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Google I/O 2018 keynote in 14 minutes

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The Google I/O 2018 keynote had a bunch of major announcements about Android P, Google Assistant, and more. Here's the most important news to know. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/G5RXGs Check out our full video catalog: https://goo.gl/lfcGfq Visit our playlists: https://goo.gl/94XbKx Like The Verge on Facebook: https://goo.gl/2P1aGc Follow on Twitter: https://goo.gl/XTWX61 Follow on Instagram: https://goo.gl/7ZeLvX Read More: http://www.theverge.com
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Text Comments (2941)
manalu1640 (11 days ago)
涛哥 (1 month ago)
very excited but it seems not available for public until today
Monika Mann (2 months ago)
The smart compose feature is so cool. I love how it does so much writing done for me,
Now Or Never (2 months ago)
HODA DAVID (2 months ago)
hi who is the man at the front part of the video? thx
Parimala .r (2 months ago)
Tommorow Io 2019
Mr. Signature (2 months ago)
I'm using android Pie and when I scan any document it doesn't convert into .pdf automatically
Mobile Care (3 months ago)
nice man
Sunny Kumar (3 months ago)
New Voice (3 months ago)
Google leading the world
Gilberto Golino (4 months ago)
The most important thing is, did you see the size of that woman's foot?
Torsten Diesel (4 months ago)
Everything in this is amazing (and when the google assistant was literally responding to the call it made my jaw drop) but the self driving car part is kind of scary, as it could destroy that industry, which is the current problem with new robotics: at what point do we become replaced? at what point are humans just outdated technology?
MM REDDY (5 months ago)
Worst operating mobile system. no user privacy.
thu thanh (5 months ago)
manekson manek (5 months ago)
Zero speed sensor switch
sui gip (5 months ago)
Archie Garcia (5 months ago)
10:05 do you know da waee
AmbSwizag (5 months ago)
Adaptive battery.. What a friggin joke. One thing Google is WELL known for is talking mad shot about improved battery, NOT ONE SINGLE GOOGLE UPDATE 'IMPROVED' BATTERY LIFE in any of their products in the last 4.5 years; Not 1..
蛋非 (5 months ago)
Now we just have to wait until google is fully run by AI
Akash Singh (5 months ago)
A.I. is starting their job and now able to interfere in our daily life. How can we say that we are secure. ANS...By understanding it very well ? I think it is not right
Tube Light (5 months ago)
Hi friend , impressed
Pankil Shah (5 months ago)
Is this all only on Google phone or on all android?
marco ubidia (6 months ago)
se se seee google eres el dueño del mundo
suman blackeye (6 months ago)
The future is exciting
Mohamed Irshad (6 months ago)
Going to be 2019 still most of these functions still imagine
Soham Kale (7 months ago)
Tamilan+indian+humble+loyalty+teland=Mr Sundar pichai & proud to say that, he is from Madurai/ Tamil Nadu/ india
laoup26 (7 months ago)
Rom De Leon (7 months ago)
In short, goodbye privacy!
amazing sanatan (7 months ago)
Calling features can't work in my Google assistant sum one help me
they should let audience ask questions rather than run the program on pretrained questions
ClaRk kent (7 months ago)
Skynet is google wicked is good
Naveen Kumar (7 months ago)
Need one hour once alarm to avoid timepass
Jebas Raja (7 months ago)
Ayush Agarwal (7 months ago)
14 min and 13:59 are different... Respect every second....XD
JogAlong (7 months ago)
LifeInvader This is exactly why I have a custom ROM with no Google bullshit.
Pavan Kumar (7 months ago)
Just Skynet things
Jeff Bezos (7 months ago)
google is the biggest threat to humanity.
TheData Scientist (5 months ago)
Nitin Singh (7 months ago)
Good initiative!!!! But aren't you making more lazy to people??
Sathish Kumar (7 months ago)
Awesome ...
Vaibhav Pawar (8 months ago)
Camera features,👌👍👍
Sandra Decker (8 months ago)
How do we change her name? Google Assistant is no good.
SAHIL KASHYAP (8 months ago)
Good job👍👍👍
#YouInc.dex (8 months ago)
มันรู้ยัง หน้าเวที มีคนดู
#YouInc.dex (8 months ago)
Show me what do you think?
#YouInc.dex (8 months ago)
How about you ?
#YouInc.dex (8 months ago)
ุุ้้ถ้ามันค้นข้อมูลเป็นนะ555 ลารีืเพจกล่าวไว้
#YouInc.dex (8 months ago)
Ai is who are make word support us . Rate us. Contact us . Yes that is ai
Psychiatrysts (8 months ago)
Why bother with people at all.
Apple China (9 months ago)
Google I/O is boring
Jo Nathan (9 months ago)
*L E S S A*
βΓΞΠT/ (9 months ago)
google:become human
Pitte Pitto (9 months ago)
Bunlar neden dilenci gibi giyinirler ki?
D. A. (9 months ago)
Why is Google so creepy now
Clairie W (9 months ago)
These are brilliant. I just hope they make something with this genius on the inside and something like apple device on the outside appearance. Because android phones looks so ugly and cheap even if they'd be far better than ios inside.ios have luxury design and beautiful icons emojis and everything.if they can do something like this for their phones, i would even sell my soul to have it.
Jeroen van der Velden (9 months ago)
Hey Google, fix YouTube’s recommend algorithm first
Doomthinkingman (9 months ago)
Can I turn off continued conversation? And DAFUQ why is this phone calling for me?!
Ricardo de Benavente (9 months ago)
At the end all of this helps people to interact with technology and make life better ...
davedaveii (9 months ago)
I don't know how Google did it, but my headphone jack broke while I was watching this. 👀
davedaveii (9 months ago)
Ha! Restarting my Pixel fixed it! In your face Google!
Akash Kumar (9 months ago)
Its look like magic show
Fox Times (9 months ago)
Loya Aheibam (9 months ago)
UZFILM RU (9 months ago)
imagine gamer (9 months ago)
9:45 you not say name this website 😒😒😒😒😒😞
So Amazing aal website bahut bahut thanks sir 😵😵😵😵
Second is good
Pankaj Singh (9 months ago)
Twinbee 1988 (9 months ago)
Google is basically becoming Skynet now
Fun Only (9 months ago)
About 25% or half things mentioned have been available for years. BUT FEAR!! THE COMPLETE CONVERSATION FEATURE THAT HAS PHONE LISTENING TO EVERY WORD SPOKEN
Codango I/O (9 months ago)
Codango Technologies 😎
jack vt28 (9 months ago)
thanks google. :)
Ayesh Rodrigo (9 months ago)
This is very scary where google lead the humans to be controlled by an AI. All these actions and suggestions by an AI would override the actual human communication and how we react in situations as it lead us what to do. People always lazy to do something by their own and always might go with options where they don't have to do anything but automated. Leading the AI in that direction more likely to control the people would not be a good idea. Just a thought at the very beginning of the AI revolution...
496 (9 months ago)
It is confirmed that Android P will come down to my terminal. I am a winning group.
Stephen M (9 months ago)
Google, I know you won't ever see this but please make a reliable adult filter built into the OS? I really dislike iPhone but it's the only reason why I have one now.
Ritesh Pandita (9 months ago)
Please upgrade it soon as possible as you can
Mike Ock (9 months ago)
Google will finally be able to order food for my awkward and anxious friends who always make me do it.
Good Old Days (10 months ago)
Google, stick with your technology. don't involve in politics and lose your Credibility
Shakeel Ak (10 months ago)
I am löoking to ph in ph asst a big screen with 6 voice thx t my anie asst dupling text and voice 127 country 6-1-1440arabic date
Shakeel Ak (10 months ago)
Divya Rathour (10 months ago)
that's really really amazing 😊😊😊😊
Heh Omg This Is The Future AKA This Mean You Need To Say Good bey Apple 4Ever
Dominique Turla (10 months ago)
Nearly having our own J.A.R.V.I.S
Mohammad Usman (10 months ago)
OMG the first and last 2 voices are the best!
krishna sruthi (10 months ago)
I'm eagerly waiting for the lens
krishna sruthi (9 months ago)
@Silver Son it is but it is not still connected to the camera
Silver Son (9 months ago)
It's already out
nishit ranjan (10 months ago)
sunder pichai
Da Huumain (10 months ago)
And that's how the beginning of *the end* began
Memes XD (10 months ago)
"For you" :/ isn't that in Photos in iOS 12? Oh yeah, that's not been released yet :)
j.v vlogs (10 months ago)
Hira Kinase (10 months ago)
whats the music on this vids first clip?
Fredy Dave (10 months ago)
Riadh F (10 months ago)
Android master race ✌️
Amulraj Amulrajshanmugam (10 months ago)
Wisgarus (11 months ago)
I hope by 2025-2030 AI will be everywhere and it will be super smart.
Appu shaik (11 months ago)
My mobile Nokia 6 l have one problem.? Google assistant doesn't open in my mobile. What do I do
TECHNICAL world (11 months ago)
Is this the looks like human iq thats its name i/0 keynote
Vikas Jain (11 months ago)
Y any feature are not for samsung devices
Desi Gamer (11 months ago)
Bt this is actually awsome
aman kumar (11 months ago)
Whenever google bring some updates why they didn't launch in India. 1 video i had before 1 yrs about getting the password by scanning on wifi router or placing camera any kind of object like flowers google can tell about the kind of flower but they didn't launched in India.why?
Souvik Halder (11 months ago)
Samsung is lost.

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