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Grandpa Opens Beer He Saved 32 Years for Cubs Win

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This die-hard Cubs fan's granddaughter tweeted a video of her granddad finally opening the beer he waited 32 years to enjoy.
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Christian Man (2 months ago)
awww its flat, dumb old bastard prob cares more about the cubs than Christ... hell fire if so. REPENT AND FOLLOW JESUS
Eric Wright (11 months ago)
Shouldn't be old style beer 🍺.?
Fishhunter2014 (1 year ago)
Coors Banquet. Nice choice .
The Beast (1 year ago)
they ruined it should of just let him drink it out of the can then checked what it looked like inside
Brandon Osborne (1 year ago)
i hope it tasted like shit
Sebastian Galofre (1 year ago)
Why does the guy holding the camera sound like bill from King of The Hill? 😂
Justin Hackstadt (1 year ago)
That has got to be the skunkiest beer in existence. Refreshing cyanide right there. lol
JCAliberty82 (1 year ago)
sweet taste of victory !
louie walker (1 year ago)
"Oh my God, it looks like a beer." That's because it is one😂
Amad Alrobiai (2 years ago)
Is this what qualifies as news these days?
Majestic 12 (2 years ago)
Lil Toat (2 years ago)
Lol he new about clickbait
Chance X (2 years ago)
He is a true fan
Tony Martinez (2 years ago)
it was stuped
Mr pleb (2 years ago)
so i can fake that my dad had a beer can for 400 years ago and film it and get all the views?? saaay whaaaaaat.
Flip Green (2 years ago)
I bet that was some skunks beer LOL
TrickY Duxx (2 years ago)
this grandpa will die after this
J Pet (2 years ago)
that's awesome
Big Hero Thicc (2 years ago)
why is this in the news?
Aqertis (2 years ago)
*spills beer*
Legate Alucard (2 years ago)
isn't that expired?
itscaptain kush (2 years ago)
I crashed my truck and I had 6 joints in it. before the cops came I found and hid all the joints in the woods so I could come back later and smoke em (I was goona need it to get over the total loss of my car) anyway I only found 5 of them and was freaking out that maybe the cops might find the sixth one. the tow truck came and got me and my car *with police assistance* and they dropped my crumbled up car in my back yard. 20 years later I go to steal some scrap parts from it and I found my joint stuck in the air conditioning fan. needless to say I saved some weed for 20 years and smoked it in a car with no roof.
Philip Brown (2 years ago)
lol im happy this was uploaded,now this is an awesome thing to see
jtk49 (2 years ago)
heres to another 108 years baby!
Noske (2 years ago)
he was about to drink it until the guy had to say something
Accepted Anal (2 years ago)
booo cubs
Mic Leone (2 years ago)
....soooo he..umm didn't drink it??..
Istin Colieth (2 years ago)
Freakin' awesome
RUDYS ROAD (2 years ago)
im latino, and im very deplorable
mr rager (2 years ago)
later that day he died
Will Cooley (2 years ago)
Coors inst beer its water
SANDRA SANCHEZ (2 years ago)
Guao amazing
angelfire2510 (2 years ago)
javi zng why would you say that to me?
Cooper (2 years ago)
"And die a happy man." 😂😂😂
Angel Barraza (2 years ago)
hahahaha wow he said drink it and die a happy man😂
sean clements (2 years ago)
I do not care how old and dangerous it could be, if they were reeealll fans his son shoulda grabbed that putrid liquid and chug it for his old man
Dindu Nuffin (2 years ago)
Fake. Flagged
Judd Lee (2 years ago)
Unbelievable this is viral
Testing Your Neurons (2 years ago)
If any of you are interested, I have a fun quiz on the Chicago Cubs on my channel :)
Pandora (2 years ago)
whoever told him to pretend he is drinking it, knows whats up....
llama Fish (2 years ago)
what a breaking and informative story from abc
thephenomenalcrew (2 years ago)
Proof it's actually 32 years old?
Achillies (2 years ago)
Lol Dad... I think you should drink it and die a happy man
Nicholas Sedlacek (2 years ago)
I woulda chugged it . The old man didn't even drink it wtf. 32 years to not drink a beer ....
angelfire2510 (2 years ago)
If he actually drank that 32-year old 🍺 beer he would probably or quite literally die a 😃 man. 😜
Queen Elizabeth II (2 years ago)
*A kid in Florida could have drank that.*
Cloud Man (2 years ago)
after 108 years of bad luck, they did it
Penelope Davila (2 years ago)
too cute!!!! 😂
Nova six (2 years ago)
wen he drank it nd waited he didnt know that i was a dodgers fan nd i pissed in his drink b4 putting it in the factory tell ur pops thx for the video i needed this how did my urine taste lol
Nova six (2 years ago)
that beer must suck
Alexander The great (2 years ago)
I wanted the Indians to win but this makes me happy
Dirty-_-Clipz (2 years ago)
what a load of shit. 32 years my ass, people will believe anything
Why youtube why (2 years ago)
lol Jesus Christ I thought he was gonna drink it.
Thicc Nibba (2 years ago)
I'm honestly really really excited for this guy
v_onions (2 years ago)
My god RIP old man there's no way u can survive food poisoning
Stefan Grujic (2 years ago)
could have sworn there was more beer in those cans smh
Marie Lotus (2 years ago)
"Oh dear God it looks like a beer!" Um it looks more like piss but I guess there's no difference.
Mikey Z (2 years ago)
"hey pretend to drink it so we can click bait"
Brian Rausch (2 years ago)
yeah dumbass act like ur taking a drink of coffee
Emmanuel Cruz (2 years ago)
Fucking white people.
Mike White (2 years ago)
He should've shotgunned it and smashed the empty over his head
Matthew Holtz (2 years ago)
it's just a beer
Mokilok9 (2 years ago)
But he didn't even drink it
Tae Ter Tot (2 years ago)
Lol" dad, i think you should drink it and die a happy man" lmfao
Ben Phillips (2 years ago)
why the hell did this make it on the news with so much other shit going on that's far more important.
KDoeBeatz (2 years ago)
cubs and Umps+Refs won lol
Lucas Hammond (2 years ago)
I would have drank it, fuck it
Nathan Stephenson (2 years ago)
That beer was bought new when their taking the field song was "Jump" by Van Halen. That is why I became a lifelong cubs fan myself!
Milo The Dangerous (2 years ago)
well I'm glad he only opened it... but Coors? cmon..
Isaac Barron (2 years ago)
ant gonna lie I'd take a little sip just to see what it tastes like
Duhdog Dvg (2 years ago)
this is news? really? some guy who saved a beer for 30 years and drinks it? holy shit, news is trash.
Lord Void (2 years ago)
Rather see this kind of news rather than that shitty ass reality show of the kardashians.
oxyprazolam (2 years ago)
"Ow my deer gawd it looks lawk ah beer"
Melku44 (2 years ago)
Adam Hoopes (2 years ago)
patriotic as fuck
nwijesinghe (2 years ago)
isn't anyone else annoyed at the fact that the cameraman made him pour it in to a mug without letting him drink it off the can?? i mean after waiting 32 years now he has to drink it like a pussy.
steveeee91 (2 years ago)
weren't the Cubs supposed to win in 2015 like back to the future said?
lovelyxskinny (2 years ago)
Jake Lee (2 years ago)
"oh my dear god it looks like a beer!". Geez I'd thought it look like red wine now that he said that
rich b (2 years ago)
Anti-Labor piss beer. Looks like piss. Heritage Foundation piss.
darktennisball (2 years ago)
Here we are... back in my garage, WITH KNOWLEDGE
CraftZ Crafts (2 years ago)
I would feel like shit rn if I were the Indians
Brandon (2 years ago)
The dude filming sounds like phil davison...."let's send a message tonight!"
cros99 (2 years ago)
I always thought beer had a shelf life and turned "Skunked" after a time. Guess not if Grandpa was able to down it.
_Fireworks inc. (2 years ago)
cros99 he wasnt
Steven Gonzales (2 years ago)
drink that shit pansy
this is news? wtf
Fred Buck (2 years ago)
Domestic actually identical.
TejasTerps (2 years ago)
the guy already waited 32 yrs to open the damn thing, now he's got this jackass behind the camera blabbing forever. just shut up and let him take a drink.
Zion Vs gaming (2 years ago)
TxTLO 2,xme xwq z😨😨😧😧dee2źq1qaaw-we 😧.😧😧swzqqscc0.e ffr8 -34t defeats1v
Mohamed Dahcheh (2 years ago)
TxTLO Its his son
Jorge Padilla (2 years ago)
Should have kept unopend...worth more money.
Werchermant (2 years ago)
Jorge Padilla well it's special to him...
CB1942EO (2 years ago)
good beer
Shane S. (2 years ago)
I'm just impressed someone kept something for 32 years. I lose my phone like everyday XD
Fairy Seraphim (2 years ago)
R.I.P DUMB OLD ASS MAN 1776-3022
Authentic Max (2 years ago)
Beer ain't Whiskey Buds... your Grandpa must have thought otherwise.
Manny Uruchurtu (2 years ago)
Click bait
Romi Von Drater (2 years ago)
"Dad was sober for 20 years. He drank that 32 year old beer he drank for the Cubs win, and thats all it took. He spiraled into a ever growing torrent of coke, booze, hookers, and pills. I feel so bad for mom."
Ron (2 years ago)
When you realize that beer could have been worth half a mil but you open it up and now it's only worth half a thousand and say "yup I fucked up"
JefftheKiller (2 years ago)
Go cubs
Yomo Kontabi (2 years ago)
*drinks beer*, realizes it was poisoned by his Indians fan 😳😮😵
Mario Jara (2 years ago)
who the fuck cares. this isnt new. this is shit
angelswave88 (2 years ago)
Honestly I guess it's fine that my team lost because it means this got to happened which is super cool
M Till (2 years ago)
I was gonna say it probably tasted like piss after all these years, then I saw it was a Coors. they always taste piss.
Dirt Merchant (2 years ago)
Ah yes, colorado kool-aid, the man has good taste. here's to you cub fans, savor it because you know its not as easy as you might think to win again.

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