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Pretty Girl Rock - Keri Hilson / Beginners Class

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Kris teaches choreography to Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson. Learn from instructors of 1MILLION Dance Studio on YouTube! 1MILLION Dance Studio YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/1milliondancestudioasia OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.1milliondance.com INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/1milliondance FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/1milliondancestudio 1MILLION Dance Studio & 1MILLION Dance Tutorial
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Text Comments (388)
Shokai捷 (1 month ago)
aquarius 07 (2 months ago)
Mariam Rahman (3 months ago)
Osm wow... 😘
Gabi Pires (3 months ago)
Quem veio só pra ver a Maki dançando? ❤️😎
Priya (3 months ago)
Nightmare Kun (4 months ago)
good video 😍😍😍😍
long dai nhan nhan (4 months ago)
lon to
wildcaterpie (5 months ago)
I felt like the dance was not playful enough for the song, but... Still way better than anything I could do haha! Good job everyone! :D
dat stick (5 months ago)
Kris is so cute
And this is a beginner class!? What are my class then A Potato Class!? 😲😲 this is so shocking good that I am legitly surprise
Sakuntala gogoi (7 months ago)
Hi gril
Merl Komsan Arom (7 months ago)
Hannah Prum (7 months ago)
She looks more skinny than before. She's pretty.
-baby lxghtz (7 months ago)
I want a dance tutorial. Pleaseeee..
They Rock💙💙💙
iwa-chan (8 months ago)
Makiyah Hodge (8 months ago)
moly_ mojy (8 months ago)
Feronika Muhaling (10 months ago)
I love it that Kris always hit things super smooth,wish i could be that smooth
Maribel Olague (10 months ago)
1:01 is my favorite part too she is twerking
Maribel Olague (10 months ago)
1:04 is my favorite part
LENA YOON (1 year ago)
Can you choreograph for "pray to god - calvin harris"?
Ocean Hoang (1 year ago)
无法播放 怎么回事
Crüsh (1 year ago)
Kris is the sexiest girl I've ever seen. Those legs are so freaken soft and beautiful!!!!!!!!!
jeffrey calago lepata (1 year ago)
EsotericOccultist (1 year ago)
I died and went to heaven. This is the cutest thing I ever saw. The little head rolls Kris does, Omg Im in love..it hurts
ALL챙이 (1 year ago)
더퐁스라는 채널에서 춤가르쳐주신 선생님 아닌가요? ㅎ
Yumi Natsuki (1 year ago)
The second girl in the middle 😂
Lil_Jaye_Swag (1 year ago)
Still listen to this song
A Social (1 year ago)
Looking at all these beautiful girls dancing---I'm eating a bag of Doritos.... Wondering when my glow up is going to hit me.
chelsea frago (1 year ago)
Jessica J. (1 year ago)
Booty shorts don't give you booty
석 석 (1 year ago)
진짜 중앙에 계신분 너무 예쁘고 사랑스러워서 2달넘게 거의매일봐요..미친거같아요..
concerned citizen (1 year ago)
third group girl in the front right killed this
Eva Mckeever-Gell (1 year ago)
KristiCheese (1 year ago)
I am so attracted to Kris wow
Jäylä ßïms (1 year ago)
y'all go girlz!😄☺😋
sylvia manandhar (1 year ago)
Beginners?? This is not a beginners class, I would never be able to do this lol
Bethany Ishoda (1 year ago)
You're doing this song in 2016! I'm shocked
Jane i (1 year ago)
love u so smooth movement!
Jamie Sim (1 year ago)
Why is this video not available? 😭
Space Unicorn (1 year ago)
omg I used this song when I was like, five (I'm thirteen now)
Jessica Chavez (1 year ago)
Pretty girls rock😂😂
나앙 (1 year ago)
이거로 댄스 오디션 볼 예정인데 튜토리얼 영상 올려주시면 안될까요 ㅠㅠ
Natalia Shirley (1 year ago)
where is this at bcc I won't to join😃😃👌👌
宇智波戀足 (1 year ago)
Noon Dyo (1 year ago)
อยากดูอะ ทำไมดูไม่ได้
Dreamkai (1 year ago)
:O hot hot hot haha
Juffure Johnson (1 year ago)
is this a challenge
Sevilla Sanjaya (1 year ago)
Why this video unavaliable, Cause i love it:(
Saya Saya (1 year ago)
Why the video is not available?
Tori Minjarez (1 year ago)
Its a beginners class but its still like a pro class for me lol...
Sierra White (1 year ago)
thus seconds group had no rhythm but overall great choreography
Herod Lowery (1 year ago)
What a cute song and WHAT CUTE GIRLS dance on this video! I can't get enough of them!
Valeria Talavera (1 year ago)
mrkiliglove (1 year ago)
The dark background is not working for me, it doesn't have to be super bright but common guys give enough lighting so we can truly see the dance!
김민지 (1 year ago)
뭔비기너들이 이렇게 잘혀
24kt on my wrist (1 year ago)
how much does the girl in the beginning in the middle weigh?
Vicky Fang (1 year ago)
please make a tutorial on this (or at least some beginner dances) ❣️
예린 (1 year ago)
두번째노래 틀어질때에 가운데에서 춤추는분 춤 보고 따라하시는것같은데 아닌강..? 암튼 첫번째노래 틀어줄때 나왔던 그 가운데에 있던 그 언니 넘나 이뽀여❤❤춤선도 정말루 이쁘고
Iosephf Montoya (1 year ago)
awww this is a cute choreo! you are amazing Kris
Melissa (1 year ago)
Why is it not available ?:(
Miki Addi-k (1 year ago)
Am I the only one with it not working? Why's it not available? 😢 xx
Ian Pedrugao (1 year ago)
video not available why?
Ageng Adhi (1 year ago)
grace suzanne (1 year ago)
my middle school jam
Business of Beauty (1 year ago)
1:11 to stiff
Kendall Nicole (1 year ago)
She is so stunning omg goals
혤으 (1 year ago)
노래 좋다
Bahana R Pradipta (1 year ago)
who r they? 2 girl on first group, with white shirt, anyone tell me pls.
puff balls (1 year ago)
Still can't see this video
윤드든 (1 year ago)
춤이야 강사님 마음대로긴 하지만beginners class 춤들은 전부 여성적인 느낌을 물씬 풍기는 것밖에 없어서 좀 아쉬워요...약간 중성적인 느낌으로도 적절히 섞어서 해줬으면 좋겠습니다.
Maki from Brazil in the center, My God 1:05
Im Kong (1 year ago)
Whos the girl at the beginning on the right side?
DGJ Makka (1 year ago)
2:00 if i was there i'd probably be the one you see in the middle
Kaela Britanico (1 year ago)
it's not available?
Caca Crumbs (1 year ago)
0:42 Playing With Fire ;))
Videos Droles (1 year ago)
Comment ça pas disponible
Mia Nguyen (1 year ago)
kris literally uses the same moves over and over in all of her choreos. I know it's a beginner class but you can't legit call yourself a choreographer when you recycle all of your moves
MAN NG (1 year ago)
gsi (1 year ago)
same choreography different songs..
Francis Allen (1 year ago)
Oh my all I can say is they are HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lucky Swftt (1 year ago)
Who's the girl in the last one on the right?
Sammy Nevarez (1 year ago)
I love this song😋😀
miserie pink (1 year ago)
pourquoi les video ne sont pu disponible ??
Tifa (1 year ago)
miserie pink parcel que copyright en peu de payes. Desolee mais je ne parle pas le francais.
Irene W. (1 year ago)
This is probably one of the only beginner choreos that I like. Good job!
{Cami :3} (1 year ago)
não quer pegar😢😢😢😢
NiietSab L'inconnu (1 year ago)
Boobs are missing
BakingAPie (1 year ago)
If I were to join dance lessons, what kind of dance would these choreographed dances for modern music come under?? Street dance seems too cringey..
Tifa (1 year ago)
BakingAPie Urban dance.
Isabella Renner (1 year ago)
shout out to Maki the brazilian girl in the center from the second group;;; go watch her kpop covers on her channel ;)
Késia Borges (1 year ago)
Maki rainha da porra toda representando o Brasil! Arrasou de maaaaaaais! 😍
larry Mr (1 year ago)
no soul , no talent ...
real nigga hours (1 year ago)
This was lit as hell
Blackpink 786 (1 year ago)
why is this video not available to me
Videos Droles (1 year ago)
Riyaan Basheer bécasse SQUEEZIE
Im Mandy (1 year ago)
Riyaan Basheer For me too TT
Gloria Xu (1 year ago)
Kris legit looks like a princess in the thumbnail xD
Jae Jae (1 year ago)
ARMY ARMY (1 year ago)
Choreography is REALLY good for the beginner class~~ This is such an old song I didn't know they knew it or would dance to it😂😊 they danced it very well though~~
ashley (1 year ago)
I don't know why but this song suits Kris so so well <3
Shane L (1 year ago)
I think this may be Kris' best choreo yet! I think she's really improving!
Mai Mai (1 year ago)
The last two girls in the white at the front was soooo working it! this dance was cute though.

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