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Steel Panther - 17 Girls in a Row, Gloryhole - Sherman Theatre - 7-30-16

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Steel Panther Sherman Theatre Stroudsburg, PA July 30, 2016 17 Girls in a Row Gloryhole
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Text Comments (10)
Best 5 seconds of my life when my bro Michael Starr passes me the Mic at the 7:35 mark🤘🐱
Larry Hirshon (2 months ago)
Thought that was you bro!
warpigcat (2 years ago)
Van Halen copy
Stephen Hall (2 years ago)
Porn Starr is Gina Starr ............. Very SEXY
Alicia and Abby (2 years ago)
You got the part when he asks for my name! Awesome. Thanks for posting this :)
Kevin P (2 years ago)
Did you catch VD?
john hemple (2 years ago)
Great show
rach bello (2 years ago)
thanks so much for posting this!!
rach bello (2 years ago)
hahaha had to take me a minute to figure this out, good one!
Sure. Lexxi even mentions you at the end!

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