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17 Y/O Male Puffy Nipples/Gland Gynecomastia for Removal Surgery by Dr. Lebowitz, Long Island, NY

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Preoperative appearance of Gynecomastia in a 17year old male for direct Gland Removal Surgery by Dr. Lebowitz, Long Island Gynecomastia Center, New York.
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Bad Meets Evil (24 days ago)
Will it go even after 3 years ? ( It started when I was 14 and now Im 17)
@Bad Meets Evil When it bothers you. Speak with your Parents and Email me: [email protected]
Bad Meets Evil (24 days ago)
Lebowitz Plastic Surgery, Long Island Gynecomastia Center When I should consider surgery doctor?
By 17, its there to stay without Surgery
vishal kademani vishal (1 month ago)
Hi bro l love your channel lam studing 9std how to get nipple in home
FF Gamer (2 months ago)
Sir my chest in normal. But nipples are little pointed. What should i do. Just little pointed. And I am Martial Artist.
Either small Gynecomastia Glands causing Puffy NIPPLES or Elongated Nipples. Email me [email protected]
2GUYS1GUN (6 months ago)
I really need this surgery. Watched one of your videos and it's great. I had gyno surgery a few years back but am left with puffy nipples like this. Would love a quote.
Djoko Susilo (7 months ago)
Nipple sexy beautiful 😘😘😘
Zebi Az (8 months ago)
Same problem dude how can I proper rid from this .I really need plzzzz??
@Zebi Az 👍
Zebi Az (8 months ago)
@Lebowitz Plastic Surgery, Long Island Gynecomastia Center sure sir
Brett Ross (8 months ago)
If I have Gynecomastia, and am prone to getting Keloids on my shoulders and middle chest, is surgery an option? I have the means to afford the surgery, but this has kept me from getting it done. Also do you recommend getting down from 17% body fat down to say 10% before doing surgery?
@Brett Ross A Steroid Shot will Reduce your Keloid
Brett Ross (8 months ago)
Thank you for your timely response Dr. Lebowitz. I am wondering if perhaps you'd use some technique to minimize the chances of them appearing? I realized I have developed a very tiny keloid roughly about 2 inches from my left nipple, this worries me quite a bit. Again thank you for your time
Usually the Nipple Incisions heal with NO Keloid. You should get down to your optimal weight first.
An AS (10 months ago)
I am 17 years old I do exercise daily i am very fit guy have six pack abs But still my nipples look puffy What i should do ????? Help me please...
Get them Gynecomastia Glands OUT‼️😁
David Marcu (10 months ago)
Doc.. how to make difference ...between nipples fat or gyno? Pls reply
FAT is soft, GLAND is hard
bijay chauarsiay (10 months ago)
after surgery any side affect come
bijay chauarsiay (10 months ago)
sir after surgery this again come
Aryan Chaurasiya (10 months ago)
Sir doctor told me that this is nothing and I am 15 years old what can I do sir plz reply me
Aryan Chaurasiya If your Puffy NIPPLES persist, Get the Gynecomastia Glands Removed
Aryan Chaurasiya (11 months ago)
Sir plz can I talk with u in FB I have puffy nipples problem
Aryan Chaurasiya Best to Email me: [email protected]
Aryan Chaurasiya (11 months ago)
Sir puffy nipples remove only by the surgery or this is only a teen age affect
Aryan Chaurasiya If not gone by late teen years, Surgery is the only way to remove the Gynecomastia Glands and Puffy NIPPLES
Aryan Chaurasiya (11 months ago)
This Can be treated automatically
Aryan Chaurasiya Usually NOT
Absar Khan (1 year ago)
i have piffy nipples but i don't have gyno and what can i do to remove this puffy nipples plz plz anyone knows the solution i feel so bad in shirt plz guys help mee
Absar Khan YES
Absar Khan All males have Glands, we are Mammals ❗
Absar Khan (1 year ago)
Lebowitz Plastic Surgery, Long Island Gynecomastia Center sir if i'll go for a surgery than puffy nipples will remove???
Absar Khan (1 year ago)
Lebowitz Plastic Surgery, Long Island Gynecomastia Center so sir i go to the surgeon and he said that i have just chest fat and i don't feel any lump under my nipples too but still i have puffy nipples will it remove with age??? plzzz sir help
Absar Khan You probably do have Gynecomastia 😉🙏
kixkid _*_ (1 year ago)
I realized I had puffy nipples when I was about 14 years old I am turning 18 next month and still have them is there any hope in them going away before 19 or am I going to have to consider surgery
NERO_OFCL (9 months ago)
@kixkid _*_ puffy nipples doesn't guarantee gyno. Most cases puffy nipples are chest fat. Try to hit the gym to lower your body fat.
kixkid _*_ (1 year ago)
Lebowitz Plastic Surgery, Long Island Gynecomastia Center thanks for the feedback appreciate it
kixkid _*_ By now, Your Gynecomastia is there to stay. Surgery is your only Option
Arun Nandhu (1 year ago)
Any medicine for this...
OG Loc (6 months ago)
Tamoxifen should help
Arun Nandhu NO 😐
raghav chaudhary (1 year ago)
can i remove this pluffy nipples without surgury ??
EVANDER (8 months ago)
Lebowitz Plastic Surgery, Long Island Gynecomastia Center I dont want to pay you for this porn things. gay!
Netero 171 Mabe YES 😀 Mabe NO ☹️
Netero 171 (1 year ago)
I'm 16yo. so I think it will go away :'(
raghav chaudhary After Puberty, NO 😐
Netero 171 😉
I can't afford feel very sad...😢😢😢
Stone Kold 🙏
Stone Kold (11 months ago)
Lebowitz Plastic Surgery, Long Island Gynecomastia Center truly respect your work doctor Lebowitz 👌👍
Stone Kold That's the spirit
Stone Kold (11 months ago)
start saving bro you will get rid of it one day ;)
the ancient nigga (1 year ago)
Same here
children Call me, Maybe ⁉️
Firebird4789 (1 year ago)
Hi I can't tell if I have gyno or puffy nips. How do I tell? Plz help its so embarrassing. I don't even like taking my shirt off in front of people anymore. It sucks.😔😪😓😥😢
Firebird4789 contact me : [email protected] We can Skype or FaceTime or Watsapp for a video consultation
Salahdin (1 year ago)
My exact fucking problem
Live Love Salt (1 year ago)
How much is this surgery?
Ivailo Yordanov (1 year ago)
Are you alright ?
Live Love Salt $9,000 USD

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