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Tower of Heaven - All 3 Secrets + Full Ending

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Just a video showing where all of the secrets are in Tower of Heaven as well as the ending. I do die twice but over all things went okay. This is one of my favorite flash game and I hope to see more like it. You can play Tower of Heaven at http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/544332 And can listen to and buy the awesome music at http://www.flashygoodness.com
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Gradient Myriadtail (2 years ago)
I think something that people are missing is the ending narrative; "I saw the traveler make his way toward the monolith, that thin gash amidst the clouds; an open seam between heaven and earth that eluded the eye of God. Or perhaps it had not; perhaps it beckoned from one realm to the other, wedded and ruled as one; For look how clean it splits the horizon 'twain, a Tower of Heaven." Another thing that people miss is the fact that the whole aesthetic of the game after the tower crumbles. It goes from a chiptune-fueled monochrome game to something with more orchestrated music, full color, and more complex animation. This game is not about "What is the meaning of life" but rather a metaphor for "Don't let things hold you back", if you truly think about it. A world that lived in fear, bound by arbitrary laws put forth from the tower, and nothing really advances. Once the tower is gone, people start to see the world change and advance in front of their eyes; They see a world in a new light, one not bound by the tower's gaze. They see Progress and Prosperity.
kuby64 (2 years ago)
That ending bit just made me cry.
kuby64 (2 years ago)
One of the saddest games that anybody have ever played. The soundtrack is gorgeous, and it's just beautiful. With a hint of depression. :'(
Eᴄʟɪᴘsᴇ (2 years ago)
I think the rules are all metaphorical; 1. Don't touch golden blocks -Gold is valuable. This rule suggests that you don't seek out wealth as a primary motivator in life. 2. Don't touch blocks from the side -Respect your surroundings, using objects only for their intended purpose, don't "lean" or dwell on other things than yourself. 3. Don't walk left -Since most platformers have right as the 'forward' direction this rule can be interpreted as an advisory against dwelling on the past or past events since you cannot change them. 4. Don't touch a living thing. -This is a literal interpretation of a symbolic statement that tells one to be peaceful and not harm living things. 5. Don't check the rules. -Memorization is important? But also, don't obsess about the rules and enforcing them, as "real" rules should come from your own observations about what is ethical. Other notes: The butterfly is often seen as a symbol of the soul, as the original Greek word for soul meant both soul and butterfly. The editor is called Pillars of Creation, which is also the name of a place in the universe where stars are born. The three-door motif (with the middle door being slightly wider) is common in ancient architecture all over the world, especially in pyramids- it is also featured in the background of The Last Supper painting. On the game start screen, one can see the tower reaching above the clouds and against the backdrop of the moon. Perhaps only the tower's middle section was destroyed. But the main character is implied to have fallen off of it (perhaps they jumped?) either way. The butterfly hid riches within the tower, and is only "content" and wishes that heaven grant you fortune if you collect all of them. So secretly the butterfly wishes either that you collect the riches or render the tower worthless by collecting them. Given that the physical nature of the riches isn't explicitly described, I would think that this implies the real treasure is some form of (probably forbidden) knowledge. Perhaps memories of their life, if you assume the main character is a ghost. The main character might (and probably IS in my opinion) the author of the journal at the end, since the butterfly refers to you as 'traveller', same as the journal. There are 13 butterflies in the secret end. Probably symbolic too.
Rythmic Chaos (1 year ago)
Vᴀɴɢᴜᴀʀᴅ This is longer than most of my essays.
TheSpaceKing12 (2 years ago)
I think this is a metaphor for overcoming the restrictions faith puts upon us. The tower is life. And as life goes on. if one is born into a faith. The rules and restrictions prevent you from living life to the fullest. Climbing the tower, ones own way. I think jumping out of the window was symbolic of the traveler, or simply a child who grew into an adult. Learning to live life away from any kind of a god. Out of the fear of the dark. And when you reach the top. It was symbolic of his eventual death. The traveler reached the top, or the end. It came crumbling down. The butterfly could simply be a reflection of himself. Satisfied in the end by his own answer about to how to life. And we hear later that people still remembered the traveler. He lived on not because of a god. But because of those who loved or cared for him.
Amaan Sattar (1 year ago)
TheSpaceKing12 When you mention the adult part it really interests me. The whole game could just be a symbolism for growing up. 1. When your first born then also only a few years old, you explore the world & there are only the basic rules. Don't touch spikes, don't touch giant spinning buzzsaws, stuff that's basic game knowledge. 2. As you grow up more & more restrictions & expectations are put on you. Also many people find this the hardest point in their life as many people find this the hardest point in the game. At a point it's seen as wrong to even check or learn new rules as the 5th rule implies. 3. When you grow into an adult & you're free. It's hard & strange at first but you get use to it as you sort your life out. It gets easier at a certain point then... 4. No more challenges all the heavy lifting is done & you just need to wait until your time runs out. I feel like the game expresses the points of life in their difficulty not how long they actually are. As the very last part is really short when it would be the same length as when the rules were active.
TARINunit9 (3 years ago)
Is there any bonus to following the laws in the final stage? (not walking left, not touching the sides)
Josh Rabin (3 years ago)
+TARINunit9 Maybe, that's interesting.
Fiona Ei (3 years ago)
what you did with your cursor at the end was really cute aha
kuby64 (2 years ago)
I agree with that. *sniff* :')
TheGamingGatsby (3 years ago)
The game is trying to give us an answer to that age old question "What is the meaning of life." God wonders why the traveler tried to hard to climb and claim the fortunes of the tower despite knowing he will eventually die. The laws symbolize the challenges and hardships of a lifetime. The tower no exception. The traveler's answer satisfied God, which was that the journey itself was well worth the fortunes. God had no need for the tower anymore, so he destroys it. You know the traveler died because god says "May heaven grant you fortune (as well)." God's final gift was sending him to heaven so he could continue to find fortune. The ending is really deep. However, if you want to go deeper... the traveler will be forever remembered as the one who conquered the tower; so long as that crumbled tower remains, it will remind you of him. The dialogue at the end symbolizes that you can live on in someones memory (or journal) long after you are dead; as the traveler will be remember in yours. That is why the travelers shadow is shown with the butterfly at the end.. 
MineBoom (8 days ago)
I'm actually tearing up what the hell
Josefa Rijo (2 months ago)
Woof-o-doom Stan (3 years ago)
You may as well play armed with wings..may remind you of limbo.
Woof-o-doom Stan (3 years ago)
I meant to say that on another video.lol
orikalin (4 years ago)
So many over complicated theories in the comments here. The message is a simple one, and the theme of the game: It's not about what you gain at the end of the journey, so much as it is about the experience from the journey itself.
Cajus Lehmann (3 years ago)
Yes, but imaging your own story is a great thing too, because there are no informations about anything. When everything depends on your ideas, there is just your fantasy.
Terraria Muramasa (4 years ago)
Something tells me this game has a lot more to it that can be played and seen. The tone and feelings put in the music, the game and what it represents...this game has some mysteries that bestow upon it, and I think I know what it is: 1) the game itself: it seems normal to people that a game like this exists, but the way its set up and levels and audio has a bit of an effect on the feeling of the player. It seems like this game has more to it than can be seen, and that interests me a whole lot. 2) the character: he has the color black on him, while everything else is a bit lighter. Something must be urging the main character in this game to climb the tower, but the mystery of it confuses me. 3) the back story: the back story is the most important part of a game_ but it isn't shown nor told to the player and/or audience. This is what I think it is.. The main character (nameless), had a great life. A wife, a son, a house, and a dog. When a war started, everyone was panicked, but it soon ended. God made plans to build the tower but that wasn't the end of what the world had to offer for things living on it, so he waited. There was soon a deadly plague that swept across the world. The main character's family got sick, and he started to worry. Late one night, the whole family, but him, died from the illness. The main character was overcome with grief when he saw the remains of his once living family. God then placed the tower and waited for someone to climb it, hoping to find a cure for their needs. The main character, now in a deep depression, saw the tower and the hopes for his future. He decided to climb the tower. The reason he cannot touch living things is because they are infected with the deadly plague. He fears he might get it and die, so he avoids it. Once he reaches the top of the tower, God cures the main character from the depression he has and revives and cures his family. The tower is then destroyed so no one can climb it, risking their lives, for greed. The main character continues living on, with his family, happy and never in peril again, for God is protecting them... This is what I believe to be the back story of the game. It might be bit grim, but it might be true. I also think it my have come from the bible...
EB (4 years ago)
One of my all time favourite games - just listen to this for the music which is also fantastic. Nice video, and nice timing in speed run there.
RebornVongola1 (4 years ago)
The tower of heaven...I believe that it is all a metaphor. For everything. The tower represented an insurmountable object. The traveler did what he found the most enjoyment doing. Travelling. He climbed and climbed, and the tower's god continued to complicate everything. To the point that he had to "shed his mortal skin" and became unable to touch any living thing. He was reaching for his goal. His dream. He wouldn't let anything stop him. Not even other people. He was so determined to achieve it, he only saw the world in black and white. Such as only jumping on the top of blocks. He believed so strongly, that he reached the top of the insurmountable obstacle, and when it broke, it was just him realizing that as long as he believed in himself, it was never really an obstacle at all.
Spore4006 (5 years ago)
What if the traveler was god?
Spore4006 (5 years ago)
There was a glitch one time when I fell on level 11 Where I landed on the 4 skull block line and was able to jump off of it.
HotenFif (5 years ago)
lol i like how your mouse danced at the end
darkevilazn (5 years ago)
That was beautiful. ∩(︶▽︶)∩
wu1ming9shi (5 years ago)
and when man can defy God means that God isn't almighty.
wu1ming9shi (5 years ago)
i think God took the tower out because it could serve as an example to man that humans can defy God, that they stand above God. that's why he took out the tower, to prevend the leak that would come when the hero would have returned to civilization. With him bringing the message that God CAN be defied by man.
JokeStAr (1 year ago)
wu1ming9shi just making sure you know, you cannot defy God, and he IS almighty, just saying
Hi my Name is Bob (5 years ago)
The story sets right but it needs to be longer than 8 minutes and more story on emotional impact of the traveler. Maybe Tower of Heaven 2?
Mahi Choudhury (1 year ago)
It's been 7 years and we haven't had a remake, 2016 however there was a april fools prank about Tower Of Heaven: Dancing Accession which seemed so real. I hope we will..
Hi my Name is Bob (5 years ago)
Good game but with the music and how the games sets. It seems like a dramatic anime...
Hi my Name is Bob (5 years ago)
I agree with both of what you said. Maybe youtube partners or long time youtubes guys (about a 5 months or more) get like 1000 characters.?
heyj64 (5 years ago)
Such a beautiful game...
daniel valdizan alban (5 years ago)
Jerbens Jarman (5 years ago)
I'll be honest. I wasn't a big fan of this game at all..but I love Love LOVE the music. The music deserves a game that's longer than 8 minutes, IMHO
xKAIIRUx (5 years ago)
Can't reach the ending, watch it on Youtube.
elsurexiste (5 years ago)
I liked the mouse movement at 6:00 . I used to do crap like that! XD
deletedTestimony (6 years ago)
Did anyone notice that at 2:23 when God closes a door, he opens a window?
tuck234 (6 years ago)
Man. This was a very simple game, yet had a very deep story with the music giving such a powerful atmosphere of accomplishment and happiness. JEEZ ALL THE FEELS MAN!!! T__T
JosiahMusic (6 years ago)
Love this game!!! One of my faves!!!
Fuzunga (6 years ago)
This game is so fantastic. One of my all time favorite indie games.
jaypay777 (6 years ago)
I love the music and the screen at the end when you collect all secrets
Roberto Rivera (6 years ago)
Sounds kind of like Actraiser. :D
loszhor (6 years ago)
The music alone makes this game awesome.
OfficialReduxBas5 (6 years ago)
I enjoy reading peoples interpretations, but this is what I believe. It's about overcoming your lives challenges and shaping the life to what you want it to be. The god keeps trying to smite the traveler and halt him from reaching the top of the tower. Eventually, the traveler makes it to the top where god says, "One more prize do I bear upon ye. Thou shalt go this far, but no further." God allowed the traveler to become a god himself, and restored the land. It's about making your life flourish
QuickQuips (6 years ago)
Level 11 seems to have music inspired by VVVVVV.
Reonlasbard (6 years ago)
Additional/different text at the top of the tower. It was totally worth it >_>
Johnh224 (6 years ago)
what was the point on the secret roos again?
pikespendragon67 (6 years ago)
Hmm, that music at the "Fin" screen is very beautiful, but I haven't heard it in the soundtrack before. Is it a remix?
Xi Wang Feng (6 years ago)
That end ;w;!!! That words ;w;!!!... So simple, so beauty TTwTT... (I just played the EXE game, btw)... @PeterGriffin60: oooh :D!!!...
MunchyMeister (6 years ago)
In the last picture/scene where the broken tower is shown with butterflies and a sunset, what is the name of the song there? Well, I know it's Atop the World, but that segment isn't in Atop the World at all, and it's more violin-ey than piano-ey.
MunchyMeister I downloaded a copy of the soundtrack, and it has the fin screen music in it, so you can get that if you want
Pacalakin (6 years ago)
@PrinceSephiroth All I got out it was that God is a dick
Kelohmello (7 years ago)
The music is beautiful in this game. There's not many songs, but what there is just makes my heart skip a beat.
Jamario (7 years ago)
@PrinceSephiroth so the laws are like this golden blocks-greed of money touching sides- defying people walking left- you can't redo the past touching living things- you can affect other living things in negative ways checking rules-sometimes people can forget important things im guessing thats what the laws represent
shinnuXIII (7 years ago)
man, this has more plot depth than most games these days shameful game companies, shameful
AuraSnow (7 years ago)
3:29 So THAT is where the 3rd secret is. I didn't even know that there was a 3RD secret.
Lord Taco XII (7 years ago)
@PsionikMushroom My theory: when god says "thou shalt go this far, but no further" he realy means "you've come this far in life, you won't go any farther" and he breaks his tower and takes the traveler to heaven.

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