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BRAND NUBIAN - Probable Cause

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BRAND NUBIAN - Foundation - Arista - 1998 -
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Text Comments (57)
dale85300 (8 months ago)
A underappreciated gem.
Mick Swagger (1 year ago)
his dude is cool from australia
Team Kiss (1 year ago)
Drink Champs!
Brandon Reid (2 years ago)
Radio stations need to play this song!
BushiBato (2 years ago)
Black Lives Matter should
Gerald Graham (2 years ago)
real shit
KoolKeith (2 years ago)
Carli c (3 years ago)
Would love to hear macklmore spit over this beat. Shit would be tight son.
dale85300 (7 months ago)
Would just fuck up a good beat with his weak ass MCing.
axMf3qTI (10 months ago)
Melanin Goddess (1 year ago)
Carli c Goodbye
polo bubble vest (1 year ago)
marcocito2001 (4 years ago)
All blacks and Latinos itis.net.......... by the way what are you collettiva speaks English........ an African-American  Now what do you call after the making to speak Spanish........ a Latino !!!!!!!!!
DJ BRONX Bronx (4 years ago)
Muito bom
Michael Howard (4 years ago)
All glory and praises be due to Allah. Peace to the Gods and Earths. Excellent song , with a meaningful topic.
aidan2110 (4 years ago)
same instrumental from king tee's played like a piano
chriskeepit100 (2 years ago)
kinda,the pianos are more in king tee's song,both use the same sample,knuckle head by Grover Washington jr
DJ Ru5h (4 years ago)
Verse 3 was the story of my life.... No probable cause at all...
Sky Blylevin (4 years ago)
puba's flow is so natural. like he aint even tryin to rhyme
dupart charly (1 year ago)
you shure got that right brother!
BushiBato (2 years ago)
Right,he is gifted.But also it is because of his style,the monotone.Guru from Gangstarr was the best in that style.
Can Esmer (5 years ago)
Thats the klassik Bran Nubian jam. Smells like fuckin New York. Y'all can feel it so EZ.
Keith Harris (5 years ago)
P*Funk (5 years ago)
Most music genres or bands die when the personalities that occupy it think they're better than they are. In general mainstream music today suffers from a serious lack of respect for the old school joints that brought the genres forward. Even the early 90s saw lots of G funk that obviously paid massive homage to the 70s funk that heavily influenced them. Today, I don't hear much of anything good in the mainstream. You gotta dig deep to find the good shit off the beaten track.
garyto naptown (5 years ago)
yea bruh i got pulled ova cop said i had a chunk of weed in the cup holder. he searched my car turned out that "chunk of weed" happen to be a crumb of a honey bun. TRUE STORY...later while i was handcuffed he asked me what year car i was drivin...yea i had just purchased a new impala. smmfh im so sick of police
EFH (5 years ago)
nice finish Alamo
jafrocubic2 (6 years ago)
Sometimes I think the main thing missing in today's hip-hop is respect. I hear young punks actually talking shit on music like this sometimes. You never heard Wu Tang, BCC, Brand Nubian, M.O.P., etc. speak about older cats like Sugar Hill, Afrika Bambatta, RUN DMC, or anyone like that with anything less than respect. But today, these mid-90's acts (the ones who brought hip-hop to its highest heights) don't get any of the same. And it certainly has affected the music. Respect to the older GODS!
jafrocubic2 (6 years ago)
I love how I have to watch some political campaign mumbo jumbo before I can just hear the music. Same mother fuckers that make the laws they're talking about in this song. Puts shit in place right before I listen to some lyrics with real meaning.
Wes T (6 years ago)
I like how Alamo put the cop siren in the beat...this shit is classic!
Wes T (6 years ago)
Good to see you can Reckcognize good music...even if you do like metal
Wes T (6 years ago)
Empresslockness (6 years ago)
Looks like 3 people need their heads checked.
tehgreatist (6 years ago)
"when i rolled an L i didnt expect to go to jail" haha i can directly relate to that shit.. i was rollin up and my buddy was supposed to be lookin out but he was playing games on his damn cellphone. cop pulled up on us, didnt believe we were just eating burger king, and illegally searched my car. beat the case later but i still had to spend a grand for my lawyer and stress for a bit. but i showed up for court high as hell on some bomb sour diesel and that shit got dismissed.
1spTV (6 years ago)
same sample used by king-t in 1990 - like a piano - feat ice cube. man, i love rap too much !! i am supposed to do my tax return just now...ahhhh , you tube got me again......
Elisyel Cajigas (1 year ago)
Don't forget K-Solo- The Fugitive.
NUMBLIFEUSA (6 years ago)
NUMBLIFEUSA (6 years ago)
alexicon89 (7 years ago)
Goddamn this is real music. Respect! - a metal head.
sn1gger (7 years ago)
I never get bored of hearing this track, another Brand Nubian classic
Marcel Newe (7 years ago)
Daaaamn!! this shit is dope! i wish hip hop would be like this aigan!
carolinablueforlife (7 years ago)
Three people neva been pulled ova! lol
carolinablueforlife (7 years ago)
keep ya seat belts on! lol
dukenthaylor (7 years ago)
3 AXES OF EVIL trippin' to this track!
rsharrieff (7 years ago)
Damn, Pubah killed this shit and Sadat is really my man overall. But Pubah put them words together like perfect poetry.
Łukasz Radziszewski (7 years ago)
Adam Stockford (7 years ago)
this is their best ish. ive been using the tagline, "you don't gotta break no laws, they say probable cause" since the first time i heard this.
shud1 (8 years ago)
Who the hell would give this joint a thumbs down!? Probably Spice Girls or Lil Wayne fans. Fuckin' metrosexuals.
FartingFatso69 (8 years ago)
ya totally or a blaxploitation movie
delirious44 (8 years ago)
every time top rappers use this break its Aclassic from K Solo's "Fugitive" ... King T Ice Cube and Breeze "Fucking Piano" and this joint from Brand Nubians
Jacoub Mahmood (9 years ago)
nice beat also in ice cube ft King tee- played like a piano
master120344 (9 years ago)
Dang that song pwns!!
gary barboza Jr (9 years ago)
classic!!!! bottomline!!!!! peace to the older GODS!!!!
taekwon3000 (9 years ago)
No they sample this from Grover Washington "knucklehead".
SuRiAd (10 years ago)
WOW! I came across this sample and I was planning on using it until I heard this.
chris atlas (10 years ago)
foundation ill shit..pre 2000 need i say more
aredmistywind (10 years ago)
u dont hav tah break da law....
Keneth Sarap (10 years ago)
This track is so ill.

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