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Steel Panther - 17 Girls In A Row / Gloryhole Live in Houston, Texas

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Steel Panther Live at House Of Blues Houston - March/17/2017
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Text Comments (9)
I watched the video. Kpop fancam shingun [신군]
Martin Ellis (1 year ago)
oh shit everything is bigger in texas
Mike Fu (1 year ago)
That's Texas for ya, it's either 10's, or Cows....there's not much in between, lol.
MrMisterMan (1 year ago)
the stripes one was the only hotty, the rest are nasty
wilfusmaximus (9 months ago)
MrMisterMan even the blonde in the hotpants she was dancing with?
Flávio Lima (1 year ago)
To much ugly fat whores for me
l3ertuz (1 year ago)
Too much GMO intake
J Byrd (1 year ago)
Stripes !
doomtitan (1 year ago)
damn there are some fucking whales in Houston. I knew the wild pig population was bad in Texas but shit i didn't think that hog hunting would be that easy. Thats what i call a target rich environment. ha.

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