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Spirit Halloween 2018 Store Tour

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www.monstertutorials.com - Finally made it to Sprit, here's a highlight of their 2018 Halloween merchandise. What's you favorite thing? Consider visiting my Patreon! http://www.monstertutorials.com/patreon LIKE - COMMENT - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE NEW! MERCHANDISE SHOP: http://www.monstertutorials.com/shop Hang out with us: http://www.facebook.com/monstertutorialshq Follow me on IG: http://www.instagram.com/monstertutorials Mail address: Monster Tutorials 1779 Kirby Pkwy Ste#1-350 Memphis, TN 38138 Twitter: @talbertmonsters Snapchat: @monstertutorial Some of the links in the Monster Tutorials website, email and video channel are affiliate links. What does that mean? If you click on any of these links, and end up buying from the link we get a small commission. This is at no additional cost to you, but it helps us keep the lights on and continue to provide awesome and valuable content at no charge to you! Thanks for your support! My pledge is I will only link to valuable stuff that I actually use. I also research the products to make sure you get the best deal so that you can successfully complete your projects! #halloween #spirit
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Text Comments (78)
80Pally (1 day ago)
Spent a bit of money in Spirit today!!! Thanks for the tour of your local store! My favorite thing is the big Jack and Sally figures, and the light up Michael Myers door mask thingy! ❤️
ynnej001 (2 days ago)
I'm in love with the spirt store displays, the wood look, the water tower etc. All the stuff they throw away when the store closes.
angry green day fan (7 days ago)
I love the jack and Sally and Michael myers and the awesome masks great video
0:56 cringetober
Dovah Chicken (9 days ago)
Joseph seed
Dovah Chicken (9 days ago)
The father!
Quinn Ramer (9 days ago)
2:28 girls from The Shining
Quinn Ramer (9 days ago)
The Toy R Us building was turned into the Spirit Halloween building (just if you didn't know 😐)
Jessica ThunderHeart (10 days ago)
I love everything the animatronics are my most favorite things there so fun I'm going today to see the one near me so fun day looking at all the fun spoopy Halloween stuff!!!
paul rice (10 days ago)
I got that same knights helmet. I used it for a robotics competition. It was medieval theme
Oh, my! Soooo many choices! I love gargoyles and would love to see life sized or porch sized ones. The twin girls were really eerie. Babies not much my style but truly horrifying! The neat thing I get from all of this is inspiration and motivation to try something different. As for instance, the startling effect of something suddenly moving or being where we least expect it. The scarecrow creature with the pumpkin head was also a favorite. It would startle the heck out of the neighborhood kids but is surely a great attention getter! THANKS FOR ANOTHER GREAT TOUR❣️👍
Bettie Bluebelle (11 days ago)
Omg, I literally want everything, wish we had this store in the UK x
SINISTER SPAWN (11 days ago)
Love your videos! PROP MOB! For life!
Phoebe (11 days ago)
Very cool things... My Favourite item was Slimmer from GhostBusters. =)
laura drust (12 days ago)
loved the little girl on the rocking horse........ how much was she?
Antlynda (12 days ago)
Wow! Iiked the clown bust. Wonder if they ship to UK?
Treasure Crafting (12 days ago)
I have the creepy Jester on the swing along with some other decorations. I would love to get the twin girls.
Nelson Strickland (12 days ago)
I love the clowns !!!....also the scarecrow/hat combo.....awesome !!
HNX Media (12 days ago)
Man, the one near me did not have the severed alien head. I would have bought that in a heartbeat. Spirit Halloween is one of the better "pop-up" halloween stores these days. Nice tour.
TankersleyFX (13 days ago)
Looks cooler than the one we have here in Mobile, AL. Got to get me one of those Jason mask ice cube trays!
redheadvamp (13 days ago)
Loved the music. Favorite were the pumpkins with the giant candles on top and the freaky babies. Thanks for the tour.
PRESS A 2 START (13 days ago)
Who else is watching because they cant go to the Halloween store yet
John ghoul (13 days ago)
The hanging phantom ghost look like that could be neat. Slimmer was pretty awesome
Becca Majollo (13 days ago)
I really liked the jack o lantern scarecrow. Awesome store.
Sonja Hooper (13 days ago)
Doll Babies with the Teeth
WhimOfTheEmporer (13 days ago)
The guy at 3:47 reminds me of Ivan Klimatovich. He would make a nice accessory to a Hellboy costume.
Alex Price (13 days ago)
i acquired a chainsaw sword and modded it to resemble the Warhammer 40k chainsword
Antonina MacNeish (13 days ago)
You look like a character in a Velaquez painting.
Daniela Christen (13 days ago)
There are so many cool stuffs, I like the witch with the shining eyes, skeleton candles, the big mike figure and lights, and so on.. awww can someone spend me a lot of money to buy this and more???🙈🤣
The Rookie cop (13 days ago)
My fave this year is Micheal Myers and caccon courpse. I was gonna go back today to get the caccoon courpse but its sold out!
Krischen Allen (13 days ago)
To much to choose from so 1 store Please :-) Thank You for Sharing!!
ShirleyTHEFAM (13 days ago)
I think my favorite props have to be the two twin girl ghosts or whatever they were they look so cool and that would be something I would have to display year round.
Foot Lettuce (13 days ago)
Aw man, the US gets the best Halloween stuff! :(
John Hughes (13 days ago)
Love everything they have, but with the closest one to me being over an hour away, I almost never get to one...
† ScaƦecrøW † (13 days ago)
Lots of love for scarecrows this year.
Jennifer Cross (13 days ago)
That's Slimer is totally cool!!!
Vicki Paczesny (13 days ago)
My favorite was the scary babies, There's just something spooky about the thought of a zombie baby coming after you..... ugh!!! Lol! Thanks for the video, always entertaining!!
M K (13 days ago)
When your brothers halloween costume is a Fortnight skin.... WRONG!
Miranda Noble (14 days ago)
Hey man, I abousley love that place & all Halloween stuff. I mean all of the Halloween stuff. I'm a Halloween freak, I can't help it cuz I love it. Thanks for your videos. I love em. See ya, peace out.
Ronda Herriott (14 days ago)
The ouija collection!!! 😍
Yvette D (14 days ago)
I liked the demon babies😱
Jeriann Roberts (14 days ago)
I went two days ago. My favorite is the girl ghost on a swing. The giant spider that jumps is also cool. Blessings
Chris Atkins (14 days ago)
Man Australia sucks haha we get big w with a couple of displays n thats it
Sorceressofstars (14 days ago)
Wow yours is stocked!! Mine is so empty it’s weird! I think mine has to big of a space they can’t fill! But products are lacking. The manager said they are getting trucks daily though!
sidney armstrong (13 days ago)
@Sorceeressofstars, our stores too. The selection is really light left me feeling a little worried about the upcoming Holiday :/
Katherine Kammerer (14 days ago)
My favorite thing was the witch with the glowing eyes.
Mike Smith (14 days ago)
missed ya bro. I've been getting off work too late to go by there. I used to go broke there.
Karyn B (14 days ago)
today I liked the dark-side babies, Oooh
Vanessa Reyes (14 days ago)
The babies are so creepy!!!
Edie Bluntzer (14 days ago)
the zombie babies!! then the life sized Sally
Aggie Chrismer (14 days ago)
Love shopping with you. My husband and I went there yesterday, I just live the creepy dolls etc. They would go very nicely in my year round home display.
mia pia (14 days ago)
I loved it all!!! I haven't made it to a store yet and that was the best tour ever.... you're the best 👍🎃
Shell Smith (14 days ago)
Slimmer is my fav and always Nightmare before Christmas
miss chievous (14 days ago)
the one i liked the most was this massive scarecrow animatronic that was i think sitting or leaning over, he's around 9 feet i think? i saw it once and it was a few weeks ago, it wasn't in your video though, but the spirit Halloween here has it, it's just not moving or it's probably broke. was hoping to see it in this video but i guess they don't have it. some of stuff i saw from this video, we don't have it as well. awesome video man, thanks!
Michael Carvahaunter (11 days ago)
Nightmare Harvester? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c45Bp50Gyww
Cheryl Kastas (14 days ago)
I like all the Ouija board stuff they had. I am hoping that my store has the same stuff.
Ronda Herriott (14 days ago)
Cheryl Kastas Me too! 😍
T Can (14 days ago)
Too many to mention. Some of the props I kept thinking, uhm what could we do to it to make it better. I’m sure there were a few you would like to get your hands on and tweak up a bit
vids by lee by Lee (14 days ago)
I love u
Rock My veins (14 days ago)
The name of the music? please and, good video. I liked everything :)
Bbymks5 (14 days ago)
One of our favorite stores!! Our girls would love if we had one of everything LOL
L.S. Braham (14 days ago)
Thanks for taking us w/ you! I really enjoy these.
Tim Raley (14 days ago)
So similar to the Halloween express store that I have here .two thumbs up 👍👍👻
Crystal (14 days ago)
The Spriti Halloween here if you have you're phine out looking like your taking pictures they ask you to leave. There's posts all over about no pictures or videos.
redgreen09 (14 days ago)
like the volcher me had real thing see vid eating thing in my back yard got get out this week
Vanessa 45 (14 days ago)
Yours had more animatronics than ours. I want the vulture
Gloria Lloyd (14 days ago)
I was just in the the spirit store here in San Diego about an hour ago, all the displays were exactly the same. I really liked the Micheal Myers display. He always creeps me out. There sure is a lot of freaky clowns this year.
Selina Dudley (14 days ago)
I love Spirit! We have a Halloween City too, but Spirit always has a lot more. I liked the scarecrow guy and the pumpkin and skull "candles".
xXKASsNiPeSXx (14 days ago)
Love spirit but i still like the dollar store better, and speaking of the dollar store, do you think you could make a cool creepy mask from the ninja masks from there?
Jenni Gutierre (14 days ago)
Love it! What’s the name of the second song?:)
Christine Bennett (14 days ago)
I would love to decorate my house up like I use to but I have a 6 year old nephew who is terrified of all the Halloween props, he doesn't go and see Santa at Christmas either for the same reason. You see he lives with his mum, dad and 2 brothers ( 1 is 9 years older and the other is two years younger) across the road from my house. He will not leave his house to go to school if I was to decorate my house he is that terrified.
dean lanzi (14 days ago)
love the girl on the horse but i would scary her up a bit
Travis Thornton (14 days ago)
I love Michael Myers stuff but it’s hard to find stuff around here and they had some string lights there! Awesome
batboy62's channel (14 days ago)
nice work on the video! :D
Ed Reese (14 days ago)
Another great video the giant baby it would be pretty neat in the display
Keith Runick (14 days ago)
I bought the Jason jersey, it's awesome! I went in for more big gargoyles but they didn't have them, now I'm sad.
Keith Runick (13 days ago)
+Tyrel Harasymczuk the jersey is awesome. It was 28$ with a 20% coupon, normally 39.99. It's great quality though.
Tyrel Harasymczuk (14 days ago)
How is it?and what did it cost? It immediately caught my eye and I need it.

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