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Zenhiser Transformer Drummer experimental robotic drum samples

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Checking out a robotic, industrial, transformer styled drum library from Zenhiser. If you like techy/experimental drum samples, this may be one to checkout. Product link: https://www.zenhiser.com/products/Transformer-Drummer-By-ZenFX.html Rate the product: http://boomandbap.com/zenhiser-transformer-drummer/ Subscribe to my drum channel to see these videos first http://youtube.com/boomandbap Follow on Twitter http://twitter.com/soundsandgear
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Text Comments (21)
SoundsAndGear (5 years ago)
no problem, thanks for watching
Zeyon (5 years ago)
Sounds like a really cool pack, thanks for sharing!
SoundsAndGear (5 years ago)
thanks for watching!
SoundsAndGear (5 years ago)
yeah indeed, they got some cool stuff too!
Roderick Mack (5 years ago)
I like what I'm hearing, reminds me of s-layer or monstrosities a lil' bit.
SoundsAndGear (5 years ago)
thanks for checkin it out fam!
Alexis Garcia (5 years ago)
Sick vid man
Alexis Garcia (5 years ago)
Man those kits sound really sick, might have to hop on these
wizztizzlm (5 years ago)
could it be that a couple of those kicks, you used in the beats you laid down, were panned a bit more to one side or entirely?
SoundsAndGear (5 years ago)
thanks for watching man, just showcasing the drums, thanks for the comment!
RetzyWilliams (5 years ago)
Another on the spot instant hit, incredible. These beat making programs just don't pose the challenge to you. You ace them right away. Thumbs up!
SoundsAndGear (5 years ago)
no doubt, I think you already seen this, just reposting from the drum channel, usually about a week or more later than a do over there :)
Uprightest (5 years ago)
Definitely experimental but usable. Thanks for the review
SoundsAndGear (5 years ago)
thanks for watching!
OfficialAbass (5 years ago)
i love your vids thx! ^^
SoundsAndGear (5 years ago)
yeah man these things sound great, thanks for watching
This sounds great man, will deffo grab a purchase. Thanks for the video. Sounds are just in my producing range
SoundsAndGear (5 years ago)
thanks for checkin fam!
wer1lifeproductions (5 years ago)
Dope!! I pray all is well St.!!
SoundsAndGear (5 years ago)
hahahahaha lol, them joints nice man lol
DMV-P (5 years ago)
Yo, St. Joe, @3:08 or so it was feeling good huh? Then you dropped the bomb @3:17. My man! These catz better be breaking you off hommie. Good stuff once again!

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