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Brand Nubian - Brand Nubian

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radio station from GTA-SA
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Text Comments (8)
k (4 years ago)
okayyy this is def from playback fm...?
James Gasparutti (7 years ago)
Its Playback Fm not SF-UR you Dope!!
Piermauro Buonsante (7 years ago)
W los santos e sf_ur
DJ4000VOLT (8 years ago)
Edgar Avila Gonzalez (8 years ago)
this song is playback fm baboso
lordmaul94 (8 years ago)
bad quality
NoiseBombNr1 (9 years ago)
bad sound ! it's playback !!
SkolvanVikac (9 years ago)
Unless somebody knows how to put on another photo still while not losing the url ID from taking it down, I'm stuck with the wrong cover.

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