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Enter Sandman - Liliac (Official Cover Music Video)

24565 ratings | 1590536 views
Buy song or stream on Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/enter-sandman-single/1427024766?uo=4 Buy song or stream on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2TPd24gCkPgKFPvn7Jteaf Enter Sandman (cover) performed by LILIAC rock band. Vocals by Melody Cristea Guitars by Samuel Cristea Bass guitar by Melody Cristea Drums by Abigail Cristea Rhythm Guitar by Ethan Cristea Keys by Justin Cristea Produced by Floren Cristea and recorded @ Dracula Productions, Downey CA. USA 2017 Mastered by Sage Audio Music video directed by Floren Cristea Music video edited by Samuel Cristea Website: www.liliacband.com
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Text Comments (3653)
Alistron Fist (1 hour ago)
What i said... Rock Never Dies!!!!
Franz Putz (2 hours ago)
super Voice !!!!!!!
jenna huckerby (3 hours ago)
Hi guys yall work so hard for all your fans and we all thank you for that and the great vids yall are really special and the best keep rockin on I love you guys so much God bless
Preston Lanier (7 hours ago)
You guys totally rock!! May I ask what kind of Amp your lead guitarist uses?
Слушаю ее опять и опять уже 2,5 часа. Самая злая кавер-гипотиза песни. Такое чувство что что пора пошло назад и это Metallica в 1991 году сделала кавер версию песни группы Liliac 2018 года!!!
Вадим Сьедин (10 hours ago)
Чума!!!! Она не поёт, а извергает огнь из себя! Просто дочь глобального зла!!! Супер!!! Респект!!!
Zouhair Elarchaoui (11 hours ago)
You rock , First like 👍
Cezaar Moreno (12 hours ago)
great job, i love your cover, it´s very cool, i love your drummer
Cezaar Moreno (10 hours ago)
When are you going to visit México?
DrShambano (1 day ago)
I loved it. Very much a rockin version that should make Metalica proud. Great showmanship as well. Your band would be great to see playing live.
Joseph krause (1 day ago)
I just saved this version on Spotify
Manuel Wintermayr (1 day ago)
Everytime i listen it i notice that i love it. ♥
Вот это голосище фантастический)) отдала собственной собаке на улице команду..посиживать..а пол улицы обосрались от ужаса
Velmir (12 hours ago)
Ха-ха.. :)
sorei ningshen (1 day ago)
the lead guitarist need some control on guitars
LoL, I think that too
Grayden Dough (1 day ago)
She has got pipes that are beyond belief. Nice cover
Rares Andrusca (1 day ago)
Proud Romanian blood
Ibrahim Kassem (1 day ago)
Metallica should cover this song
Dan Chavez (1 day ago)
Great musicians on instruments...but lip-synching...main vocals this recording?...
Eric Lathouse (2 days ago)
This young band LILIAC... Is the best Cover band I've ever heard. They have a huge future ahead of them! 😁😁👍👍🤘🤘
Dennis Mullins (2 days ago)
I like this better than the real thing
Joseph krause (1 day ago)
Dennis Mullins this is a pretty badass cover
John Botha (2 days ago)
Awesome sound. Fantastic musicians and a great production. Well done 👍🏻 👌🏻👏🏻👊🏻🤘🏻
Просто охуеть! Девки очень хуярют! Металлика попросту отдыхают!
Halloween Guy (2 days ago)
Okay, now I’ve seen it all before. This band has beyond talent. They sound good and put on a good show. The video production is awesome.
Steve W (2 days ago)
I hope the drummer got some new skins for those drums for Christmas
Belial Luciferov (2 days ago)
guys! you are the best! thank you for everything! And, traditionally, from Russia with love! =)
Hulk Gamer BF (2 days ago)
Woooow, one of the best covers that I heard of Enter Sandman, Greetings from Brazil.
Sjcopwum Lab Tech (3 days ago)
They are a family band as I know good job luv ya hope yuz hit it big
Sjcopwum Lab Tech (3 days ago)
They fuckin rock
Ray Ery (3 days ago)
Damn great cover!overall are talented!keep up guys!
Fernando Rocha (3 days ago)
Thats rock
Bazz (3 days ago)
bad ass ;)
Bazz (3 days ago)
you rock my world!!
LVCRFT (3 days ago)
Hello from Russia! AWESOME VOICE!!!!
Dj DAMBLARIN (3 days ago)
Damblarin se declara impresionat de talentul si potentialul vostru, Liliac. Din 'insorita' Belgie va transmit: Keep On Rocking Like This !
LILIAC (3 days ago)
Dj DAMBLARIN Multumim, o sa punem linku On Facebook in citeva zile.
Dj DAMBLARIN (3 days ago)
john falcon costanzo (3 days ago)
Wow .fantastic .please stay off drugs
Qverlord (4 days ago)
fuck yeah!
Kevin Newman (4 days ago)
Impressive is an understatement!
Momma Bee A (4 days ago)
Wow....can't wait to see where you kids end up, amazing vocals, and playing..
mean trucker (4 days ago)
I think yall are great keep it up
helen Rangel (4 days ago)
Vcs representa o rock sao fodasticos 😍😍😍😍
ranielly Airton (4 days ago)
é mesmo eu amo rock mais eu gostei na cantora que cabelos lindo é longo
Rau Kenneth (4 days ago)
Lars Ulrich should pay this drummer for lessons. She is world class power drummer.
Ricardo Garcia Lopes (3 days ago)
Que merda você falou!!!...só fazem pose..Heavy Metal não é pose...uma merda. Ouça o original e ouvirá uma bateria perfeita!.
traube800 (4 days ago)
More pressure than the original !! Very cool!
Homer Simpson (4 days ago)
Touch too much, but i feel the energy🤟🏻
hostilerampage (4 days ago)
\m/ \m/
Jens Böhm (5 days ago)
Marcinogen D (5 days ago)
you just pissed all over that metallica and lady gaga performance lol. nice.
Stu Pid (5 days ago)
Great metal voice lady😎🤘
Joe Soprano (5 days ago)
How old is the drummer..... she is HOT!
Вокал супер))!!!
егор кошкин (5 days ago)
писюны поросячие
BJ Gurung (5 days ago)
Lip synching
Kevin Barbour (5 days ago)
...nope...watch the other videos. Her name is Melody and she doesn't need to lip synch
vicente rr (5 days ago)
A ver si pasais por una peluquería militar dejáis todo lleno de pelos
Mark Bunach (5 days ago)
Estrogen personified ...... Did they do a drip before the performance... HaaHaa... Rock on Lady's you deserve it....
Kevin Barbour (5 days ago)
HaaHaaaaaa Estrogen excites you?? Too much testosterone in this band for a sweetie pie like yourself. How about a nice girly band like "The Wonder Girls" for you"?
Mohammed Khouya (6 days ago)
Outstanding :-)
Mohammed Khouya (4 days ago)
Can't get enough of Enter Sandman since the 90's, the intro is my mobile ringtone. This new performance is so hard, good job.
девочки прикалолись !! класс
Robert Foster (6 days ago)
Awesome job! Live to rock and rock to live awesome awesome. The Liliac band rocks my world.
Richard De Boer (5 days ago)
Great all to see in this performing, kept watching 😎
Tony Hekopiano (6 days ago)
Paul Elam (6 days ago)
have you thought of the x factor or any of the other television show competitions...…..You are amazing
HTI Nobel (6 days ago)
Great job! You dragged me to fall into this song once more! Congrats, you surely sound better than today's Metallica \m/
DJ Raven (6 days ago)
So True!
Diana Voznitskaya (6 days ago)
Играют хорошо. Но очень немало излишнего выпендрёжа.
Jon42 42 44 (7 days ago)
That guitarist think she’s way better than she actually is
Jon42 42 44 (5 days ago)
Kevin Barbour (6 days ago)
+Jon42 42 44 BS . You can play or you can't. The quality of your recording equipment means nothing
DJ Raven (6 days ago)
+Jon42 42 44 well, they are shooting a video....its expected. Don't pick apart the elements that makes Lilac, Lilac. Enjoy our younger generation giving tribute to our generations Metal
Jon42 42 44 (6 days ago)
And I never sed the guitarist is bad. he’s just getting way to into it
Jon42 42 44 (6 days ago)
I don’t make videos of me playing because I don’t have good enough recording equipment
Dether0c (7 days ago)
MARK HAWTHORNE (7 days ago)
Damn it...... incredible performance. So professional. . Loved this 😎
Ян Ахметов (8 days ago)
Нихрена для себя вокал у девицы. Respect from Belarus
GeroLubovnik (7 days ago)
Она вправду умеет распевать!
96matador61 (8 days ago)
Good job. You guys rock🤘
Martin Morrison (8 days ago)
Can't get enough of you guys. Keep rockin. Long live the bat!
Ariyadasa Balasuriya (8 days ago)
Wooow........perfect 😍😍😍😍😍
jerrold allen (8 days ago)
Honestly it's better than the original version.
Michael Morrish (8 days ago)
What an amazing Band! The Singer has such awesome and beautiful Voice !!!Congrats !!!🤘🏻👍🤘🏻💖
Ross Brunson (8 days ago)
Oh GOD, love that voice, and scream, you’re the new Bruce Chickinson!
benjamin laine (8 days ago)
GeroLubovnik (8 days ago)
Nice hair. Wish I had hair like that. Don't forget to wear your earplugs kids so you can still hear when your hair looks like mine!
Héber Oliveira (8 days ago)
Man, Wtf, we need that young musicians for the world "good" music, you are awesome! due, i have no words! wonderfully wonderfull!
R M (8 days ago)
What. Have. I. Discovered?! 😳
guitarsword1 (8 days ago)
Excellent .
VadosS (8 days ago)
You're voice are ants on my skin)
VadosS (8 days ago)
+Kevin Barbour envy them silently
Kevin Barbour (8 days ago)
Well there's your problem Sugarplum... there's only 1 voice to be heard. Melody's. So the source of that second voice tormenting you???? Your Mom? Reminding you to clean your room?
Lance Manyon (8 days ago)
That's either lipsinking another copy or some serious auto tune . No way in hell is that legit .
William Mantlow (6 days ago)
Nope all her....watch the live stuff....that young lady is a badass singer.
jeff33167 (7 days ago)
jealously is a sickness,feel better soon!!
Saje Williams (8 days ago)
Or their original, Chain of Thorns, for that matter. Melody has serious pipes.
Saje Williams (8 days ago)
Check out The Trooper or Somebody to Love.
Kevin Barbour (8 days ago)
Okee dokee Lance. You're a new visitor which explains your comment. Watch Liliac Bands' other videos. You'll discover you're wrong. Lead vocalist Melody doesn't need autotune nor lip syncing.
Günter Reisacher (8 days ago)
Al Burmaster (8 days ago)
Bad Ass!!!!
Ferdi Eka putra (9 days ago)
Я в экстазе ! Вот это голосище !!!
eric jamm naga (9 days ago)
Awesome, amazing, hope James too watch this
eric jamm naga (8 days ago)
Luv u liliac !!
Michael (9 days ago)
Dave Kiss (9 days ago)
Jorge Piorno (9 days ago)
Me encanta como suena la banda!!!!!
Bryan Sleva (9 days ago)
Very well done!!
Abdul Razak Arand (9 days ago)
Hanna Tolonen (9 days ago)
Awesome!!! 🤘
Robert Foster (9 days ago)
Meet the metal heads! Totally awesome! Great cover. Perfect
noscreenname (9 days ago)
Whoa!!!! This was totally unexpected. Awesomeness...
Juan Reyes (9 days ago)
😮La muchacha que canta mueve la boca y suena como a los que llamamos *Fresas en México,* así como que tiene una papa en la boca y está hablando, 🍺😬 *Ooo Sea Gueeeee!!!* Pero suena chido la música...
Seung Hyun Han (9 days ago)
what? wait a min.. so many cristea??
Kevin Barbour (9 days ago)
+Seung Hyun Han ..The video editor and director are the same person. Regardless, you appear to want to learn more about the band....I suggest starting with their website ... LiliacBand.com
Seung Hyun Han (9 days ago)
+Kevin Barbouryou should count video editor and director too. but yes :-0
Kevin Barbour (9 days ago)
There is bass/vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, drums, keyboards. Seems like 5 Cristeas is the correct number to me. What number were you thinking of?
barry Delisle (10 days ago)
Fucking awesome
GWA Accounting (10 days ago)
Ashley Purdy BVB (10 days ago)
MrNice1966 (10 days ago)
kick ass performance by the coolest family on youtube.   listening to u again....makes me wanna pick up my bass guitar again...awesome job.
Emerson Tabares (10 days ago)
Burton debe estar orgulloso

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