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Are Women Turned On by Men's Nipples?!!

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Text Comments (27)
frkhenriksen (4 years ago)
My ex boyfriend did not like me to touch his nipples and bc it was forbidden I Really wanted to play with them... but was only bc it was forbidden.   But you know, some women have weird ideas for what is sexy.. Like my exboyfriend he had some very sexy underarms :) hehe 
Nadia Molina (4 years ago)
Guy nips are very hot!
MyFluffypenguin (4 years ago)
Nope. Not at all. I don't pay attention to that kind of thing.
pumpkinjoe1313 (4 years ago)
I ain't unsubscribing from shit!
Aarron Casson (4 years ago)
wait Tyrone broke up with Sarah ???
pumpkinjoe1313 (4 years ago)
Wait....Sara is single???
Contantina46 (4 years ago)
Nipples would be the last thing that i am thinking about lol
Rafidhi Can (2 days ago)
@Amit Patil you spoke my mind
Amit Patil (1 month ago)
Then don't expect man to spend time on yours. You women ignore man's body but expect man to touch every inch of your body. So who is selfish in bed men or women?
zouk61 (4 years ago)
Yes I love men's nipples, I also lovr staring at the front of their wet shorts when they're at beach or pool. Lol sue me.
Clorox Bleach (4 years ago)
I always knew it lmfao
Maybe if you have man boobs it would not be attractive
avantgarde (4 years ago)
react to Silent Hills - TGS 2014 Trailer (PS4) (HD)
socialite121 (4 years ago)
what do you mean when you WERE with her?!   you and Sarah broke up?? :o
UnexpectedWonder (4 years ago)
@socialite121 De nada. No problemo.
socialite121 (4 years ago)
ok thanks
UnexpectedWonder (4 years ago)
@socialite121 "We Are No Longer Together" Video from about a Month ago.
socialite121 (4 years ago)
@UnexpectedWonder what's the video's name? Link?
UnexpectedWonder (4 years ago)
Yes, Magnus announced this in a former Video.
Jfit1022 (4 years ago)
Eurostar 07 (4 years ago)
I had women stare at my nipples, they didnt give off a look of disgust though so i guess im alright. lol Not sure if they were staring at the nipples specifically or my chest because i work out too and i have a large muscular chest. But i had numerous women just STARE, and a few just failed to listen to what i was telling her which honestly i think is very rude.
Merceadez (4 years ago)
Yes.... But the look of the nipples tie in with the mans chest in general for me. Just nipples alone do nothing for me. I don't like it when you can see a mans nipple through his shirt .... Its just distasteful somehow. But shirtless works for me. Weird I guess. 
irv gentry (4 years ago)
sophia (4 years ago)
nope! but they cant look weird.
Michaela Šimšajová (4 years ago)
they dont turn me on :D
Antigoni Georgiou (4 years ago)
i love nipples :)

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