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Collections in Oracle PLSQL

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Complete Oracle PL/SQL Tutorial for Beginners Playlist here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLI5t0u6ye3FE_9SZcS0cQZDU2qn0uB1Oi ************************************************** Composite DataType - Collections in Oracle PL SQL 1. Difference Between Records and Collections 2. Types of Collections in Oracle 3. VARRAYS 4. Nested Table 3. Associative Arrays / Index BY Tables 4. Multi Dimensional Arrays Using Collections and Records
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Sushmita Priya (8 days ago)
This is what I was searching since last 2-3 days. Thanks for sharing your knowledge !!
RAM PRASAD (18 days ago)
Very Good Explanation.Please Upload the Videos for Bulk collect and ref cursors
Shinu Raju (1 month ago)
Thank you so much bro, you really saved my day . .
satya sourav sahoo (3 months ago)
Very Good Explanation,Upload a Video Of regular expression
Vasanth (4 months ago)
Super explanation, thanks sir
bengtig77 (5 months ago)
what if you want to fetch 100 records using nested tables?
Krishna Paneri (6 months ago)
Sudhir Bhajnawale (8 months ago)
Hi, Thanks a lot sir, well explained .
krishna d (1 year ago)
Hi, very good explanation. Can you provide example for Associative arrays as well and also could you explain when to use them, I mean among 3 collections when to use when.

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