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Rick and Morty x Run The Jewels: Oh Mama | Adult Swim

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Directed by Juan Meza-León. From the album Run The Jewels 3. Adult Swim Festival featuring Run The Jewels is coming to Downtown LA on October 6-7. For more information and ticketing options go to http://AdultSwimFestival.com. Rick and Morty Full Episodes: http://asw.im/7Bodxu SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/AdultSwimSubscribe About Rick and Morty: Rick and Morty is Adult Swim's most scientifically accurate animated comedy. Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, it catalogues the bizarre misadventures of a bored scientific genius/drunkard and his socially awkward grandson, Morty. Their exploits tend to have unintended consequences for Morty's dysfunctional family, especially his unfailingly mediocre father, Jerry. Watch Rick and Morty battle everything from interdimensional customs agents to Cronenberg monsters now, only at http://AdultSwim.com. Watch More Rick and Morty: http://bit.ly/RickandMorty About Adult Swim: Adult Swim is your late-night home for animation and live-action comedy. Enjoy some of your favorite shows, including Robot Chicken, Venture Bros., Tim and Eric, Aqua Teen, Childrens Hospital, Delocated, Metalocalypse, Squidbillies, and more. Watch some playlists. Fast forward, rewind, pause. It's all here. And remember to visit http://AdultSwim.com for all your full episode needs. We know you wouldn't forget, but it never hurts to make sure. Connect with Adult Swim Online: Visit Adult Swim WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/ASWebsite Like Adult Swim on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/ASFacebook Follow Adult Swim on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/ASTweet http://instagram.com/adultswim Rick and Morty x Run The Jewels: Oh Mama | Adult Swim http://www.youtube.com/user/adultswim
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Text Comments (22768)
luke gaming (2 hours ago)
the best animation of rick and morty
MadLad (5 hours ago)
Morty is not scared for once
VovKa能 (12 hours ago)
Шо произнести, ПИЗДАТО
Natalya Watson (15 hours ago)
Legend has it that inside that case was the last Mulan Szechwan teriyaki McNugget Dip.
Acrocent (15 hours ago)
Is this evil Marty doing this
TYR_sk1 (16 hours ago)
Morty.... It’s THE SAUCE
ФСБ Россия (17 hours ago)
Полное говно
Ink Spider-Man (17 hours ago)
M.i.b Morty in black
Chris Gari (19 hours ago)
I wonder what's in the briefcase
mrs alisa (19 hours ago)
I'm crying😭 💚
Batyrhan Rysbekov (20 hours ago)
Как же это а#уительно
Che333 Gar (1 day ago)
This show have cured my Schizophrenia. Richest Rick must be the Jesus of Science. Since, ya know. Science is a bitch sometimes. 😭
У Рика был бластер и 9 зарядный плазменный пистолет а вестрелел где-то 18
Axel Blengini (1 day ago)
Soy el único que interpreta que ese es el Morty Malvado cuando vivía sus aventuras con nuestro Rick C137? Antes de que pasara lo que sea que los separó.
E Grant (1 day ago)
Its saswan chickin sause that he got he ha
VanisherPLAYZ YT (1 day ago)
summer is a ass
Костя Горб (1 day ago)
Hasan Metin (1 day ago)
where is season 4
My Zorgo (1 day ago)
Nice song lol gg
that one guy yanaka (1 day ago)
Guzzu__ 💕💕
Lorenzo Almanzar (2 days ago)
Raw how did i just see this
Gonzalo Sanchez (2 days ago)
Scp 173 the monster
Flame Striker (2 days ago)
rap trash as fuck
Honey Badger (2 days ago)
Y there 2 Mortys
TheDisabledCube (2 days ago)
TSA Mario (2 days ago)
thats shzezwan sauce
PeeDoubleu ! (2 days ago)
There is some Szechuan sauce in this case for sure
Hobbes Goblin (3 days ago)
Literally brought by ok ko
Max Langerud (3 days ago)
Not our Rick. “If we can torture our enemies but we can’t jack them off, then how are we better than them??”
_Mimikyu_GamingYT_ (3 days ago)
Nobody: Rick and Morty being cool: 0:00
der Gamer Josh (3 days ago)
You pay the fucking Briefmarke
Alex TV (3 days ago)
Это вы сделали игру (извините за то что написал на российском языке я попросту британский стиль не знаю).
Mitleid Gamer (3 days ago)
JB-007 Rick
Rattle Snake Jake (3 days ago)
:season 999 bosss
Powardise (4 days ago)
So we're like men in black?
Franco Estrada (4 days ago)
Pienso que lo de la salsa. Es algo mas que eso no lo creen
gamer goat (4 days ago)
It has to be the recipe for seshwan sauce
Nathaly A.F. (4 days ago)
ʜᴏᴊɪᴄʜᴀ (4 days ago)
I just nutted
רון יהושפט (4 days ago)
Title should've been: *watch this while high*
c m (4 days ago)
Para cuando la temporada 4 en 2968?
dr.connor (4 days ago)
what is in the box!!!!!
WIS3ST OPPON3NT (5 days ago)
Family guy and Rick and Morty cross over please. I want to see Rick vs Stewie.
DeathCJ (5 days ago)
PABLO IMUCHAC (5 days ago)
Es bellísimo.
troll gamersplay (5 days ago)
Harry The Gamer (5 days ago)
I thought when they were in the garage beth was going to come in and say “what the *beep*”
Тоже ищете российский коммент
mdc4runner (6 days ago)
“Run the Jewels, run with the Borg, baby, assimilate” Fucking awesome!
Seán Mooney (6 days ago)
Season 4???
T Nolen (6 days ago)
Smooth ASF
Léo DEBRAY (6 days ago)
Men In Rick
giraffe boy (6 days ago)
Brief case =iPad rick=mom 1:00
Evilmortyink c-137 (6 days ago)
Rick and Evil morty
ElliotLindley (6 days ago)
what if this morty is evil morty, and the video was rick and evil mortys adventures before rick abandoned him
filipe ng (7 days ago)
nice animation keep it on
aleks Morales (7 days ago)
Spam: https://youtu.be/O5ax0wNZMDQ
Default 67 (7 days ago)
MIB reference
NSGrendel (7 days ago)
Not one top comment mentioning Pulp Fiction. I can see everyone fucking got the point of the whole video. No wonder Rick and Morty fanbois are considered retarded. "Hey, wow! I can be abusive and exceed social norms!" Not one fucker asks why.
Noa Animations (7 days ago)
3:33 That's an alien dick!
Estrella Quian islas (7 days ago)
Estrella Quian islas (7 days ago)
Sony Nguyen (7 days ago)
I hope this is another version of rick & morty the main rick & morty get to meet in season 4.
Simon Tide (7 days ago)
That TB 303 sounds like shit.
Cookie (7 days ago)
In the suitecase there is a piece of paper that holds the link to everyone needs Despacito3.com
PUBG cyka (7 days ago)
Скиньте музыку пж
xX _OwlO_ Xx (7 days ago)
0:57 that sunglass shine is just...
xX _OwlO_ Xx (7 days ago)
Can season 4 just be this art style PLEASE >.<
Mikyle yakub (7 days ago)
the end was a reference 2 pulp fiction
Loli4lyf (8 days ago)
Run the JEWels
Man-Colman (8 days ago)
Volex Vagen (8 days ago)
Amigo i dont have time to wait for season 4 why dont you make season 4 instead ? U got the talent
Mohammed elzanaty (8 days ago)
I bet that brief case contained sechuan sauce jar
Mikael G (8 days ago)
The 9,6 TN bitches.. I bet ya'll using that thumb to OBEY your as holes.
The SlowPoke (8 days ago)
может быть это был СЫЧУАНЬСКИЙ СОУС
Joe&Joe by Joe (8 days ago)
that shootout effects at the end was so beautifully animated
epiccomeback p (8 days ago)
2 guys in a suit killing aliens?? Seems familiar.....
Luis Eduardo (8 days ago)
isso vou basiado no evil morty
lucas hoffman (9 days ago)
We all know what’s in the case... It’s Darnell Simmons soul
sweet maya (9 days ago)
Like si hablas español :b y te gusta rick y morty🙋👍💙💚
Dozz40 (9 days ago)
че это за хрень?
Damian K (9 days ago)
1:53 Oh geez... I gotta get a poster like that
I'm getting some Cowboy Bepop vibes...
Celine Gerlach (9 days ago)
holy shit that animation is so good?????
Mr 5th Dimension (9 days ago)
Wow this was made for me specifically i think
VaLerGon (9 days ago)
Блять это круто
Anton Gulliver (9 days ago)
Musice - shit :(
Joshua Anderson (10 days ago)
Wait I know what in the briefcase Thanos Infinity Gauntlet and the Avengers endgame
Joshua Anderson (10 days ago)
No one knows but it's obvious that its Szechuan sauce inside the briefcase
Yahya Riad (20 hours ago)
+Hmm i ate that szechuan Sauce yesterday in a Chinese restaurant. It was so yummy and a bit hot. I unterstand rick
Hmm (20 hours ago)
That is exactly what I thought!
Yahya Riad (2 days ago)
Ma man 🔥
TuRIk MamEdov (10 days ago)
Ля какой
Larkin Hancock (10 days ago)
When Back to the Future meets Pulp Fiction
El dios Clorox (10 days ago)
evil morty xd?
Rick Gilbert (10 days ago)
The only thing I don't agree with is the song..rick and morty is epic this half ass rap song is kuk wtf is this bullshit
wong辰烁 (10 days ago)
SHAKEYjakey (11 days ago)
This has more views than the oroginal song
lemeilleur92 (11 days ago)
Ok so.. It's just a rap video with rick and morty in it?? Dissapointted...
Charles g.phiri (11 days ago)
Buttface (11 days ago)
What was in the suitcase

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