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WTF - Men's Nipple Covers

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Men: do you ever find that your nipples are so perky that they pop through your shirt? Well, I've got just the solution for you for this week's WTF Korea! Subscribe for more Videos! ☞ http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=simonandmartina Read more about it on our blog: ☞ http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/mens-nipple-covers/ Check it out on Facebook: ☞ http://www.facebook.com/EatYourKimchiPage Buy it on Gmarket! ☞ http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=553835906 Chat with us on Twitter ☞ http://www.twitter.com/eatyourkimchi
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Text Comments (378)
Shetasen (2 months ago)
Reapply ice
Crissie Sanchez (3 months ago)
These man nipple covers really Mansplained nipples. Wow. The dedication.
Ela Papela (3 months ago)
looooooooooooooooool ♥
Ignite official (8 months ago)
So funny
Marcos Castillo (10 months ago)
What is a real solution?
Hannah Nelson (1 year ago)
I lost it with Martina when Simon was reading the box 😂😂😂
Intensity 1 (1 year ago)
Just use a bandaged
EC _9700 (1 year ago)
It's like a wax paper for your nipples lol
Tender Sheep (1 year ago)
Elizabeth Chiavetta (2 years ago)
anti breast cancer
Vy Nguyen (2 years ago)
Simon's bb cream makes him look ghostly and pale in this video
TS (2 years ago)
that's for runner
Travis Peterson (2 years ago)
I need these for this winter!
SanDee McGeek (2 years ago)
omg i love martina so much
#MissKingdomVII (2 years ago)
I don't remember this video. How did I miss this? LOL
Yes nipple solution...I'll take ten!
Foolkat101 (2 years ago)
that's hilarious how martina enjoys touching simon's nipples because I touch my boyfriend's nipples all the time and he haaaaates it
Austin Williams (1 year ago)
I love when my gf touches my nipples
Simon and Martina (2 years ago)
+Foolkat101 ITS THE WORST!!!
Paolo Resteghini (2 years ago)
The most annoying people, ever.
Pablo Clemente (2 years ago)
Silliest video I have ever seen
Ellise Alcantara (3 years ago)
Hi, where can I order this?
Professor Rosenstock (2 years ago)
Sosmcs See (3 years ago)
Was the nipple explanation thing really written on the box? 😳😂
Tj Joker (3 years ago)
lol you can hear the hair being ripped off...poor simon :(
TheYambo121 (3 years ago)
Haha the text on the back of the box is ripped straight from wikipedia xD
Lizzy Mae Bee (3 years ago)
i have a teacher at school who always wears shirts that are too tight for him. Especially with his gut stretching the material I think he may need these
Kassandra (3 years ago)
Question: Do they have female versions of this item? You know, like when girls where backless dresses and don't want to wear a bra? Because that would be a lot handier than duct tape...
Veronica Boyer (2 years ago)
They're called pasties.
Mario (3 years ago)
+pika4999 haha girl do you live in a cave? this is after the female version, and woman use them for dresses or shirts, cause when girls do exercise use a bra and the nipples are safe, but as simon said when a man do exercise the shit just rubber the nipple and it can get i little red and even bleed, so that covers are for that, to prevent nipples to bleed or get sore through the exercise
hahpterodactyl (3 years ago)
Martina needs to watch the episode of The Office where they're doing the marathon and Andy's nipples start chaffing and bleeding from where the shirt rubbed against his nipples from where he ran so long.  o_o
SusanIvanova2257 (3 years ago)
I really need to buy these as a present for my boyfriend. You know, just to troll him. He won't have the hair problem anyways because he has about as little chest hair as a Korean guy. I googled half naked pics of Kpop idols to confirm that. Totally legitimate research guys!
SusanIvanova2257 (2 years ago)
What other reason would there be?!
Duchesse de Berne (2 years ago)
SusanIvanova2257 you googled... for science 😏
Mimi B (3 years ago)
http://mwave.interest.me/mcountdown/vote/preVote?siteCode=S21 hey guys vote big bang !!!!!! thank you
Linaxoxo (3 years ago)
Just get band aid to cover them 😶
Str3ngerthings (3 years ago)
Right here children, is your health class.
InitialSHE (4 years ago)
175924 (4 years ago)
It was used not to hide the nipples,to cover it from geting wound by doing Sport and the Shirt cant rubber it.
Wila Broccoli (4 years ago)
I ADORE Martina's look! She's so beautiful!!!!
meadow garcia (4 years ago)
*falls over* I CANT BREATH!!!!
Vina Pham (4 years ago)
Sophia (4 years ago)
If you can see someones nipples, well through their shirt, it is so awkward.
hieizolo (4 years ago)
No matter how many times I watch this clip, I always crack up at the end. Poor Simon. XD
c derubeis (4 years ago)
So funny lmao!!  I'm totally subbing!!!
Clyde Day (4 years ago)
BEST VIDEO EVER! when she said "Can't even" I lost it laughing so hard lol.
Fainah Hernandez (4 years ago)
From what I remember from my Korean friend, male nipple covers are usually used by performing artists cause there is a law in Korea that prohibits male performers in showing their nipples (remember Lee Joon?) well of course the time of the show depends. But Idk, maybe men use it for other reasons too.
Oh Ida (4 years ago)
I need this for my teacher! ψ(`∇´)ψ
Xavier Van Der Bliek (4 years ago)
her face tho 0:48
Evelyn Spirka (4 years ago)
Simon is right about the bloody nipples. I've seen guys who have ran half marathons and at the end they have bloody nipples due to their shirts rubbing their nipples.
知るか (4 years ago)
Kai needs this...So that luhan doesn't have to help him...
USMarshmallow (4 years ago)
Is it just me or does Simon look a little...pale?  I mean like, because of a cold or allergies.  I hope you're okay, Simon!
Jo Lee (4 years ago)
Nipple chaffing is a real problem man! My uncle has an unfortunate case of it and his nipples bleed through his shirt when ever he goes running! So much so that I bought him nipple covers and ointment for his birthday! Huzzah!
yard children (4 years ago)
tsubasangel (4 years ago)
Jae needs this for real
Kiki A (4 years ago)
When he was ripping it off, I couldn't help but make the same face Martina did lolol. It sounded painful, poor Simon. x'D
Lucki Foxx (4 years ago)
Lmao my bf is the same way about his nipples, this cracks me up!
DOBO (4 years ago)
i will buy this for the box
tinaa (4 years ago)
Martina hair is very pretty 😻 love the floral headband
tinaa (4 years ago)
Martina hair is very pretty 😻 love the floral headband
Solorio, Melanie (4 years ago)
McCammalot (4 years ago)
3:57 -- Hey there now, AJ totally has THIRTEEN chest hairs.  Slander!
cosplayderp (4 years ago)
lets talk about the sad music playing when Simon was rubbing his nipples to everyone outside
Checked out the "funny pictures," almost died laughing. XD
kopec82 (4 years ago)
How that heck can I use the G market? Very difficult
helios syph (4 years ago)
Kai I think I got you the perfect Christmas present
Saran Chan (4 years ago)
I don't think it's a bad idea. My nipples are very sensitive and even hurt sometimes... therefore I sometimes use covers for avoiding that my nipples touch the shirt... sorry... it sounds so weird...
Nadeem Al-Yassin (4 years ago)
im offended -_-... i tweeted u guys about the same product but a different company i deserve a shoutout "thanks to Nadeem for tweeting us about it " >.>.....
EarthMoon Sun (4 years ago)
sw (4 years ago)
Yeah many sports people wear plasters or put talcum powder on their nipples to stop them chafing from the shirt, (Marathon runners i think) These covers seem pretty handy, lol that image on gmarket website, did not expect that haha.
BB Child (4 years ago)
You looked extra great in this episode, Martina <3  Love how your hair is.
Pineapple Chunks (4 years ago)
"One full swoop." That killed me LOL.
PurpleSwils (4 years ago)
lol, poor Simon xD
No Kyungsoo No Life (4 years ago)
Uhmm Uhmmm... i dont wanna sound creepy but guy nipples kinda sexy XDDDDD
Cory in the house (4 years ago)
i could actually use these my friends like twisting my nipples it's sad because were all adults
MrDambiSchool (4 years ago)
Yeah when I saw the title I assumed it was for running. When I run or dance for a long time my shirt rubs against my nipples that it makes them hurt so much. I even get scabs on the tip like if it was bruised. So im totally buying this to cover it. You guys should have like a coupon at G market that everytime someone buys something you guys get something for referring it lol
Greta J. (4 years ago)
saw the title, accidentally inhaled  my apple pie, almost died. True story.
Memyfans (4 years ago)
Why don't just use sticky tape instead?
.It's.Me.Shidonii. (4 years ago)
Just wanted to say that I saw you guys the other day in Hongdae~!! I was walking on the street and you guys were in a taxi tho. . .
Seraph X2 (4 years ago)
Martina: this is very common in sports.  When I played soccer in High School, it was a very bad idea to not wear a tighter undershirt under the loose soccer jerseys.  Something like this would have the same effect.
Sally Bullock (4 years ago)
Martiiiiinaaaaaa! You look pretty :D fun video
FueledByLimes (4 years ago)
Yeah, I don't think that's coming off with your shirt. You're gonna have to think of a different strategy for when you take the ladies home.
kdusty (4 years ago)
Didn't think id like your videos, but I was totally wrong. I'm completely obsessed 😂😂😂
Gisella Denise (4 years ago)
HAHAHAHAH . ooh poor Simon
ShonuffStudio (4 years ago)
You could put an eye out with those things, Simon! LOL
Danie Iglesias (4 years ago)
HAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! how can you film this with a straight face SIMON!!! ahahahahhahahahahahaha
lexidala (4 years ago)
simon's right. this could be used to prevent the "bloody nipples" situation when you run marathons and stuff o_0 
Rebecca Gonzalez (4 years ago)
This would be great for my bf sensitive nipples. lmao!
Darwin Wtt (4 years ago)
Martina looks beautiful with that hair :33
Romina Varas (4 years ago)
0:51 Martina is thinking "but I really wanna touch your nipples..." :o xD
Carmen Coco (4 years ago)
Kai Stokes (4 years ago)
Am I the only one that thinks Alex brooker from the last leg needs to be sent these hahaha (sorry I had to make this joke)
Vexyvampire (4 years ago)
0_o very painful in the end  lol but funny cover up for that XD
TaikoGoggles (4 years ago)
Simon, now that you've withstood the pain of having your nipples practically removed while taking off the nipple covers, you can join the ranks of the Unsullied.
katimato (4 years ago)
wow Martina looks so beautiful ^^
Morally Filthy (4 years ago)
Ripping the nipple solution off seems painful.
UnlimitedPocky123 (4 years ago)
Omfg. Did the box actually say that!? XD
ALBUMOF2008 (4 years ago)
if anyone could help me? ok so i was wondering if anyone knew how most south koreans view kim jong un? like do they make jokes about him and stuff? or are they really serious and would find jokes about kim jong un offensive/insensitive/inappropriate? c: 
Bon (4 years ago)
I love your look here Martina! 
G (4 years ago)
Jaw Ji (4 years ago)
I am sure the thing about running and nipples is a myth. Seriously though guys nipples are the solution, not the problem.
dubbie89ify (4 years ago)
Product description prolly forgot to add that em tapes are not suitable 4 ppl with hairy chest. Ouch.
coolitz (4 years ago)
Omg laughing so hard. Lol
Demetria (4 years ago)
Teesa (4 years ago)
ROFL Omg.. I can't even... this was sooo funny. XD My neighbor must think I'm crazy... lol
purplepinjacorns7 (4 years ago)
Martina your hair color with that flower headband is just so freaking adorable

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