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Hey Pass Me A Beer

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This is how you pass Old Mil.
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blitzbot (14 days ago)
How many times they tried is how much the beer explodes, the elevator one was clean so it opened fine
Wendy Steinmetz (11 months ago)
Am I tho only one whom is sad at the wet spots on the ground at the beginning of the "Beer stunt" revealing how many beers lost their life?
Jason Biggs (1 year ago)
For anyone wondering.. The people on the elevator at 1:32 are Jay Bauman from Red Letter Media, and Jocelyn Ridgely who plays Nadine in the Plinkett Star Wars reviews. That elevator is also seen in The Great Space Jam, an RLM short film made around the same time starring Jocelyn. Mustache guy Tim Higgins is in other RLM stuff, including Space Cop where he appropriately plays a bartender. The tall guy is Nick Packard. His brother Jack helped create these videos, and is in a lot of RLM stuff and plays a robot in TGSJ called Fuckbot 5000
noptic (1 year ago)
LapisSea (1 year ago)
Dude perfect ain't shit when compared to this
TheNukeMan (1 year ago)
*no beer was harmed in the making of this video*
shutupanplay (1 year ago)
Hey... stop wasting beer!
Brazed (1 year ago)
2017!!! WOOOO i found this again after years lmao
Garrett Teal (1 year ago)
love this video!
D3ADPlayzZ (2 years ago)
hammelei (2 years ago)
anyone knows the music track playing?
Günter Von Düctrape (2 years ago)
so realistic i could almost smell the hops
The Death Twitch (3 years ago)
1:38 Jay and Jessie in the elevator and then Jack's voice over immediately after!
Hive Mind (3 years ago)
Sometimes all society needs is an open beer.
FearTheReaper95 (3 years ago)
this is brilliant, down to the white collar uniform being consistnent. The fishing pass. bravo
dasstefan (3 years ago)
Keks0or (3 years ago)
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Jared (3 years ago)
what a waste .. try to not spill as much in your next video
pgwadd (3 years ago)
Great BEER, "it doesn't get any better then this"!!!!!!
Manuel Valadez (4 years ago)
What a waste D: not nice
Atair (4 years ago)
*No beers were harmed in this video*
Manuel Valadez (4 years ago)
I cannot believe you D: that was real D:
Matty Plant (4 years ago)
Swimmin in pussy!
MaxWriter (4 years ago)
gregg7231 (4 years ago)
is this even real life?
Unicorn Scientist (4 years ago)
The last one should also exploded... 
MikeMGTV (4 years ago)
this is the greatest thing ever
ジョニサン (4 years ago)
Mister X (4 years ago)
Why not drink??
Joan Hernández (4 years ago)
I want to get drunk with a Solera Verde!
fishy indeed (4 years ago)
Wet ground at 1:19
wockawocka robots (4 years ago)
0:46 'Merica!
tweaker1bms (4 years ago)
Wonders how much beer is left when it's done fizzing? >.<
LeapingLemonz (4 years ago)
In the next episode they'll be partnered with SpaceX and NASA. "Hey, pass me a beer." (3/2 hours pass. A beer is parachuted to the exact location of his accomplice, who was standing right beside him. The beer imploded on the flight.)
Alexis DaTokeVille (4 years ago)
Cameo from the redlettermedia guys? 1:38
Battam (6 months ago)
Rad; Three years later and it was bugging me who that was! Came here from a recent stream.
Jonas Whitt (1 year ago)
ya no, jack was the ediitor who came up with idea for videos and put em together
Rad Thibideaux (3 years ago)
The guy with the moustache is also the hipster guy in a couple of episodes of Half in the Bag- When Plinkett is throwing the VHS Party etc
Local Dracula (3 years ago)
On one of their streams Jack mentioned that he worked on these videos for Old Milwaukee.  I think it's also his voice in the voice over at the end.
Ace (4 years ago)
Not to mention that this Jack from BotW's youtube profile
sulcus1 (5 years ago)
Nice video :) But in 1:18 you can see the wet stamp from the wasted beer
ShishigamiLP (5 years ago)
the last one got me :D
Joe Maxwell (5 years ago)
Even better than Dude, Perfect.
kmac720 (5 years ago)
excessive use of trampoline.
Barry Summers (5 years ago)
bunch of cunts!
ice insightz (5 years ago)
None, they drank every one of them after the opened it. You'd be a dipshit to think they would just waste beer
OGPurdy (5 years ago)
i love old milwaukee, so much
DAVID SHULT (5 years ago)
So sexy.
Greg (5 years ago)
Too many
Kyle Hardwick (5 years ago)
Not one drop of beer was consumed in the video. Pretty sure they jerk each other off.
William Bunyard (5 years ago)
haha look at all the wet spots on the ground of the ones with trampolines theres got be some bloopers
juup025 (6 years ago)
the waste of beer makes me sad :'/ the only good think is...it wasnt german beer <3 dont try this in Germany wouldnt be good for you ;)
Buzz In Lazerbeam (6 years ago)
That explains the insane amount of foam.
Bob Casey (6 years ago)
...what? what myth are they going to bust? aaah yes Adam it seems it IS indeed possible to throw a beer, and have the other person... CATCH... it. Amazing
Long Nguyen (6 years ago)
Mythbuster team try this please...
Whoops Johnny (6 years ago)
Paul Giamatti is just great.
TheKopakah (6 years ago)
1:47 TeamFortress2 demonman stickeybomlacher sound effect?
i think they drank it...
Brian Goodwin (6 years ago)
well old milwaukee is about 14 a 30 rack so its not a waste
Christopher Valitzski (6 years ago)
This is the only good use for Old Milwaukee
Einar Skalman (6 years ago)
Dolph In (6 years ago)
All in one day. What a great day.
Tom Scillieri (6 years ago)
You guys are makin me thirsty :-)
jon s.s. teppdalen (6 years ago)
lizjmcn (6 years ago)
I only like the "lift pass" as that is the only time they don't waste any beer......
PatLike93 (6 years ago)
at 1:20 you can see that they allready missed a few times :D
MrIntellectuality (6 years ago)
Dude, fuck Dude Perfect!!!
mahnu172002 (6 years ago)
Do you realize how much happiness you wasted by doing this video?
pointnumber01 (6 years ago)
hey it's that hack jay beeman
Gustavo Lima (6 years ago)
i want to see those with a vodka bottle
23aztek (6 years ago)
American beer is terrible anyway. ;)
thebiffystiffy (6 years ago)
like a boss
Tibor Posa (6 years ago)
How many beers were harmed filming this???
JonzeyGears (6 years ago)
Could someone tell me the name of the song?
Serhat Abaci (6 years ago)
Slingshoot angry beer?
Andrey Souza (6 years ago)
23.40% Of the "shaked" beer is wasted when you open it. But anyway, I'd like to recive a beer in any possible way.
BabyiQ86 (6 years ago)
i wonder how wasted were they till the end !
JonzeyGears (6 years ago)
Aw U_U Why you gotta be so mean :(
Scott Livingston (6 years ago)
I f'n love it
tylerenn2s (6 years ago)
Hahahahahaha!!!!! One of the best videos I've seen! I'm forwarding this to "The Chive"!!
Left Swift (6 years ago)
why doesnt this have more view aha
Patrik Nyman (6 years ago)
Soo much spilled beer! THATS CALLED ALCOHOL ABUSE!
Shane Renshaw (6 years ago)
i see a lot of wet spots on the concrete areas. Must mean the missed a few.
Jordan yang (6 years ago)
they didnt wasted, they all drank them so no waste.
CapnCrossbones (6 years ago)
No more dates with the ladies!?!
walter werkmeister (6 years ago)
thats the stupidiest way to waste beer... what a shame!
DanGives (6 years ago)
Would have been cool if even the last one had shot out all over him.
Rodolfo Presotto (6 years ago)
thanks god!!!!
imawhack (6 years ago)
and what do you mean fake? just cuz you cant do it. ?
imawhack (6 years ago)
its old milwaukee... NO BEER was harmed in the making of this video!
lightingrings (6 years ago)
Im sorry to ruin the fun, BUT ITS FAKE LOL
adrianord2006 (6 years ago)
Nice vid!
Jack Packard (6 years ago)
funnyordie(dot)com/almosttwins and you can see the bloopers and other videos made by the same guys.
Rodolfo Presotto (6 years ago)
i wonder how many fucking beer they've wasted doing it!!!
Felipe Contini (6 years ago)
Is it so bad?!
Tuan Vu Nguyen (6 years ago)
You gentlemen are mean and cruel to them beers. Cool vid.
Jack Lambert (6 years ago)
You from WI?
GOODSATIVA (6 years ago)
cheap ass piss water
JonzeyGears (6 years ago)
Why? ...Are you laughing at me? or with me :(
Mark Kuper (6 years ago)
There are no bloopers, thats how bad-ass they are
L0L247 (6 years ago)
Lol awesome
Jeroen190573 (6 years ago)
funny film dude
mr0scary (6 years ago)
These guys probably smell like beer all day.
JJE514 (6 years ago)
This is fucking amazing.
Ryan Gerard (6 years ago)
they're were none 0.0
HueBearSong (6 years ago)
I see a new sport forming

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