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Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter - Tower Of Babel (Mental / All Secrets)

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I can hear delay between audio and video in boss fight. How frustrating. Pretty easy map though. Next one will be the worst because why not? Exotech Larva is probably my favorite boss in SS: TSE, but way too easy. 2:48 - Secret Cannonballs 5:03 - Secret Health (stay on right side otherwise you will get teleported back and you can't reach that heart) 5:38 - Secret Sniper Ammo 7:00 - Secret Deadly Midgets (really small werebulls) 9:18 - Secret Cannonballs (Get ready to kill Biomech Major that spawns behind you right after the secret is registered) 14:55 - Secret Passage to Egypt level (destroy almost everything to make 100+ heart spawn. Dont destroy miniature version of Sam though, otherwise you will die immediately.) 22:18 - Secret Power Up 26:13 - SECRET MIGHTY GIZMO (pick up +1 health and get your ass kicked by dozens of small marsh hoppers) 28:32 - Secret Power Up (spawns there after the first round) 28:55 - Secret Second Round 35:10 - Secret Cannonballs revealed 35:14 - Secret Cannonballs collected
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