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Born To Race English Full Movie

44252 ratings | 11534266 views
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Text Comments (1785)
Taj Khan (1 year ago)
watch this awesome car trick my friend did on our Rolls Royce Please like and share. thanks https://youtu.be/FZPvg1RuUEA
Gilbert Fernandez Jr (2 days ago)
I am going back home now but e housekeeper position to be a new one for some time now and I will be my pleasure to wor
Gilbert Fernandez Jr (2 days ago)
いいなさんさん (3 days ago)
Coconut The Cat (5 days ago)
Taj Khan sšssšssessessšsesssessseßsßsß
Taj Khan (7 days ago)
Check out my new short film and Taj Khan playlist https://youtu.be/QnjMEeeXwiw
PATTY CHEEZE (4 hours ago)
Why is every car a stick too? Automatics are faster for drag racing. I would expect someone to know that in the high school drag championships.
Allan Nyaemo (4 hours ago)
Wow! I luv this scene it was just awesome ,,we must learn from this..
11vga (10 hours ago)
Anyone noticed S14 with S15 front:)
Andile Kundayi (21 hours ago)
Than guy is a man only real man wears purple
raymond koledoye (1 day ago)
Jonathan Tuerck In tokyo Drift
Trinidad Avila (1 day ago)
I cried😭😭😭
BEE mbilizi (1 day ago)
2019 anyone
Liam DoDDsY Dodds (1 day ago)
Love this film so much good racing movie
Simon Calvert (1 day ago)
This is your full cheesy american high school movie. Its not gonna win any oscars and you know the outcome after the first 30 mins but hey. great flick haha
Czarjr Boy (1 day ago)
ماهر 897 (2 days ago)
Keisha Gordon (2 days ago)
2018 on mote
scottab140 (2 days ago)
Lowkey FXS (3 days ago)
why are Hoonda's in this movie?
Greg Parrish (3 days ago)
Love the movie
Leo Fermag (3 days ago)
This movie is too American
Kinghulk 1055 (4 days ago)
Jake's mustang as pretty sweet tho!!
angel090706 G (4 days ago)
The 2014 Mustang GT
Stephen Ard (4 days ago)
i like this movie
hot rod daddy (4 days ago)
the my little pony generation. this is by far the worst hot rodding movie of all time. split master cylinder have been factory since 1966.%99 of you on here couldn't even figure out the math for a turbo. no way is a ricer going to beat the race ready old steel. his mommy sent him away because he was racing?. this is why you young people need a safe place . your mommies told you it was good to share your feelings..a 200 shot in that little ricer right from the line is laughable.. young kids insist that synthetic is good for everything .the factory olds big block has over 500 ft/lbs of torque..i knew this was going to be garbage when i seen the GNX painted red..they fight like girls, like the french.. dodge's pink was called panther pink..a very sought after option..
Roberto Canchola (4 days ago)
How the F**K is the car always clean...
Super nice
Mixalis Anastasiadis (4 days ago)
Its begining like tokuo drift.
022828 ryejel (4 days ago)
Anyone December 2018?
alxM3 (5 days ago)
F&F franchise: “These fools can’t just climb in the ring with Ali cuz they think they box”
Hannibal Kelil (5 days ago)
After the fight Danny has no marks like WTF at least make it to scale
jim hurley (5 days ago)
Good movie cheers
djgalaxymix (6 days ago)
I realy miss my old days DAMM l've got go bk 2 roads again
SilverHoof01 (6 days ago)
shouldn't people that care for their cars know how to fight, even if it is not about the car. Edit 35:50 "why aren't we catching up?" "because I got you two idiots in here." Me: "no, its because your V8 can't catch up to a 2.5L turbo boxer 4-cylinder. LOL" 55:00 "can your RWD beat an AWD in a launch? 55:44 I didn't think so."
Tacquan Senior (6 days ago)
Jake was like Bobo Bobo his face was shadered
Dead Ash (6 days ago)
initial d?
Jared Wilkerson (6 days ago)
The mustang driver crashes.
g. cisco (7 days ago)
Taj Khan (7 days ago)
Check out my new short film and Taj Khan playlist https://youtu.be/QnjMEeeXwiw
mono m (8 days ago)
Imports ftw
Shredbox YT (8 days ago)
I wonder how many mustangs they went through ya know by running into crowds
Very nice
مافي حد يتكلم عربي😻
Pradeep Love (9 days ago)
nice I love movie night movie
wyman clark (10 days ago)
He should have ran GC8 with H6 swap.
Everett McGee (10 days ago)
Knock off of Tokyo drift. Still a good movie though..
Langille 350 (10 days ago)
This movie is so well done. Great job to whoever made this
james ables (10 days ago)
almost like need for speed but even better
Galaxy2517 (11 days ago)
Sound effects fail on the red truck...During the burn out they used a V8 gasser sounds...lol
bomangoz (12 days ago)
Final race took 5 mins, but it took everyone 10 secs to run 1/4mile to get to the crash before the safety crew arrived. Yeah seems legit
Code Raps (12 days ago)
Copy of Tokyo drift
RUBEN EL PAISA Ent. (12 days ago)
LMFAO 22:55 The white board says VTEC 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
chailo wanks (12 days ago)
I swear imports get main character armor, even if it was in park a muscle car couldn’t beat it because plot line
TheWerFire (12 days ago)
Nice sleeper Civic
Tùng Phạm Thanh (13 days ago)
C H A T X X X . O N L I N E
Duy Vu (13 days ago)
C H A T 3 X . C O M -> C H A T X X X
DarkHorse007 (13 days ago)
I like how the 11-12 5.0 turned into a 05-09 when it crashed at the end 😂
ha boi (13 days ago)
The 87 buick grand national was the best car in this
xpert gamer (13 days ago)
Still good in 2018
Sam J (14 days ago)
Nice..... ######
I love it bit a hot female is in it
Joe Huncho (14 days ago)
Cop:You Alright? Guy: Yeah Cop: Good Put Your Hands Up Your Under Arrest😭😭
Hookuh Jones (15 days ago)
The racing was good but the acting wss worse then going 8 seconds on a bull with a hemroid
Melsi (15 days ago)
This movie's so awesome, better than any Fast and Furious save maybe Tokyo Drift.
Enee Gonzalez (15 days ago)
Tokyo Drift !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cooper Atteberry (15 days ago)
Wow what an amazing movie.!!
Im Cyxk (17 days ago)
badass movie
CRAZY HORSE (17 days ago)
@Taj Khan The acting was a bit lame just like the story line but it was a film I haven't watched so thank you for the upload
Jaydan Beling (18 days ago)
like it so much
rechpan (18 days ago)
At 1:06:21 i paused ut and saw a light face WTF😂😂😂😂😂
Shykese Hart (18 days ago)
lmmfao   that teacher Is the surprise muthafuka guy
Faze Young Beats (18 days ago)
Dope, like it ...
crashcallYT (18 days ago)
Those tires to thinn to burnout dumb mustang
Killian Snell (19 days ago)
At 1:32:02 the mustang is different
Ahmed Muse (19 days ago)
Please post more movies. Thanks
marilou navarro (19 days ago)
I like.his purple shoes..
Jonathan Yu (19 days ago)
On 52:04, is I love to wear that woman’s jeans
DopeyFresh (20 days ago)
"He's like a superhero!" Rofl this has to be the worst ever wannabe F&F remake in existence hahahaha omfg even the parody movies got it down better lmfao!
austin stockton (20 days ago)
I wish it was that easy “go on a date with me” “sure”
MarioDoesSpagetti (21 days ago)
Mustang boi’s logic: JDM = rice rocket
MarioDoesSpagetti (21 days ago)
Vetc detected
Robert Lane (21 days ago)
Wonderful Movie 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
sleeper honda (21 days ago)
I mean at the end of the movie you got to remember that he says not to rev it to high and it was a mustang it did what it was made to do crash
Devin Hill (21 days ago)
This is better than fast and furious
Sue Iranka (21 days ago)
You morons, nobody cares when you watched the goddamn movie! Assholes
Paulini Yavala (22 days ago)
Got rice? #❤thismovie
Mark Shusteric (22 days ago)
that subaru would beat that mustang every time lol
Michael Wood (22 days ago)
Love this film but only just realised that’s the kid off Jack Frost 😱
Elizardo Zamora (22 days ago)
Gear Bang Gang (22 days ago)
lmao" I only let you race for them because I thought it would keep you out of trouble"
RobloxFireHorseGamer (23 days ago)
I love this movie i already looked this 5 times!!!
YoungMJoe (23 days ago)
fast and furious inspired
killa stormz (23 days ago)
Horrible Sound track and the main character is Not no 17 that fools hair line say 33 and his nose is so annoying ... he is not believable what so ever. THis is such C grade trash couldnt stand this Danny Hernandez crap. LOL you kids who like this crack me up.
Carlos G (23 days ago)
First car I wanted was a Subaru because of this movie and now I own a mustang lol
350zWolf24 (23 days ago)
the acting is terrible
Stephen Mike (23 days ago)
i love it nice video
Dali (23 days ago)
Lol...when he was trying to fix his car and went to start it without pressing the clutch...mhm
Mike Mendoza (19 days ago)
I don't have to push in the clutch to start my cars.
darnish dev (23 days ago)
Super movieeeè.....
Rudicon 4U (24 days ago)
In typical fashion the American peace of crap lost control and caught fire.
Blake Nowling (24 days ago)
Bro they really flamed danny for driving a four banger like thw whole time
Chris Hunt (24 days ago)
I love how the comments is just a bunch of kids talking about mustangs hitting crowds and how imports are the only fast cars in existence and then they don’t know anything but skylines and civics 😂😂
NICK smith (24 days ago)
This movie is one of the best. 2.5 v 4 Vs 5.0 v8.it's really perfect
꧁༺ iEnVy ༻꧂ (25 days ago)
I love this movie... And all the subies
SoyPlayz (25 days ago)
Just want to ruin this whole movie right quick the white sti is a stick (manual) 47:25 he starts the car threw the window without putting the clutch in Poof movie destroyed
SoyPlayz (25 days ago)
Another one beginning of the drag if I’m correct I believe I heard it say that Danny’s sti was the only 4 “banger” But at 1:25:31 you got another in blue right in the front row

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