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Gynecomastia Grade 1 & Puffy Nipple correction

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Are you embarrassed by puffy nipples. 5 points in treatment that can change your life Many young men are suffering from the condition called Puffy nipples but do not know how to seek solution or how they can improve their life by a simple 30 minute procedure Please subscribe to this channel and you can call us or WhatsApp us on 9811 9944 17 for the details and appointments Five key facts that you should know about Puffy nipple and its management are Your personable situation does not have fat and only needs gland removal This procedure can easily be performed under local anaesthesia There is no need for hospital admission and the patient can go back from the clinic after 30 minutes An invisible scar is put to remove the gland No medical treatment, homoeopathy medicine or exercise can ever improve or treat Puffy nipple #gyno #gynecomatia #malebreast #malebreastsurgery #malebreastreduction #malechest #moobs #manboobs #maleboobs #liposuction #puffynipple #gynecomastiasurgery #malebreastreduction#gynecomastiasurgery#gynecomastia#breastreduction#gynecomastia#fitnessmotivation#boobsfordays#fitness#preworkout#gelimplants#botoxfiller#breastfeeding#beauty#curvesaresexy#malebreastreductionsurgery#manboobs#manbooty#CosmeticSurgery#fillersinjections#silicone#menfitnessmodel#absworkout#Surgery#breastaugmentationnyc#menfitness#malewellness #fitnessmotivation
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Text Comments (13)
Sayantan sur (15 days ago)
I have an athletic body and very low fat but I have puffy nipples. However if I press them they become hard
brothers creation (1 month ago)
Sir mera bhi puffy nipples hogaya ha solution please.....
Kala Anna (4 months ago)
Sir meri boby thodi moti h. Or muje garde 2 h . Mai vajan km kr ke Usko grade 1 nhi bna skta kya
Aise nahi bata sakte . Apni phots bhejiye fir batayenge.. call on 9811994417.
jaydeep pansara (4 months ago)
Sir mera ek aapse sawal he ki gym vaale log achi USA brand ka whey protein lete he to unse body me high testosteron banta he and uski bajah se gymocomastia ho sakta he ? Me protein supplement leta hu and muje aisa laga he ki mera testosteron boost hua he. To muje gynocomastia ho sakta he?
jaydeep pansara,, Mat lijiye .
jaydeep pansara (4 months ago)
@Dr Amit Gupta - Best Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon Ok thanks sir. Toh fir whey protein lena bandh kardu ya fir lena chahiye? Foreign me to mostly sab lete he workout ke baad....
Haanji ho sakta hai.
Sanjay Choudhary (4 months ago)
Agar kise ku puffy nipple hu tu kya woh army join kar skhta hye
Sanjay Choudhary , nahi .
Sanjay Choudhary (4 months ago)
@Kamal Kant ha but mh ki 21 days main fit hu jata hye koi ve student ya fir next Bharti ku kehte hye....
Kamal Kant (4 months ago)
Thik hone ke bad
Kamal Kant (4 months ago)

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