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Magazine/ Message/ Vision Board with Spirit & Intuition

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This is a fun lil craft you can do to boost inner learning and wisdom while working with spirits for inspiration. Thanks for watching! :)
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Kalie Love (3 years ago)
Great tips and ideas! I love making visions boards but never thought about making one in this fashion. Will try! :)
enlightenTHEmoment (3 years ago)
Great video!
Gorvo31 (3 years ago)
Hello there, Just came across your video and subscribed. Really enjoyed this. When you said 'spirits are just one vibration away', that particularly resonated with me. The closest I've had to this is a loved one on the other side come to me in a dream, seemingly to tell me they're fine where they're at and not to worry. Do you practice automatic writing at all, and if so, have you gained insight from it? I was often reminded of Dick Sutphen here, who has often spoken of these practices. Halloween and Autumn in general are also my favorite. A certain essence I've always felt from it. Thank you for sharing this, looking forward to more. :-) -Carm
Mighty Clasher Kila (3 years ago)
Have you ever astral projected? Do you think astral projection is real?
Mighty Clasher Kila (3 years ago)
+IvyWynd Yes thats what she said, " no scientific proof". To me that makes alot of sense, anyways, I am really interested in astral projection.
IvyWynd (3 years ago)
+Mighty Clasher Kila they say, No such thing bc there is no "scientific proof" but that doesn't always mean something isn't real just bc it can't be proven. 😉 if that makes sense.
Mighty Clasher Kila (3 years ago)
+IvyWynd I am very interested, I believe I astral projected once for less then 5 seconds because i got really scared, I asked my 8th grade science teacher if she believes in astral projection and she said that scientists have researched astral projection and that there is no such thing, what do you think of that?
IvyWynd (3 years ago)
Yes, I know astral projection is real via experience! :) have you ever tried it? Or are you interested in trying?
sally cinnamon (3 years ago)
What is the best way to communicate with a pet who has passed on?
IvyWynd (3 years ago)
Try same methods you would when contacting human spirits. Maybe have a toy out that the pet loved or a blanket he enjoyed laying on. Have something that reminds you of your pet and focus on them. They can still give you a sign through many different ways! Thx for watching and hope that helps a lil! 👼
73JonathanV (3 years ago)
Happy Halloween next week! It's good to be alive. No pun intended. lol
IvyWynd (3 years ago)
Indeed good to be alive! Haha 👻
spirit.in.training (3 years ago)
Love this Ivy xo
IvyWynd (3 years ago)
ThePoppyWitch (3 years ago)
x :)
Stefieloves Violets (3 years ago)
Yay! love crafty videos and I've not thought about this idea - nice! Thanks for sharing. )0(
Moonlight HorrorLover (3 years ago)
This is a wonderful video and craft idea. Perfect for the weekend and full moon coming up. Happy Samhain/Halloween to you! xo
IvyWynd (3 years ago)
Awesome thx! If you make one, I'd love to hear of the experience! 🎃

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