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Drugstore and Victoria's Secret HAUL

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Text Comments (2690)
Lea Johnson (2 years ago)
This does not look like u.
Osvaldo Borges (3 years ago)
You are so pretty
up4atgal (4 years ago)
I was 11, my mom said: 'Oooh my bunion hurts' I was rofl lmao! I thought the word bunion was hilarious! :DDD (I know)
K Tots (4 years ago)
I have such a stupid question but basically are bb creams used to kinda take the place of foundation if you're not wearing any?
Lea Johnson (2 years ago)
Yes pretty much
Paola Martinez (4 years ago)
Ashley Borodemos (4 years ago)
Lmfao @ the tampons
nalauj127 (4 years ago)
What is the bra called?
Shana Yuki Osawa (4 years ago)
Can you make a tutorial of this particular hairstyle?
Leena Kaur (4 years ago)
Ты этак приятна I mean you are very pretty ;) :**
Jacqueline Ochoa (4 years ago)
What did you think of the rimmel BB cream??
redd cozart (4 years ago)
u should do an iPhone case collection video ;)
Adrijana Pavlovic (4 years ago)
This is my fave video of yours!You are so free to talk about a lot of things 'n I'm really thankful you made this video :)
Sophia Molla (4 years ago)
ohhhh my goodness, I wasn't the only one with that seventh grade problem. So glad to learn new things as you age haha. Now 7 years later, being a pro is quite amazing!
Mirjana Jankovic (4 years ago)
you are gorgeous!
Alberta Dan (4 years ago)
I enjoyed the VS part, I have never been in that store but I do need a good bra but the price you mentioned is too much for me but maybe I will stop in that store one day.
roxanne marchand (4 years ago)
The covergirl bb cream is really good! I love it!
tinkersparkly gaby (4 years ago)
hi guys visit my new beuty channel !! dulce you are great !! love ya
erica metzger (4 years ago)
This. Vidéo is the best i ever Seen You everything is perfect the hair the face ...
Julissa Mijares (4 years ago)
Her nose is fabulous
Khloe Sandoval (4 years ago)
I see hot cheetoh fingers
Littleshortazngirl (4 years ago)
WEYLIE has a video on tampons lol
icanthelpbutwndr (4 years ago)
Lol love your vids! Btw the bra is called temptation I work at vs :p
kirsty aylott (5 years ago)
You look a little bit like jessica alba!
Christine Marie (5 years ago)
I have the same problems with my bunion and Im getting surgery at the end of this month. oh and they dont grow back after surgery. but until my surgery i might try those cushions!
valentina gasca (5 years ago)
You look big Nose
myrabit4 (5 years ago)
Hi, wat is the vs bra's model or name of the bra tat you get? Can't find it from the website.
Amanda Owsley (5 years ago)
cool im on a gluten free diet lol
Samantha Castellanos (5 years ago)
period/tampon stories please!
thiacync20 (5 years ago)
Yes please do a review and a "getting ready with me" too! :-)
Kimberlyalexa (5 years ago)
Silvana Pena (5 years ago)
Hotcheetos fingers!!,
Samantha Mione (5 years ago)
Period stories please !
Tara Rainone (5 years ago)
What's the name of the bras
Tara Rainone (5 years ago)
I think they smell like play-dough
Pattycakesugarcake (5 years ago)
Hello dulcecandy87, I love your hair. Do u have tutorial how to do your hair? :)
Lizyam (5 years ago)
Please do a video on the best victoria secret push up bras
Nicole Brittain (5 years ago)
Oh my gosh the same thing hao oend ro my mom about the led lamp
Nitalya Cortez (5 years ago)
like if she shoud do a most embarrassing moments vid
Lia-June n Sid (5 years ago)
Please do a tampon talk video!!!!
I kept getting bunionettes on my right baby toe, so.I went to a Podiatrist and after x-rays were taken I had a bone spur. Trust me, foot surgery is no joke! I was in so much pain for the first 2 weeks. I had to keep my foot elevated and continue to apply cold pressure and hot pressure. But it was all worth it cuz now I can wear heels, sandles, etc.and haven't gotten as much as a callus. just be prepared for the recovery process. .
Xinia Gomez (5 years ago)
I love your videos
omgitsgeorgina (5 years ago)
can you do a Sally Hansen gel strips video please
fateh fetiti (5 years ago)
Have you heard about Cosmos Fat Loss? (do a google search for it) It is a quick way to burn fat fast.
Anna Ament (5 years ago)
You're awesome! Your super sweet and I love your videos!
Livia Zamora (5 years ago)
Prima Vikinga (5 years ago)
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Natasha Featherstone (5 years ago)
how much was the jell nail polish?
sonialsp (5 years ago)
Have you tried the Gardnier bb cream, I heard good things about it...
Mexicancat97 (5 years ago)
Is it weird if a guy wear women underwear?
KatrinaaRosee (5 years ago)
Watch Weylie for the tampon video :)
jessica mitchem (5 years ago)
Will u do a tampon talk
Nanna Emilie (5 years ago)
Too much nose contouring!
Dani Corbett (5 years ago)
do a period video
Leslie Monroy (5 years ago)
luv u!
iasccas (5 years ago)
she really does
Bree Rodriguez (5 years ago)
You look like Ally from Fifth Harmony (:
iSofaKingDope97 (5 years ago)
yeah I wanna know that too. she said she's the ceo of something but I'm still confused
Ceci Sanchez (5 years ago)
Super chic . ☺
ILuvYouMakeup (5 years ago)
Too much nose contouring
Diamond Hawkins (5 years ago)
Your very pretty and what's the color on your nails
jessica ali (5 years ago)
what you do for living?
mushrooms (5 years ago)
My sister had surgery for bunions on both of get feet, a year apart. She is not in pain anymore. :)
Olivia Ansty (5 years ago)
Your beautiful xo
K. Northman (5 years ago)
I love how your boobs look in the video ^^
Daianne B (5 years ago)
Omg where do u work?
Alexis Ann. (5 years ago)
Will be making better videos
Alexis Ann. (5 years ago)
Hi can you please subscribe my channel i do hauls diy tags and more thankyou.... Btw i
Jwitdiamonds 08 (5 years ago)
Ok I know this sounds dumb but what's a haul?
Lorena Delgado (5 years ago)
Can u do a what's on my iPhone. 5
Tricia Samaroo (5 years ago)
When did she confirm it? Where on her blog says that?
xthatsweetx29 (5 years ago)
She looks different but in a good way shes so pretty
Veronica Silva (5 years ago)
u are gorgeous and funny thanks for sharing
outsiderofcal (5 years ago)
too much make up...
Summer Sunshine (5 years ago)
Those tampons are 1 of my fave kinds! Haha
emilypalaciosep (5 years ago)
Wath my vids imaans duct tape creations I've subscribed to u so do it to me
Mia Belbeck (5 years ago)
Plz do a updated makeup collection
Karoo Babyy (5 years ago)
I super love your videos!!! love themm
Julie Barnes (5 years ago)
She has a whole video about her face transformation.
Ebony Joy (5 years ago)
Love your hair and personality !!
Floraliz Ortiz (5 years ago)
There is a video her username is ilikeweylie and shes guides you!
Aliyah H (5 years ago)
stop lying
Dekh Tamasha Dekh (5 years ago)
yeah. i really got shocked when i receive my ghd Gold Max without any dime @ my home yesterday. Listen, dont forget to give ur email id and delivery address to receive via courier. its worth a try here --> bit.ly/15FSonU?=sjuym
ASDasdSDize (5 years ago)
Well, there may or may not be a video about inserting a tampon, but there is one with a girl sucking one.
flo contreras (5 years ago)
I see someone was eating hot cheetos! I'm bout to eat sum with pickle juice :)
C Holmes (5 years ago)
LOL! I said the same thing
Hanna Hamberg (5 years ago)
who needs 20 lipsticks? oh that's right, EVERYONE
Emii9840 (5 years ago)
Hair tutorial please.
Lea Faye (5 years ago)
dulce i came here because u talked about the great bras but you didnt prove what kind of VS bra it is........................ that doesnt help............
Candy Gooday (5 years ago)
I use the cover girl bb it's pretty good
Guadalupe Gutierrez (5 years ago)
I LOVE those tampons. They make me feel so comfortable and super compact haha but I definitely get your period trauma. I was in sixth grade and didn't know what was going on. I thought I was dying lmao
Shivani Patangay (5 years ago)
YOUR VIDEOS TAKE SO MUCH OF TIME TO LOAD. It doesn't happen with other videos but only yours take SO much of time. -___- #BuggedUp
OhSoAdrianna (5 years ago)
Kameron Badonie (5 years ago)
haha were you eating hot Cheetos? :o
Myriam E (5 years ago)
your mouth looks really like jessica alba's mouth !!
CakeItUp101 (5 years ago)
I have the bb cream from maybeline and I love it!!!!
Erin Frame (5 years ago)
You're awesome but why don't you swatch anythiiiinnngggg
JAQUI GALVAN (5 years ago)
You should make a " my most embarassing moments " , please .
LittleMrsMiddleton (5 years ago)
you are gorgeous!
Sparkles0621 (5 years ago)
you do know she got implants and even addressed it on her blog right? do your research before calling people names. i wasn't insulting her. it's a fact. she got implants and even admitted to getting them.nothing wrong with that and since someone asked if she did, i confirmed it based on HER words.
charlie_kml (5 years ago)
I Love u3

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