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Men's Merrell Road Glove Review

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Official review: 6.5/10. Purchased these here: http://www.roadrunnersports.com/rrs/products/MRW317/
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Mihail Sirbu (5 years ago)
Don't return the shoe if you have the same problem. Use it on short and fast runs.
Jason S (5 years ago)
This is what I'm thinking - his gait and landing are not correct for this type of footwear. The shoe does seem surprisingly stiff, but so are my NB MT10s and they are by no means "jarring" when I run midfoot striking with proper form.
GShoe32 (5 years ago)
snug fit... it should wrap your foot, not restrict it, and you don't want an entire inch of extra shoe flopping around
Ch3mG33k (6 years ago)
Seesh! When you tapped that shoe against the table, I felt pain where I used to have a stress fracture in my tibia xD
Dharma Bum (6 years ago)
I'm curious whether it not you changed your running stance when you use them. When I bought my trail gloves I didn't for a good three runs and hated them. Once I change the way my foot landed it was a completely different world.
James Bailey (6 years ago)
if your looking for shoes of a similar vain but with slightly more cushioning i can recomend the, New Balance Minimus MR00 Zero Road Shoe
David Anthony Lux (6 years ago)
No, not shin splints. I've been a runner for a few years now, having worked my way up to 20-mile runs. As such, had my fair share of shin splints! This is altogether different -- impact shocks, as there is no lasting pain of any kind. Regardless, the shoes are returned and new ones on their way!
Milton Arguello (6 years ago)
Shin Splints! I'm a track runner and we get these a lot when we start using our track spikes at the beginning of our season. Tape and ice them and they will go away hopefully. Good luck and thanks for the review
codemonkey181 (6 years ago)
Thanks for the review man

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