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Why Do Men Have Nipples? Can these produce milk?

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#MenNipples #MilkMan #MaleLactation #NipplesInMales Why Do Men Have Nipples? As Dr. Joseph Cruise, MD, a board certified plastic surgeon explains, by the time the Y chromosome and hormone testosterone responsible for bringing about penis and testicle growth to a male embryo happens, the nipples have already developed at that point, so they remain. Can they produce milk? This is due to liver disease Christos ,which leads to the failure of liver matabolism and ejection of milk from male nipples. If you are preparing for any competitive exam or general knowledge the you must subscribe my youtube channel and also you have to press the bell icon for further videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnyB... Follow me on Facebook https://web.facebook.com/ZAEducation/
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Mirza Asif (9 months ago)
Shani tu bht aggy tk jaye ga
ZA Education (9 months ago)
Thank you mirza
Awais Mahmood (9 months ago)
ZA Education (9 months ago)
Awais bhi Love
Sunday's Post (9 months ago)

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