angels right now, and they are the faces of the brand. https://www.thisisinsider.com/difference-between-victorias-secret-model-and-angel-2017-11
literally (2 days ago)
+Johanne Hennesser what?!!! i don't know that there's a "ranking" in vs. i thought all models that walk in vs are angels. and i thought angel are just a nickname for girls that work in vs. now i know..
Mariana Juarez :D (30 days ago)
Gigi no es un ángel que te pasa 😹😹
mahringot7 (1 month ago)
She’s not a contracted Angel, she just did the show
Vermillion Æ (6 months ago)
Di sya angel
Meike Peters (9 months ago)
Adam Levine ist viel zu jung für die grauen Haare! Er sollte re-nature nehmen oder färben!
Avik Das (9 months ago)
So VS angels are not totally out of league. Just need to have a decent job and lifestyle
Np (1 month ago)
And thats already everything!
Adam Leon (3 months ago)
Avik Das yes obviously you have to meet them first if you know what i mean
Amol Kale (5 months ago)
Avik Das For a red pill men Nothing is out of league
Claire Spring (9 months ago)
Need to be able to read fast lol or just enjoy pictures
uwqe dsadw (9 months ago)
I'd fuck Ale's husband in a heart beat.
TV Shows (9 months ago)
+uwqe dsadw 😄😄😄
Konoha sajika (9 months ago)
0:10 what name song.?
Konoha sajika (9 months ago)
Talis Brendo thanks you guy you save me you are my hero👍
Talis Brendo (9 months ago)
Ahxello - Frisbee
Vna (9 months ago)
Name first music please
Vna (9 months ago)
Talis Brendo (9 months ago)
Ahxello - Frisbee
hilairę g (9 months ago)
Romee and Laurens!!
ren (9 months ago)
ren I love Candice very much ,too ❤️!
Robby Robby (9 months ago)
So they don't put stella cuz she is dating a gurl wtf
you tube (4 months ago)
The only true love is between stella and Kristen 💓.. Others are fake and hypocrits👀 they try To hide their real sexuality because they are not brave and not proud of themselvers , 💩fake heteros you are poor and pathetic 😂
I love all af them 😘😘😘😘
TV Shows (9 months ago)
me too 😘
Sara Marika (9 months ago)
They are all totally gorgeus, no wonder they got hot boyfriends...
mel .10 (8 months ago)
Sara Marika except Adriana
Owcer Tufst (9 months ago)
Merve Aksak ben canım (7 hours ago)
Sensin ugly
ignis graecus (1 day ago)
He's so ugly
Lisa Horgan (6 months ago)
Yusuf Demiröz ayrilmadilar
Yusuf Demiröz (9 months ago)
Ayrıldılar birader
Tugce Ozcelik (9 months ago)
Metin haraa🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

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