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Presenting DFINITY’s Product-Driven R&D Strategy at Web3 Summit 2018

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In this presentation, DFINITY’s Director of Communications, Arthur Falls, discusses DFINITY’s systematic approach to product development applied by the DFINITY team. This approach has lead to the dual concepts of Cloud 3 and The Internet Computer as solutions to the growing problem of platform risk faced by the IT sector. This video was recorded at Web3 Summit 2018 in Berlin.
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TradeFeedz (28 days ago)
Not open source? Hmmm. All of the competitors are open source
Sergey Runner (7 months ago)
short vid, need more)
Ciao! (7 months ago)
Not easy to comprehend why such set up would work, at least, not obvious based upon what has been said here.
The Third Web (7 months ago)
or tweet at me @arthurfalls and I'll dm the presentation to you
The Third Web (7 months ago)
it's a light presentation. We have had threshold relay implemented and operational internally but the components of a test net are not complete. I'd check out Wikipedia for some deep resources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boneh%E2%80%93Lynn%E2%80%93Shacham or ask an admin on Telegram to put you in touch with me (Arthur) and I can send you a more comprehensive presentation https://t.me/dfinity

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