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Neuro Noise Bass Sound Design Tutorial

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Text Comments (24)
Dave Gee (3 hours ago)
mEDIK (5 days ago)
nice tip. will use it
Karim Wohler (5 days ago)
Id love a vid on the FM8 bass patch plz
MUSEBANG (6 days ago)
Can you please do a video on that FM8 patch? It sounds interesting. Also it would be great if you could tell us how to recreate the sound in serum as I don't have FM8
All About The Flow (6 days ago)
Yes please! The other bass sound is dope! A tut on it would be amazing.
monkeysRsweet (6 days ago)
Comment for Patch PLZ
itspodin (6 days ago)
More halftime DnB please, loved your recent livestream!
Koah (6 days ago)
Would love a video on FM8!
Nano Surge (6 days ago)
Yes guys, lets be unoriginal and copy this guy completely and learn jack shit as this guy don't explain jack shit. My best advice is to read books! <3 dance music manual by rik snowman prob only book you'll ever need.
Jim Shannon on Sounds (6 days ago)
This was really good. Looking forward to the live stream
Jimme (6 days ago)
Nice one man. I’d been keen to see some fm8 tutorials. And that patch ;). Got fm8 but I just seem to use serum religiously so need to try something else.
Karmin Scales (6 days ago)
Yeah man, do some FM8
Zak Shado (6 days ago)
Shitty jump up producers are creaming there pants so they can copy this right now
Colox (6 days ago)
great tutorial my guyyyyy
Hi Five (6 days ago)
Please continue with those short and on point serum tuts. Very useful, keep it up!
TOD (6 days ago)
Hi ARTFX. Cool bass))
6:50 we all know about weed decriminalisation in Netherlands, don't worry😎🎄
ARTFX (6 days ago)
sssssshhhhh... 😙
oh btw you explain complicated sound psyx things to easily, can you also make it for the fm8, good tricks and tips stuff, ty <3
Artem Molodtsov (6 days ago)
Great video man ! Keep up the great work <3 Personally I'd like a video covering some creative patches in FM8 Or just more FM8 stuff in general^ / & for your Stream I feel like you should (from time to time) try out some techno/house (maybe more subgenre diving) stuff from time to time just to cover a wider range of audience & activity^ Cheers
JuleeP01 (6 days ago)
agree more fm8 and bass riff stuff
Flayxz (6 days ago)
Nice bass, thanks for showing us. btw 100hz is a G, just like the key you're playing. :)
ARTFX (6 days ago)
I know haha
MONSTER DUB CLUB (6 days ago)

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