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IFA 2018: IAV and Siemens Hausgeräte are presenting the future of digital mobility with Drive2Shop

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The joint appearance of IAV and Siemens Hausgeräte at the IFA 2018 presents that everyday life and shopping have never been so easy to combine: from the planning of the next dinner, the look into the fridge from the road to the creation of the optimal shopping route for purchasing the ingredients - the future of shopping is above all one thing: Intelligent, seamless networking of existing individual steps. For example, classic e-commerce and physical shopping in retail shops are merging into new simplicity. Here, the own or shared vehicle takes over the logistics task of the last mile. In this way, Drive2Shop contributes to relieving the cities of eCommerce delivery traffic and liveable city. More informations here: www.drive2shop.com
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Sahand (7 months ago)
Looks interesting. is it clear that this technology is going to be on which cars?

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