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From the "Full Cold Moon" compilation released by Heartworm Press / Deathwish Inc. Originally appeared on the "Oceans With No End" 7" released by Deathwish Inc. Available everywhere digitally. www.coldcave.net www.theheartworm.com
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neterhet (6 months ago)
This could be on Psychocandy.
Lucas Chiara (9 months ago)
Does anyone hear Nothing by Depeche Mode and Anaconda by The Sisters of Mercy in this?
Luca Tricky (1 year ago)
saw them last night in Padova, awesome show...Cold Cave rulessssss !! Wesley Eisold is a hardcore legend...
New Jesus and Marry Chain.......
Sandra Roczeń (2 years ago)
Scary Lady Sarah (2 years ago)
Can't wait for the gig tonight in Chicago at Metro!
Asun Andueza Latorre (2 years ago)
Ioan Ford (2 years ago)
Please reply! We would love to see you in Wales.
Ioan Ford (2 years ago)
Yo! Saw you at Cardiff on the NIN tour. Are you playing the uk at all shortly. Bood! you were but we loved you.
1alate2belate3 (2 years ago)
Sounds great.
vee (2 years ago)
lol literally came here to listen to this song bc of a "people are poison" sweater I saw on tumblr
Jazmine Reed (3 months ago)
Well I ended up getting it and well
Pauline S. (10 months ago)
Raya Campbell (1 year ago)
vro i saw this sweater on an online store so i googled it. Wasn't disappointed
Lena oetti (1 year ago)
vee omg same 😂😂😂
Dusk Lemon (1 year ago)
AYY we should form a cult.
FC INTERN (2 years ago)
''very smiliar to (2 names)' no, you're dumb. simply.
Hexis (2 years ago)
very similar to Cold Cave
Ioan Ford (2 years ago)
saw you guys in Cardiff supporting NIN. Great!!!!
Ioan Ford (2 years ago)
cool! nothing but
Bárbara Martins (3 years ago)
Fantastik !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
johnnyscifi (3 years ago)
Best "new" music act going!!! Reminds me of being a teen...:p
Alejandra Cardoso (3 years ago)
Gustar! <3
Sergio Gil (4 years ago)
The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Sisters of Mercy
Greg Malcolm (1 year ago)
They opened for The Jesus and Mary Chain last night.
zimriel (3 years ago)
+Sergio Gil Mostly the Chain. The cynicism *about rock and roll* is the key here.
bl333k (4 years ago)
Nicholas Vladd (4 years ago)
Such a good beat!
Jethro Crosstown (4 years ago)
Alan Macgregor (4 years ago)
Saw Cold Cave in Birmingham UK the other week and it was amazing, instant fan
Liam Dyson (4 years ago)
+gildan I was at Manchester too, brilliant night!
gildan (4 years ago)
me too ... in Manc tho
vincewega171074 (4 years ago)
nothing like JA mate, sorry. it's deeper and a darker sound with a synth-80's (with some the cure going on), a delightful surprise watching them open the O2 show last Friday nite. Poison will always stick in moi head... I really get wot CC are doing here...
djkenny (2 years ago)
even a little Jesus and Marychain.
vincewega171074 (4 years ago)
I totally agree it that - I not sure most fans at da O2 got CC, but I was impressed with their material listening on utube. Just to prove see my comment on this site lol: http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/cold-cave/2014/o2-arena-london-england-33c088d1.html
Liam Dyson (4 years ago)
They sound to me mostly like a mix between Joy Division and Depeche Mode, this song has a little Killing Joke vibe to it also. I saw them with NIN at Manchester on Sunday, brilliant gig.
Brandi Fletcher (4 years ago)
Sounds very Jesus and Mary chain. love it
Alice Lucker (4 years ago)
People Are Poison is everywhere on Tumblr but nobody knows Cold Cave 
Marius Banik (1 year ago)
Alice Lucker Mabey they just like the saying not the song?
ghost van gogh (4 years ago)
fucking hell yeah !!!!!
Saladino Neto (4 years ago)
Doktor Avalanche on the drums
Patsy Stone (4 years ago)
Wes Yes
zimriel (4 years ago)
This is almost *too* Reid brothers.
Jesse G (5 years ago)
I actually found a modern band I like.
Josh WW (5 years ago)
Every record, every single, every release continues to blow my mind. Gradually better and better. Great job WES.
fattonyrap (5 years ago)
David Dancer (5 years ago)
Yes, totally Jesus and Mary Chain.
Außenseiter (5 years ago)
Five people are poison.
Austin Handler (5 months ago)
22 now
teensquirt (5 years ago)
jesus and mary chain
Saint111Michael (5 years ago)
Please let this be in GTA 5
Brosky999 (5 years ago)
so i stare in their eyes to anoint them!
morgainefayeh (5 years ago)
veryloudarray (5 years ago)
Denniz Polk (5 years ago)
This is a total Jesus and Mary Chain jam. So I love it.
kript onerock (5 years ago)
im1filtr (5 years ago)
some people are poison, under my skin like opium
Daniel Zarate (5 years ago)
Very nice. Sisters of mercy would be proud
Daniela Vargas (5 years ago)
Cool <3
Ricardo Talhas (5 years ago)
Kool Rock Radio (5 years ago)
Las Vegas (5 years ago)
La Grieta Indieradio (5 years ago)
great !

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