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SQL TUTORIAL-4 (Create table, Alter table, ADD and DROP column, MODIFY Column Data type)

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SQL queries for 1. Create table 2. Add new Column 3. Drop a column 4.change column data type
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Text Comments (15)
William Holden (4 months ago)
Do you have the delete command video?
ASWATH MARRI (1 year ago)
It's urgent
ASWATH MARRI (1 year ago)
Hi madam ,I need alter a column data type varchar to varbinary please post that query please
Sandeep Rahul (2 years ago)
can you please make your video clear and re-upload same thing
Matt Conrad (2 years ago)
Your screen is very difficult to see. Shoot in a higher quality
simran kaur (2 years ago)
Oh yes :) That's true!Thanks for your feedback though.
Gabriel Martinez (2 years ago)
A Kid who knows Database...What an Advance in our Species!
Souvick Sen (3 years ago)
how to add data in that column which i added by using alter command???
kanchan (6 months ago)
Even i m hving the same doubt..
Dinesh Kumar (3 years ago)
I am using Oracle 10g . i want  to change data type .but it show error . SQL> alter table emp alter column sal int   not null; alter table emp alter column sal int   not null                 * ERROR at line 1: ORA-01735: invalid ALTER TABLE option
simran kaur (3 years ago)
+Dinesh Kumar That's because you are using it with oracle. These queries were meant for SQL server. I believe the keyword is Modify is Oracle.Thanks
Raj Mishra (4 years ago)
what is difference b/w alter table and modify table....so can we use modify in place of alter ???
mohammed shafras (5 years ago)
Rayon Daley (1 year ago)
Can u help me with a question I have? My email is [email protected] let me know via an email
simran kaur (2 years ago)
You're welcome :)

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