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Man Produces Breast Milk | Embarrassing Bodies | Only Human

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Amir comes to see Dr Christian with a case of gynaecomastia (man boobs) but with the added embarrassment of lactation, which means that he is producing breast milk from his nipples. The condition is uncomfortable and embarrassing, and Dr Christian suspects that a problem with the pituitary gland might be to blame, producing too much prolactin, a milk hormone. Amir heads off to see an endocrinologist for further tests, which confirm that he has a benign tumour on the gland, that should be treatable with hormone treatment. Click here to subscribe to the channel: https://goo.gl/Ro2hdY Produced by Maverick TV.
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Text Comments (1919)
Benjamin Foster (15 hours ago)
*>> Let ḿé guıde ӳőú tő ŕédúćı́ńǵ ӳőúŕ mαn-boobs 🅒🅞🅜🅟🅛🅔🅣🅔🅛🅨 nαturαlч śő ӳőú ẃı́ĺĺ ńévéŕ fééĺ śéĺf-ćőńśćı́őúś αbout ӳőúŕ bodч άǵάı́ń! Ćhéćḱ ı́t out ( GET DEFINED PECS! ) >> **https://tinyurl.com/yx8hx7yg?-6sd9fd6fdsf9df* මගේ බිරිඳට නොකියා මා වෙනුවට අර්ධ රටක් කියමි
Elisa Hoerth (1 day ago)
His milkshake brings all the girls to the yard! And he’s like, they’re better than yours, damn right! It’s better than yours
TerribleTonyShow (1 day ago)
Women breasts aren't allowed on youtube, but male breasts are?
fAt gaMer234 (8 days ago)
Gay asfuchddhxhgxjdjhd
themutantlizard (13 days ago)
He needs a mastectomy
Queen Zari (18 days ago)
It’s sad bc I think women are now useless and I am one. I bet I’m a couple years we find out men can have a baby. I mean yes women carry the eggs and men carry the sperm but still
c0w (20 days ago)
Who else squeezed their nipples after this
Glow With Moon (21 days ago)
Look at the bright side, your baby won't lack milk :")
Anita Tran (23 days ago)
he probraly trans
Ryan Guidry (24 days ago)
It's obvious that he has gynecomastia but was it really necessary for that doctor to touch his tits?
warframedeaths (29 days ago)
Stop drinking milk because milk has estrogens female hormones which then produce man boobs
Ultima Deplete (27 days ago)
This isn't true. The male body produces 6000 times more estrogen on its own than a man would get from drinking milk. The steroids in milk may increase the risk of prostate cancer but the estrogen in the milk is so tiny, it has zero physiological effect. I would be happy to link you to the various studies and articles which have shown this.
I honestly thought when the Dr Leaned over he was gonna start succling
Ainsley Ariss (1 month ago)
shit hes cute
QwakeyQwak (1 month ago)
It’s like a giant pimple
QwakeyQwak (1 month ago)
*Lemme squeeze dem titties!*
The Human Spider (1 month ago)
Why isn’t this censored?
Christian Klemanowicz (1 month ago)
“Cluck, Noice” Lol
Awesome Awesomeness (1 month ago)
Everybody was in the womb with mammary tissue, but in men, the gene for developing the tissue is normally shut off. I don't think it shut off for this guy.
Alex Shuysky (1 month ago)
He'll make lots of money if he's gay lol
Ultima Deplete (27 days ago)
That doesn't make sense. If anything, gay men are less likely to be interested in him because gay men are generally not about them titties.
Mr Mister (1 month ago)
Hopefully this means when the wife has a baby they can take turns lol
Nenis Framed (1 month ago)
What kind of kink is this?
Denny (1 month ago)
Dr is hot!
MARIO97 (1 month ago)
he's pregnant!
Richie Aguilar (2 months ago)
He looked kinda happy when he found out he was lactating like a woman lol
Kayla Taylor (2 months ago)
The question is: How'd he figure out he could produce breast milk?
Wilson (1 day ago)
+Yung Pepe he played with his nipples? Ok
Yung Pepe (15 days ago)
The answer is: Use your common sense.
rp games (24 days ago)
Maybe he had pain in his breasts
Cm B (2 months ago)
Wow the recommended section is getting weird
Sara Anna (2 months ago)
d lp (2 months ago)
Damn.That's a blessing all my homies would have a drink anytime
Ashley Does Gaming (2 months ago)
*When the doctor keeps squishing your boobs*
When u search one syptom
A. Bishop (2 months ago)
He should move into the X-Men mansion. He's a mutant!
10_of _spades (2 months ago)
Girl:I like a guy who's in touch with his feminine side Me:
S.R. SCREAM! (2 months ago)
Salad fingers? You been rubbing nettles on those teats?
Ash Wednesday (2 months ago)
My boyfriend lost over 100 pounds and has chest like this.. He also looks very feminine.... Ill try squeeze his nipples next time I see him... ..he might need to see a doctor .....the only thing is he has a very high sex drive so he might be just fine.
1 UP (2 months ago)
Mate what
Nicole M (2 months ago)
That's awesome he can help breastfeed his children 🤗
Ultima Deplete (27 days ago)
Sadly not lol. The amount of milk produced is so small and of such poor nutritional quality that a baby wouldn't get any benefit from it.
Gacha Girl115 (2 months ago)
Awww he shouldnt feel ashamed everyone is perfect in their own way
Mythical Misty (2 months ago)
*me complaining how I’m flat chested*
Stephanie Sanchez (2 months ago)
It warms my heart to see th is because he realized that he is loved through and through by his wife now looking after him. Just seeing his smile and relief. Hope he is well
Christopher Pérez (2 months ago)
Am I the only one who got turned on like crazy?
Dominic Strawberry (2 months ago)
I'd swallow his breast milk
Gamepro5 (2 months ago)
kill eye (2 months ago)
Now he'll never have shortage of milk😂
moo bees (3 months ago)
gimme those milky man tiddyz! 😻
Ugly Ass (3 months ago)
I cannot.
AlistaCat (3 months ago)
Is it wrong that I want to feel his boobs??
SQUID (3 months ago)
Yup I got on the weird side of youtube
PotatoTomato Lambily (3 months ago)
yall know that the doctor got hard after touching them boobs
Brianna Espinoza (3 months ago)
Well if his wife ever has twins he can feed one.. 😂👌
Plushy Unicorn (3 months ago)
More milk for the babies ig guess🤷‍♀️
Eloisa Duarte (3 months ago)
Wth isn’t this good?? I mean now, he can help his wife breastfeed if they ever have a baby
Ultima Deplete (27 days ago)
He doesn't produce anywhere near enough milk to feed a baby.
Tatted Hoodie (3 months ago)
3:33 this is the cause of his lactating breast 😂
Tuscani J (3 months ago)
“I haven’t even told my wife yet.” *goes on national television*
Danielle Dan (3 months ago)
Is she pregnant. The milk is produced from boobs to feed the baby... that's for sure. 🤔
Fer wallace (3 months ago)
Honey.... Did I have to find out on TV??!!! WTF... it's now ur turn to feed the babies!!!!
Nick Young (3 months ago)
You know you have a good doctor when you go in with an embarrassing problem and they lower their voice so your the only one that can hear them
Aj Azzone (3 months ago)
I’m sorry but I actually gaged in my mouth when I watched this
Period Girl (3 months ago)
Hey if he get a girl preggo he can breastfeed it lol
HYPE NIGGA (3 months ago)
اسأل الله ان يشفيه ولايبلنا
Chris Morales (3 months ago)
Is embarassed about people seeing his boobs lactating. Appears on a youtube video millions will watch. Because, fuck logic!
Jordan Cortes (3 months ago)
I'm sorry but when he secreted that liquid it made me gag 🤮
Mathew Leonard (3 months ago)
why tf did he start like whispering and talking quietly after lol
thegreatWIIMO (3 months ago)
I.... I can’t even.... like....dude wtf
DollyDolls88 (3 months ago)
Xavier XCX (3 months ago)
Plot twist he’s transgender
Amy Erlanger (3 months ago)
No I think he's intersex maybe
Idleglance Insurgent (3 months ago)
His cheeks are red glowing
curtis lawson (3 months ago)
Give me a squert of that in my Tea love That's a good boy 🐮
So um how did I end up here?
foleverto (3 months ago)
He need to buy breast pump to pump his milk...
zoey t (3 months ago)
So you're telling me your wife doesn't notice u milking your jugs everynight ? Lol
zoey t (3 months ago)
Wheres his baby 😡
Jonna Annikki (3 months ago)
Yeah, now I know where the inspiration for the mpreg stories came from :-))
문재인 (3 months ago)
Children in Africa could....
Hasti Khabaziyan (3 months ago)
haha loved it when he said yah i lost my virginity
Jake Ryan (3 months ago)
I wouldn’t mind having this if I could shoot out milk at 60 miles per hour
Fénix (3 months ago)
It's impossible not to put oneself into this guy's shoes. After all we're all human beings, and could go through the same difficulties
Parvez Nadaf (3 months ago)
Nothing wrong in it. Men's milk is more tasty. ❤️😘👍
AmyAwesomeFtw (3 months ago)
I know right it's got a way better taste and so much sweeter than my normal female milk :l
Parvez Nadaf (3 months ago)
Rusty Carlos Valdez milk production glands in both males and females are natural and changes made to it is like decrease in male beauty given by nature. ❤️😘👍
Rusty Carlos Valdez (3 months ago)
Are you talking about ....
Briana Patrick (3 months ago)
Dear god
sweet mass (3 months ago)
God may heal him
Angelica Raz (4 months ago)
Brain Tumor.
Nevaeh Walker (4 months ago)
DAYUMN that’s some white milk
Nevaeh Walker (4 months ago)
DAYUMN that’s some white milk
Pralaya Bodyworks (4 months ago)
Eadie Fuller Xx (4 months ago)
I feel bad for him
Eadie Fuller Xx (4 months ago)
Ah haha 😂
Suntrees (4 months ago)
As i know that man doesn't have milk gland as woman Strange 🤔
jeffery kusi (4 months ago)
Why was the doctor touching it like that...
Horacio Ulloa (4 months ago)
Welp, time to delete my history
Odisha Odisha (4 months ago)
Im always scared of any surgeries inside scull
sam durian (4 months ago)
A big dream of a gay..
bullseeder (4 months ago)
Look at the bright side, free milk, free GOMAD, free gains my man.
soft dreams (4 months ago)
lol squeeze his breats good
The Unecorn (4 months ago)
Damn poor guy
Ravenclaw Wizard (4 months ago)
When a guy has bigger boobs then you😔
Xavier XCX (4 months ago)
How binge watching Shane Dawson conspiracy theory’s, and now I’m here?🧐
VAMPYBITES (4 months ago)
All males start out as females! LOOK IT UP!! WHY ELSE WOULD THEY HAVE TITS!?
ieuanWM (5 months ago)
Has he tasted it xD lmao
Checkmyhart (5 months ago)
I’m sorry, but that’s disgusting
Big Drakko (5 months ago)
Why is it that my name is I'm Amir and I was wondering if this was possible and this is the first video

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