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Cold Cave - "Love Comes Close"

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Art Boonparn directs Cold Cave in their video debut for the title track off their latest album Love Comes Close. Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Love-Comes-Close-Cold-Cave/dp/B002OOG6WG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1256103911&sr=8-1 Matador Records on the web: http://www.matadorrecords.com/ https://www.facebook.com/MatadorRecords/ https://twitter.com/matadorrecords
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Text Comments (316)
Ziggy BlackStarDustMan (1 month ago)
🖤💚🖤💚🖤💚 #coldcave #alittledeathtolaugh #fullcoldmoon #darkwave #synthwave #postpunk #happynewtears #staynegative
Justin Beamer (3 months ago)
gilbert perez (3 months ago)
Stop the nonsense... enjoy the beautiful music and thank the gods this band exists.
Vengan a México
BMoto (5 months ago)
Good song, butI think the fake drums make this sound cheap. Imagine a real drummer on this track, it would be awesome.
Martymooseyepthatsme (6 months ago)
Human League 2: Electric Boogaloo
Qriminal 1:64 (11 months ago)
I hear Goodbye Horses, as everyone else seems to, with new order vocals, but that beat belongs to Depeche Mode - Just can't get enough
Wilhelm R. (1 year ago)
Its okay to have influences. Uncle Tupelo had R.E.M., Cold Cave has New Order. their stuff gets better and better and better.......blown away by the sound.
Antonio Rodriguez (1 year ago)
I love this guys, Exquisito,Old school new wave, thanks.
senoritahollywood (1 year ago)
Heard this on the radio and had to check out this New Order cover band!
samonik _ (1 year ago)
Oh you got blue eyes! Oh you got gray eyes! Oh you got.... o_0 Sounds EXACTLY like New order! Same musical chords and elements and tempo and... Granted New Order is one of my top 3 fav bands but this is as close as you can rip off a band in my opinion.
Michael Perkins (1 year ago)
Yup, definitely getting the New Order "Temptation" and the QLazarus "Goodbye Horses" vibe. Which is not a bad thing at all. If you're going to sound like something, may as well sound like something great. :)
dilara sarıpınar (1 year ago)
cold New Order
Thom Coe (1 year ago)
Goodbye Horses synth rip, and not one but THREE New Order songs were raped, skinned and worn like Buffalo Bill creating his ensembles from existing "objects". Your Silent Face, Temptation and Leave Me Alone (you'll get these words wrong...every time). But he sued Fallout Boy for the same level of plagiarism...
Neil Warwick (1 year ago)
Sound nothing like NO or JD... These have a sound of their own. Bin following NO and JD for 35 years and all 3 bands have very different sounds and emotions. This band has superb individual qualities so let's explore their own genius.
Jake Stockton (1 year ago)
Goodbye horses with less serial killer cross-dressing.
AelfBeat (1 year ago)
Yeah, the beginning sounds like Goodbye Horses, and not only is that cool, but the song is too!
MICHAEL TATE (2 years ago)
This s a mix between New Order and Q Lazzarus ... cool sound.
Jame Gumb (1 year ago)
I like Q Lazzarus. My fave band of al time.
rodlivelife (2 years ago)
this sounds strange things
male tears (2 years ago)
it's like ripping melodies straight from specific new order songs.
Alejandra Cardoso (2 years ago)
Inspiración en New Order... retro. NICE!
Jerry Bennett (2 years ago)
I wish Cold Cave still sounded like this....
Theo Klaver (10 months ago)
Jerry Bennett their new single is so good though
brockard70 (2 years ago)
it's Your Silent Face mixed with Temptation (both by New Order)......sung by Peter Murphy/Bauhaus.
fisher kelly (7 months ago)
brockard70 bingo
Aaron Q (1 year ago)
Good fuckin call!
Chadwick Rogers (2 years ago)
Great song. Great band.
Will Beames (2 years ago)
http://www.stereogum.com/1854991/cold-cave-your-silent-face-new-order-cover/mp3s/ FFS. Who cares.
efra mtz (3 years ago)
muy bueno
onlyyesterday1967 (3 years ago)
Beautiful !!!
NationalLibertarian (3 years ago)
All the douchebags commenting shit about this being a rip-off need to get a fucking life.
Chadwick Rogers (2 years ago)
+NationalLibertarian 100% agreed
james rowe (3 years ago)
Did New Order get paid?
Hexis (4 months ago)
EccentricSage (2 years ago)
+james rowe Oh no, one synth line at the beginning sounds similar to a synth line in another song, got to bash the whole song now.
cecilyt006 (3 years ago)
Adelaide House (Toronto) NXNE Saturday Night. Words are not good enough to describe the performance...
Jack's Film Orchard (3 years ago)
I really don't care if they're a knockoff of whatever. its a band and its what they like.
Extropy (3 years ago)
Stolen! - Get your own sound?!
Nathan Something (1 year ago)
Extropy Better than Ceremony. Which is pretty blatant. These guys were bringing it back a little more. Publicist UK isn't that bad, either. JD developed a sound that needed to be carried on by some anyway, I bet none of these bands appreciate the comparison. There won't be another Ian Curtis. We all know that. Even New Order knows that.
Extropy (2 years ago)
+EccentricSage Tell that to Bernard Sumner
EccentricSage (2 years ago)
+Extropy What is 'genre'? How dare everything be built upon the bones of predecessors, how dare anything ever sound similar to anything that was an influence! Oh the outrage! Why don't we just let good music styles die when the bands start getting old or break up? Then we can all just listen to the top 40! /sarcasm
Extropy (3 years ago)
+High Priest Vatican Assassin Warlock I had a feeling you may be under the influence to write that lol - Classic!
Extropy (3 years ago)
+High Priest Vatican Assassin Warlock lol far from lost - this is just another Joy Division sound. key changes, chords, vocals... Same. Hell even some melody are in the same scale. I'm not saying it's poor, I'm just saying it's too close to JD for my liking. This is not rare though, lots have tried to take the sound since JD was no more - They all failed though.
Cyrus Budd (3 years ago)
Ian stop coming back to haunt us!
Poison Ivy (3 years ago)
Sounds a bit like Goodbye horses,New Order,and Joy Division.I LOVE it
fisher kelly (7 months ago)
Poison Ivy your silent face.
Rainface Atriarch (8 months ago)
Q Lazarus
Qriminal 1:64 (11 months ago)
Poison Ivy I immediately heard 'Goodbye Horses' :)
Pedro Reyes (4 years ago)
nice unique sound
08bourquem (4 years ago)
Not a fan. Sounds like a song you make drunk and listen to the next day and cringe.
Alex Fairday (4 years ago)
Goodbye Horses
dimshyne (4 years ago)
Dafuq is dis?
Berenice Cotero (4 years ago)
Even if you say "sound like this one".. or "sound like that one" you need  to admit the lyrics are pretty badass !
Jani Rinne (16 days ago)
Yeah, and everything sounds like a beatles
zippyloveslcfc (4 years ago)
NIN brought me here. Not bad. might get in early tonight now
Mario Aly (4 years ago)
Haha same here!
SomeStuff (4 years ago)
giving a listen as I'm travelilng from the US over seas for a few of the NIN shows. Not too shabby. Cheers.
Sean Doyle (4 years ago)
His voice isn't half bad but they just sound like every other quasi - 80s goth band so for me (and nothing against people that like Cold Cave) I will just listen to Xymox, New Order and the other godfathers of synth.
vampod1 (3 years ago)
+xhrit But you can't just slavishly ape what came before! You've got to add your own personal stamp, something fresh. I'm all for keeping the scene alive AND for new bands to arrive.
barbwirerope (3 years ago)
+infernaltechno I don't think anyone is saying that they sound EXACTLY like any of the groups you mentioned--but they do have a similar formula that is reminiscent of the era those other groups came from. 
xhrit (3 years ago)
+vampod1 because that is how the scene dies and people stop making your favorite genre of music..
barbwirerope (3 years ago)
+infernaltechno Nothing like New Order? Um...okay. 
Sean Doyle (3 years ago)
I am sure GG Allin put out more albums then Xymox and New Order as well but it doesn't mean I like it, also I didn't say they sounded like either bands I simply said if I wanted to listen to a quasi - 80s sounding goth band  (and nothing against people that like Cold Cave) I will just listen to Xymox, New Order and the other godfathers of synth. "Notice I didn't say they sounded like Xymox or New Order" I don't understand what the problem is the band isn't my cup of tea. I didn't say anything rude or nasty about them so can we leave it at that. Oh and for the record I love GG Allin I don't want to get attacked over that later (LMFAO) people ..... sigh
Jeremy Carpenter (4 years ago)
hmm, looks like I'll be turning up at the NIN gig after the support act
Carine ROSA (4 years ago)
Goodbye Horses - Q Lazzarus. -_-'
AdrianVino (4 years ago)
Except that Goodbye Horses is ten times the song.
Nestor (4 years ago)
I thought so too
K Marie (4 years ago)
Nothing like New Order. This sounds just like Cold Cave.
stevedavisatlanta (6 days ago)
More like Joy Divison
Melora Beecroft (20 days ago)
battleborn49 um not really. A bit. Anyone who doesn’t hear New Order is deaf.
Melora Beecroft (20 days ago)
K Marie are you deaf? Practically cosplaying them.
Lori King (4 months ago)
I was coming here to say that! Thank you.
fisher kelly (7 months ago)
K Marie this actually sounds like he straight sampled Your Silent Face.
Krisztián Kovács (4 years ago)
Joy Divison is alive! 
canuck21 (1 year ago)
You mean Joy Division in their New Order phase?
licky (1 year ago)
i think he said he recorded this album as a way of expressing himself and didn't focus too hard on making it good but it is really good so that's cool lol
Paulo Zerati (2 years ago)
Agree, lets hear the music, stop comparing with JD, and a lot of bands from the 80´s, this is good taste, nothing else.
LVhasAIDS (2 years ago)
What do You want then to do make trap rap ? There keeping that 80s aesthetic alive and yall bitchin '
disgraceland uk (4 years ago)
+vampod1 Couldn't agree more.
bromersi (4 years ago)
:) frio
ChrisCantHaveItAll (4 years ago)
Found out they are supporting NIN, have now listened to about 8 songs by Cold Cave, deduced one thing. This guy is a chode. The music itself isn't offensive, just seems like a poor rip off/runner up version of every other electro/synth/pop artist I have heard
xXFraudXx (4 years ago)
This is cool, but I prefer angry Wes. Some Girls owns your fucking face.
BaNDiNi (4 years ago)
Gooodbye Hoooorses !
Robert Taylor (4 years ago)
O my god, you fucking killed me and now everyone at work is looking at me like I am crazy. Only makes me love this song more. Though strange opener for NIN.
Dog Fan Club (5 years ago)
This is such a rip-off of Temptation by New Order...
fisher kelly (7 months ago)
Dog Fan Club I hear Your Silent Face.
tjyff (4 years ago)
Comments like these always make me wonder if they have ever actually listened to the song they are referring to.
xor444 (5 years ago)
this is not 1 guy. the internet helps people find correct information so now you know that! 8)
Jaded Expat (5 years ago)
I'd rather just listen to Joy Division...
Luxury Stranger (5 years ago)
'Temptation' by New Order cover? Oh you've got blue eyes, oh you've got grey eyes... and Matador need to clean out their ears.
José Luís Oliveira (5 years ago)
It's a copy of Temptation of New Order :)
Garrison Ray (5 years ago)
Yeah..I agree New Order and that's obvious, but I like it!
Nextlitic (5 years ago)
definitley a new order rip off, but I like it.
Paul Kilian (5 years ago)
My first exposure to this band was I went to a punk show and watched this really muscled out dude in a Cold Cave shirt rip some other dude's shirt off, so there you go, and I'm glad it happened.
José Luís Oliveira (5 years ago)
Temptation :)
nicktaxidermy (5 years ago)
"conforming to non-conformity," huh? that is one of those things people spit out when they've got nothing else.
tjyff (5 years ago)
First of all it's one guy, not really a band. Do your research before you bash someone at least. Secondly it's not like anybody has ever built a song around Em->C chord change. Thirdly, the vocals in this song neither follow the pattern nor note progression in either of the aforementioned songs. Therefore, you are wrong. This has probably not been said enough to you in life like most idiots; so I repeat. You are wrong. Wrong. Wrong. WRONG.
Gavin Jarrold (5 years ago)
Yeah let me hear your song... The one you wrote... yeah
Gavin Jarrold (5 years ago)
Pretentious and contrived, lol so lunch last week with Wes and the band didn't go well? Were they slightly arrogant toward you? They probably don't have to much respect for idiots like you who know "goodbye horses" as being the silence of the Lambs song. If you don't like them, you can go somewhere else to talk about your fantasies with making a female body suit for yourself.
Gavin Jarrold (5 years ago)
Actually I don't want to know why you are here. I don't want to hear anyone talk about anything except for the place they are from because that is all they really know.
Gavin Jarrold (5 years ago)
How could anyone like you? Oh thats right no one does... Go listen to Drake with your shitty neck tat? why are you even here?
Gavin Jarrold (5 years ago)
"his own generation" and what kind of music would that be? Lil Wayne? Or maybe Silent Majority, yeah they represent that generation don't they? If you think this music is shit then why are you here?
erreur (5 years ago)
the most pretentious and derivative band ever. Sounds like a cross between New Order's "Your Silent Face" and Q Lazarus' "Goodbye Horses," (from the scene in Silence of the Lambs where Buffalo Bill is wearing the outfit made of human skin and he tucks his pecker between his legs for the video camera). This band takes themselves WAY too seriously. It's pretentious and contrived....and it just straight up sucks. WEAK. But hey, they're laughing all the way to the bank, and I'm sitting here with $0.
Embleer Frith (5 years ago)
Goodbye Horses.
Pulse Positions (5 years ago)
this track is straight up hottt
steve mil (5 years ago)
"An artist of his caliber" that couldn't make music that represented his own generation? This is a regurgitation of shit that was done 25 years ago! And as for American nightmare, don't even say they're the vanguards of hardcore they're BS. Look up Silent Majority from Long Island, they only sang about what they knew to people they knew Long Island (Suffolk/Nassau/Queens&Brooklyn). Pretend you discovered them. And don't dress what you listen to, you're conforming to non-conformity.
Rankmoistmeat (5 years ago)
saw them in shanghai, what a passionate singer
Patricio Grassini (5 years ago)
I'm love with the bass player
one4dee (5 years ago)
How could anyone like this?
Nick R (5 years ago)
so he pays to play?
s30e (5 years ago)
this is top five most bizarre songs i've ever heard, just cuz wes both doesn't look angry at all and sounds like joy division instead of like the pissed off voice in my head.
Nahuel Padilla (5 years ago)
Thumbs up if you love American Nightmare/GUTG
Nahuel Padilla (5 years ago)
American Nightmare/GUTG best hardcore band ever
Pilo So-Pilya (5 years ago)
The intro building to 0:16 and then 0:31 is reminiscent of Q Lazzarus' Goodbye Horses.
Art Boonparn (5 years ago)
Chachi, you will be missed. Rest in peace.
ASAP QUARTER BAG (5 years ago)
off the earth, but remembered. rest well Justin.
canuck21 (5 years ago)
Amazing hardcore vocalist is an oxymoron.
canuck21 (5 years ago)
I understand what you mean, but I just want to point out that the tone of New Order's remained the same as Joy Division minus the vocal until their second album. Their early singles, EP and first album sounded very much like Joy Division and Movement could have very well be a Joy Division album.
Miguel (5 years ago)
lol total rip off psyche goodbye horses
Aranman16 (5 years ago)
New Order's music is different than JD's. I realize it's the same band but the tone of their music changed after Ian died.
1972Ventura455ho (5 years ago)
That would be Joy Division.
Sir Lord Richmond (5 years ago)
downrightblack (5 years ago)
Title Fight
cross over (5 years ago)
it sounds like the inspiration to this song i from goodbye horses IMO
bulolugosi (6 years ago)
your silence face of New Order!!!
SeanTucker858 (6 years ago)
Sounds like Chromatics mixed with Crystal Castles. I like.
jesse hegney (6 years ago)
BennyBrilleman (6 years ago)
Nah, there are plenty of other good bands which are keeping the synth sound alive. Kites, Light Asylum, IAMX, Trust, Skeleton Hands, Chvrches, The Presets, Automelodi, Iris, etc....Most people simply don't know about most of these newer bands.
destructingparabola (6 years ago)
Cold Cave is good, but listen to Cut Copy or Miami Horror. Washed Out is great too.
Swaginator3000 (6 years ago)
Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance brought me here I like it
Michael Christian (6 years ago)
False: This was only a few years back when Fall out boy did infinity on high, and they lifted two passages from his book deathbeds. They were sued but settled it out of court, this fact is extremely common to fans of Eisold. Wes was already making plenty money before that even happened.
trentigalaxy (6 years ago)
um, are they english?
Rafael De Souza (6 years ago)
just like new order's "your silent face"...
recreationalraccoon (6 years ago)
yea: goodbye horses is all over this tune.
michaelluna37 (6 years ago)
reminds me of goodbye horses as well
Aranman16 (6 years ago)
New Order, but with Ian's voice. Lovely.

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