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Victoria Secret PINK Collection | Dancer Amelia

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MY LINKS Instagram Link: http://instagram.com/dancer.amelia_ Instagram Name: @dancer.amelia_ Joint Instagram Link: http://instagram.com/alice.amelia_dance Joint Instagram Name: @alice.amelia_dance Twitter Link: http://twitter.com/dancer_amelia_ Twitter Name: @dancer_amelia_ Facebook Link: http://facebook.com/amelia.dancer.505 Facebook Name: Dancer Amelia For business enquiries, please contact: [email protected] 💗 This video includes: My Victoria Secret Pink Collection Metal Water Bottle, Pink Ombré Collegiate Black & White Backpack Collegiate Black & Gold Backpack Pink Ankle Socks Grey Fluffy Socks Grey Slippers Reversible Christmas Dressing Down ... and more! Ps. If you would like to purchase any of the items shown in this video, please leave a comment and I'll try and find a link of the product, for you, so you can buy it! 💗 Victoria Secret Website- https://www.victoriassecret.com #vspink #victoriasecretpink #vspinkhaul
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Karlene Kastner (9 months ago)
Girlll, I loved this! Worked at pink/vs for four years! Can you do me a favor and check out my channel and subscribe if you like it?! Thaanks beautiful!
Dancer Amelia (7 months ago)
Thank you lovely! I can't believe you used work at VS, i love the shop. Of course I will check out your channel too. XX
rebecca smith (10 months ago)
Inside your school bag
Dancer Amelia (8 months ago)
rebecca smith I will probably film a video were I show what’s in my school bag soon. But I have filmed a ‘Back 2 School Haul’ with my school bag for this year & other school supplies if you’d like to watch it: https://youtu.be/2DO8TZX5cIA ❤️❤️
rebecca smith (10 months ago)
Inside your school bug
rebecca smith (10 months ago)
Inside your school buy
Sarah Flores (1 year ago)
Oh sweetie 😂
Dancer Kelsey (1 year ago)
Amazing !!!!💗
Dancer Amelia (1 year ago)
Dancer Kelsey Thank you!! 💗

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