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Official Video: Lady Gaga's Acceptance Speech at the 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards

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Lady Gaga accepts her Fashion Icon Award at the 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards in NYC on June 6, 2011. Video includes complete acceptance speech and red carpet arrival.
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Text Comments (335)
Cássius Cosgrove (12 days ago)
yes bitch we did it
Edson Braz (14 days ago)
Slay gaga
Célio P (1 month ago)
as if ALL of this isn't iconic and legendary already, watch this: https://youtu.be/XiGHVt7kKUU 😭❤️
Célio P (1 month ago)
forever iconic
Lucas (1 month ago)
como ela tava maravilhosa nesse dia perfeita
M Moore (1 month ago)
when she was good. Gold times
Natasha (1 month ago)
Gaga doesn’t get enough credit to what she brought back to pop music. Fashion and EDM.
Dev Happy (4 months ago)
"Who need the fantasy to survive, because reality is too difficult" this why I love Gaga, she feeds my gay ass fantasy!
Dev Happy (4 months ago)
She really deserved the recognition. Without Gaga, every female artist after her would look basic! Search for red carpets back in 2009.
K stanner (9 months ago)
The original queen of fashion.. oh my gawd her look is the best
Fabián Isaac (10 months ago)
Amén Fashion
Daviq Nurrahman (1 year ago)
I think there's certainly no one that deserves this award after her, not even rihanna or beyonce in the following years. cause look at her!! and her speech is soo appreciative to all: CFDA, fans, family, her team. and it's also inspiring. She is not fashionable, but she IS fashion. no doubt the queen of fashion of all time
Serenity Chacon (1 year ago)
Paws up!!!! xD
brandon samuels (1 year ago)
Those shoes, the metal rocker spikes on her cups, that flapper haircut.This woman is Fashion.
Adriano Rodrigo (1 year ago)
Rihanna it better
Rafa Inovero (2 years ago)
yaasss bitch, we did it👌 hahaha
Diego Rose (2 years ago)
Mike Nguyễn (2 years ago)
but u knew that Gaga have won that before beyonce right? :)))
Slayvion (2 years ago)
Gaga did look cute but Rihanna did do it wayyyyy better
Lumi (7 months ago)
Slayvion ALL of Gaga's looks are talked about till this day.
kmsia17 16 (1 year ago)
Slayvion only cuz you could see her ass and tits through the dress. Gaga didn't need that to make a statement.
John Doe (2 years ago)
+Javion Calloway I guess she cared so much for this award she didn't use it as a platform for something else, unlike the awards she keeps winning, where she use them to do all kinds of publicity stunts for causes or new projects.
Slayvion (2 years ago)
Rihanna actually made a statement hunni! Her look is still being talked about this very day! The only thing worth talking about is gagas shoes and that's it
Williams Xavier (2 years ago)
hell no
Sexxophone O (2 years ago)
what a loser mess
Joe Gaga (3 years ago)
i love this gaga... GAGA COME BACKKK PLEASE
Lady Gagas (1 year ago)
Joe Gaga she did
O. Tutaysalgır (3 years ago)
she is real QUEEN
Charles Lagacé (3 years ago)
That bitch is an Icon. Right at the beginning we can see the photographers going crazy. Its always like that wherever she goes. The world is her red carpet, and nobody can top this. She's a real down to earth girl that likes to make art with her friends she grew up with. I don't get the hate surrounding such a lovely and talented lady. Paws up forever, ur a queen, ur the queen.
diamond (3 years ago)
Rey For Ever (3 years ago)
The way she speaks and all that history nobody cares and she keep muting herslef so the crowd applaud her ANNOYING, and she sweats so much, No wonder why Rihanna got more views.
Milos Jovic (4 months ago)
Loved the speech! A true icon! She talks about how she became an artist, a star and what fashion and all the designers mean to her! Not like Rihanna thats is allways talking about bitches and sex caus she is fucking boring and doesn't what to talk about.
Jeremiah Saint (5 months ago)
rihanna can barely speak english bitch
Lan (2 years ago)
then go fuck your Rihanna
Julio Hernandez (3 years ago)
+Rey3518 Rihanus who?
kirt erasmo (3 years ago)
yeah and the album you called flop? rihanna didnt even manage to outsell it . kbye go back to that basic bitch . 
TeoNavy (3 years ago)
QUEEN Rihanna did it better
Black Ninja Fighter Lee (5 months ago)
TeoNavy No
iambador (8 months ago)
gaga won first
Lady Gagas (1 year ago)
TeoNavy she ate shit no Rihanna is trash
Julio Hernandez (3 years ago)
+TeoNavu who?
O. Tutaysalgır (3 years ago)
you should buy a brain... +Moises Araujo
StefanDot (3 years ago)
How much she is lying is INCREDIBLE. This ugly bitch has always been rich as shit!  She doesn't have fashion style, who has it are the people around here. Who manage her. She is just a manufactured product of marketing.
Lan (2 years ago)
fuck you
Charles Lagacé (3 years ago)
+StefanDot she works with her friends. nicola was at mugler and now for diesel, brandon now has its own collection. they all grew up together in nyc, they are artist, talented people. Its not because u cant achieve that, that she cant. everything she does, she thinks of it. her looks, her songs, her stages, nothing is «manufactured» by the label. She's devoted to her art and the fashion industry saw that when they named her Fashion Icon so early in her career.
StefanDot (3 years ago)
+Karsie Flotus yes after a designer checked it and got his money. then gaga puts her name on it. 
Adam Leger (3 years ago)
No! The incredible is how much you don't know a shit about her
L L (3 years ago)
+StefanDot You don't know what you are talking about lol good bye
Eu Mesma (3 years ago)
wow what a bunch of crap
MimiDesuka (3 years ago)
I love gaga but i prefer rihanna but they're both down to heart people.
Lardé GH (4 years ago)
Marvelous simply lustful
Bob Saleh (4 years ago)
she's so down to earth it hurts
Julio Hernandez (3 years ago)
+Bob Saleh ok, corny joke nvm
Julio Hernandez (3 years ago)
+Bob Saleh She is so down to earth that she sings with satan.
Jey_ 22 (4 years ago)
She is Quite a MODEL!!! The cameras love her!
Manu cueva (4 years ago)
Jude Grande (4 years ago)
Better than Rihanna
goenawan kano (6 months ago)
Rey For Ever yes, really!
goenawan kano (6 months ago)
Rihanna's Slave yes honey...
goenawan kano (6 months ago)
Bey Yonce yes, she(Gaga) is: outtalented + outimpacted.
RussLlano (2 years ago)
Anass Jabri (2 years ago)
no honey
jerrywasarace (4 years ago)
ill put green hair and a weird big hat on my head and a funny and ugly dress, give me a prize please. your welcome.
Tina Cris (4 years ago)
Gaga is fashion!!
ξ S L Δ λΛ (4 years ago)
Gaga is The Fashion Icon of our Generation
Célio P (1 month ago)
+As aa you contradicted yourself like 50 times in this rant that lol
M Moore (1 month ago)
Lezlie Miguel (2 years ago)
+eslam salim gaga has 12 world records. check it out!
Noodle Neck (2 years ago)
I chucked when they said Rihanna was the queen of pop😂💀How about no. Lady Gaga has WAY more accomplishments then RiRi
Catty Cunt (3 years ago)
+angel maldonado If you look at the time when gaga came out 2008/2009, since then, every other female musician, aside from the people that have been avant grade such as Bjork, Grace Jones etc, Im referring to ppl like Britney spears, X-tina Beyonce and Katy perry, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, THEY started to try and be eccentric as well. JUST SAYING. 
James McIver (4 years ago)
I love both Gaga and Rihanna! Their ongoing commitment to mesmerizing, rule-breaking fashion is what makes their public appearances interesting, fun, and a little rebellious...and the most memorable fashion always goes hand-in-hand with a sense of rebellion. In a world full of boring clothes that conform to stupid fears about "standing out too much," these women dare to be different, and for that, I admire and respect them both!
Hey Its Meeka (4 years ago)
a fashion icon award isnt about being cute. you dont have be be stereotypicaly beautiful to have great personal style. she doesnt give a fuck what anyone thinks. she wears what she wants to please herself. most woman dress to please men or to compete with other girls *for men* real women dress for themselves. shes brave and bold. and a sweet kind person who just happens to always look different or interesting. 
Bilal Toualbia (4 years ago)
sam wx (4 years ago)
seriously lol the organization is so lame & hypocrite crazy fucked up douchebag award lol damn she is so fucking ugly inside & outside
Louisa Taylor (4 years ago)
People bashing at rihanna's CFDA outfit seriously need to sit down, shut the FUCK up or take medication cuz lady gaga's outfit was even worse..seriously she sucked and so do haters..rihanna killed the fashion awards SHIT #onlyrihanna #rihannafashioniconforever
Glenn Jackson (3 years ago)
+Nathalie Gaga Shut up you have no idea how wrong you are
FunkMe Downtown (4 years ago)
not really but oh well
Alyssa (4 years ago)
Can you put that on Rihanna's video -.-
Louisa Taylor (4 years ago)
Yea whatever but she aint that cute to me..good for her though
ξ S L Δ λΛ (4 years ago)
but the CFDA is NOT about being Cute 
Ulaşcan Y. (4 years ago)
BEST LOOK of her whole career. Look at her. Her entrance, her walk, her wig and costumes, her gestures. She is so beautiful, sexy, dramatic, theatrical... All the things that I look for in an artist. Her speech was so inspring as well. And this look is way better than Rihanna's look this year. Lady Gaga is and will always be the truest fashion icon of all times.
naomi obi (5 months ago)
Ulaşcan Y. It's possible to uplift a woman without bringing down another, you know.
goenawan kano (6 months ago)
brandon samuels Lady Gaga's impact in Fashion industry totally big, periodT. 😎
goenawan kano (6 months ago)
Glenn Jackson fake? Rihanna's bleach skin. 😉 --- uneducated? Rihanna's speach "she can beat me but she can't beat my outfit". 😂
brandon samuels (1 year ago)
Ulaşcan Y. one of the best looks for sure, but i think that latex number she had on in Good Morning America for the Mac Viva glam campaign was the most beautiful avante garde outfit ever. It wasn't just fashion, it was to raise awareness for safe sex and hiv.
jose ivan rangel (2 years ago)
drag her!! hahahaha
Vinniee Robynlove (4 years ago)
Her boootyyy
Ahmad MG (4 years ago)
Yas bitch we did it lol
circusscene (4 years ago)
She's a real person, gosh I admire her. Hahaha "Yes bitch, We dit it" Anna Wintour be like "She's so...vibrant"
mrfrogbutt1 (4 years ago)
She' so crazy! Good for her! I wish I had this much commotion when I arrived at work
mukelani B (4 years ago)
hahahahaha at work,...lool
side2 Side (5 years ago)
im sorry but this is not fashion to look for, this is disturbing.
ruby dolly (5 years ago)
I love anna Trevealyan and lol at the story about Anna wintor
TheFamebubble (5 years ago)
black jesus, amen fashion
Jaime (5 years ago)
"Yes bitch we did it!" I die every time!!! Hahahahahah!
Patrickqm (5 years ago)
LMAOOOO. You sir, need to do more research on Gaga.
M Cobos (5 years ago)
call like you want, this is an stupid awards for a ridiculous artist, plastic and fake fans trying to erase the world to put gaga as "queen" she is not the bets in twitter anymore, she has never been the top seller, her last tour flopped, she does not have any mark of surgery on her hip..... fake gaga, ugly transexual, deal with it
Adler36 (5 years ago)
shut the fuck up, stupid moron
Cam Shust (5 years ago)
She's so real. I love her so much. Nobody can deny she changed the fashion world.
Maria Callas (5 years ago)
Remember when everyone jerked to Poker Face, Just Dance, LoveGame, Paprazzi, Eh, Eh, etc... She's still that woman with immense level of beauty and charm, and she can always bring that back, but you know what's imporant her HEART. Her heart is colorful and beautiful, she was born to heal the world, to change it, make a revolution. She's not some evil, old fake woman desperate for attention, like when MJ was alive, your fave couldn't control herself and her jealousy destroyed her.
Ty Guy (5 years ago)
Ohhhhhh You're a madonna fan. Now everything is clear.
Ty Guy (5 years ago)
Have you seen your profile picture?...... Stop being jealous of a woman who has made herself something while you're sitting on youtube trying your hardest to get at least 1% of Attention. When you become world wide famous and known for giving 90% of your life to humanity to make it a better place then call me.
M Cobos (5 years ago)
not as plastic as gaga..... the queen of superficial and uglyness
Ty Guy (5 years ago)
What a plastic comment.
larriepotter (5 years ago)
yeah people just dont get it this track kill me AND.. peeps are using this to get the mp3 of this music >>> bit.ly/10cR5h5?=asrqc
belittle (5 years ago)
Enrique Alvarado (5 years ago)
TheHausOfEddy (5 years ago)
Yes, bitches. She did it.
M Cobos (5 years ago)
what a plastic speech.......
Becky Richards (5 years ago)
Her words are so inspiring! she's the most amazing person ever. I love her so much! <3
Leamsi Ordnavi (5 years ago)
May god bless you GAGA
emnoleen1 (5 years ago)
poso vlameni eisai
deetavonerotika (5 years ago)
That's how it's done. "we did it bitch!"
Adler36 (5 years ago)
You are weird.
Space & Time (5 years ago)
she seems so out of it here, but her speech was brilliant
GaGa4EvrLady3xxx (5 years ago)
The people who comment negativity towards Lady Gaga and either very jealous of this woman's success or they can't seem to look passed her oddities and uniqueness. Ignorance has a lot to do with it as well. She isn't normal, and that's more than okay. In many cases, normalcy is boring. She brings exciting and new things into the music industry along with the fashion she has. As for "undeserving", this woman deserves more than what she has. She has busted her hump to get her ass where it is now.
Katie Hartwell (5 years ago)
She's so weird
John Cladz (5 years ago)
love her
Creative Rebellion (6 years ago)
Fares Majed (6 years ago)
Carlos Emanuel (6 years ago)
I was just looking at the breasts of Gaga
Nymph! (6 years ago)
OMG mi gaga tenia sus ojitos brillosos, creo qe ella siempre soño con este mometo, TE AMO MOOMY MOSNTERS
lampost4ever (6 years ago)
Black Jesus † Amen Fashion
Multijugos (6 years ago)
1:04 Shake that Ass ;)
Tangent Delta (6 years ago)
Then you're clearly not looking at her music if you're letting yourself get distracted from the aesthetics. There's clearly this message that once she captures your attention, you need to look deeper into the image she's projecting. If you take one look at her and judge her for her appearance, then you're basically a dumb-ass because you failed to look past the aesthetics. It's a smart tactic, and there's a reason she's up there right now. Satanism has nothing to do with her success.
Renée B (6 years ago)
so why do you say those satan things -.- and undeserving? Like WTF? she worked her fucking ass of every fucking day! her whole youth! because she really wanted to be famous! and look at her now! she's the biggest popstar on the planet! it's not undeserved -.- YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HER! SO GROW THE FUCK UP!
Renée B (6 years ago)
oh and do you actually have twitter? :D
Renée B (6 years ago)
I miss you too (: and yes :D she's coming twice :D and I'm going twice :D September 29-30 :D I'm so exited! I made a countdown calendar and it's hanging on the wall where my bed is standing and when I wake up I cross out one day :D now it's 94 and 93 days till I see her again :D and I really hope I'll meet her in the monsterpit! :D
John CrouStoN (6 years ago)
Renée B (6 years ago)
well how many times do I have to say to people that you're completly wrong! the song "Judas" is not satanic -.- it's just about forgiving your betrayer! damned -.- she always sings things with meanings! she will never sing something without a meanig behind it! and those crosses and things are just fashionstuff and things like that -.- and "satan" doesn't even excist -.-
Renée B (6 years ago)
hahaha :') soooo coincidental xD
Renée B (6 years ago)
no YOU'RE STRANGE! Because you don't see how great she is! and how kindhearted! look her up on the internet and THEN go judge her..
Renée B (6 years ago)
see? ANOTHER bitch who's judging Gaga and you don't even know the meaning behind everything! Judas was not about loving Judas or something like that, it was about forgving your betrayer!
Daultonsworld19 (6 years ago)
But she is pretty... no not pretty... Breath taking
martyyn1993 (6 years ago)
black jesus amen fashion oh u did it
Robo1415 (6 years ago)
The wig looks HOT!
Felipe Avendaño (6 years ago)
The one and only human who can walks around with those high heels! LOVE YOU MOTHER MONSTER!
MrLeFunker (6 years ago)
She's an unquestioned badass.
Talal Javaid (6 years ago)
oh man she is so ugly ...
Robo1415 (6 years ago)
If more women looked and dresses that sexy,glam and erotic,they would have NO problem holding on to their men....
Robo1415 (6 years ago)
She looks so sexy because her fasion sense is erotic and her bod is terrific!She looks great!
TheHausOfEddy (6 years ago)
Amen†Fashion ♥
HeavyMetalGaga Lover (6 years ago)
Shes just a fuckin NYC girl tryin to stay cool on the streets. Shes FAB!
HeavyMetalGaga Lover (6 years ago)
In some speeches she truely doesnt sound genuine but in this one you can tell she's just speaking her mind.

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