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Alessandra Ambrosio: Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2000- 2011

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Angel Alessandra Ambrosio Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2000- 2011 © CBS + Victoria's Secret i own nothing. all for entertainment rights.
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Text Comments (21)
LETICIA MARQUES (2 months ago)
this show is spetacular
Oroborus (2 years ago)
What a ridiculous spectacle. It's just your local strip joint on Titanic sized steroids.
bethany digwood (2 years ago)
5:34 - 6:00 my all time favourite Alessandra look!!
Lucas Reis (2 years ago)
1:03 perfect!
cogito994 _ (2 years ago)
Her walk is really good but wtf is the pose in 4:46-4:49 ?? 😄
Jose C ferro (3 years ago)
É uma modelo linda rosto lévement alomgado com anatomia linda olhos amendoados verdes claros lindos sobrancelhas com comtornos lindos nariz afilado lindo labios com comtornos lindos arcariadentaria perfeita linda sorriso lindo corpó esguio com curvas definidas e armoniósas lindas bustos com volume e anatomia linda abdômen com caimento lindo quadril com volume lindo coxas torneadas lindas panturrilhas com elevação lindas modelo BÉLISSIMA
Renan Augusto Leite (3 years ago)
A melhor de todas alguem faz um videio dela até 2014..
Manushaqe Cypi (3 years ago)
She used to be so angelic. Can't understand what happened to her soft face shape. It's far more sharp right now. But I still love her. Beauty remains beautiful.
MorganaEly (2 years ago)
+Manushaqe Cypi Surgery maybe. Now her face looks like a skull.
Renzo Rivera (3 years ago)
Its because she has lost some weight. She is ona of the most beautiful model though
trinity gordon (3 years ago)
I love Alessandra. The 2010 one when she was 4 months pregnant was one of the best ones she had to start the show off.
Christiana Giwa (2 years ago)
No it was 2011
SuperHaileyxoxo (4 years ago)
Song in the end?
Elisa Pucci (4 years ago)
Secrets - One Republic
SuperHaileyxoxo (4 years ago)
Song in the end?
Minh Nguyen (5 years ago)
Look like maria ozawa :))))))
dhanishta (5 years ago)
I swear she got hotter after she had kids!
perfectdiamond32 (5 years ago)
Only 1 fantasy bra at the end of her hype she' s far from being the best.
ROBERTIKO22 (5 years ago)
Sam Smith (6 years ago)
whats the song called at 0:48? thanks
alexjogahuntergrecia (6 years ago)
she is the best

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