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Laito Sakamaki ~Good girls go bad AMV

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Everytime I hear this song I can't stop thinking about Laito. It suits him so much. My favorite character from Diabolik Lovers, and this is a tribute for him. ~Hope you enjoy~
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Persephone Grosdidier (4 months ago)
Laito is hot i mean if any other person called me Little Bitch,Bich-Chan or Little Bitch Chan i would slap them but if he did it would submit to him in a heart beat he is my favorit then Subaru is my second then Shu then Ayato i would be ok with one ov them but i prefure Laito
MRight13 (5 months ago)
I love diabolik lover I wish it was really
Toxic Silver (5 months ago)
I used to hate laito but he hipnotised me and I’m in love with his personality he’s so swag
Lele The Helper (9 months ago)
Hi joker
Tomoe_is_bae_09 -08 (11 months ago)
Vid is perfect and the song is great it suits liato and yui
Lulu Amulet (11 months ago)
Laito: l make them good girls go bad~ Me: Yeah...yeah you do....*smiles*
Little Woodland Sprite (10 months ago)
Lulu Amulet (11 months ago)
Battle death kitty (11 months ago)
Mira She-Devil same!
Lps_lover_pup_ 2215 (11 months ago)
Me too
Surupa Roy (1 year ago)
Laito you are so handsome and sexy I am addicted to you💘💘💘💘💘💘💘
Laito Sakamaki (1 year ago)
Yaoi Lover girl (1 year ago)
I love this song it call good girl go bad so mush
laito sakamaki (1 year ago)
Antisocial Siren (1 year ago)
Damon he's sexy as fu
Jastana Druid (1 year ago)
he may be a pervert but god is he hot
srbin srbija (3 months ago)
Jastana Druid u are right he is hotter then ayato
Sakamaki Chloe (3 months ago)
Jastana Druid same thoughts when i first saw him.
Little Woodland Sprite (10 months ago)
Tomoe_is_bae_09 -08 (11 months ago)
CANAL STERS (1 year ago)
Angel Bitch Chan (1 year ago)
Hi Joker AMV I love Laito too. He is so hot, sexy, horny and diabolic. Mmmmmmm ❤❤
Laito Sakamaki (11 months ago)
Tomoe_is_bae_09 -08 (11 months ago)
Angel Bitch Chan (1 year ago)
Joker AMV I like to do it. 😎
Joker AMV (1 year ago)
Thank you very much XD
Angel Bitch Chan (1 year ago)
Joker AMV Many, many Thanks. Subscribed to you. 😘
Jastana Druid (1 year ago)
it could only be better if it was ayato instead of laito
Anime Nerd (5 months ago)
Jastana Druid no this is perfect laito
Just a User (9 months ago)
lily jones This actually fits Laito better in my opinion.
Cool winx layla vs diabolik lovers liato
Gabriela panthomive (1 year ago)
diabolik lovres mejor anime do mundo
Angel Bitch Chan (1 year ago)
Ist Laito nicht ein diabolischer Traum. Ich habe so etwas noch nicht gesehen. Er ist einfach nur geil.
Angel Bitch Chan (1 year ago)
Jelena Ostwind Nein nicht wirklich, Laito finden viele sexy und heiß. Er ist der heißeste von allen.
Jelena Ostwind (1 year ago)
Elke Angersbach kann dich verstehen mein Englisch ist auch nicht grade toll.... Ich geb meistens alles bei Google übersetzter ein😅. Und ich dachte schon das ich die einzigste bin die Laito toll findet😅
Angel Bitch Chan (1 year ago)
Jelena Ostwind Wenn mir etwas gefällt, dann schreib ich was. Nur mein Englisch ist miserabel. Die meisten Lieder sind auf englisch, auch im Radio. Aber zurück zum Video. Ich liebe Laito Sakamaki.
Jelena Ostwind (1 year ago)
Elke Angersbach Oh jemand deutsches! Mir passiert es nicht oft das ich unter einem Englisches Video jemand deutsches treffe xD😂😊
Marilsa Cavallini (1 year ago)
i love Diabolik Lovers
Toxic Silver (5 months ago)
Same it’s my fav anime
Katy Komori :3 (10 months ago)
Marilsa Cavallini me too💜
Leticia Gutierrez (1 year ago)
Which episode is 01:09
Joker AMV (1 year ago)
That is actually Diabolik Lovers PV.
AeSthEtIc _WanNaBe (1 year ago)
well shit...
Hannah Roze Morehouse (8 months ago)
Love your name

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