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Text Comments (66)
Drea Slays (3 days ago)
Love your video, (p.s we have the same name!)
Chen Isabella (3 months ago)
Great video love it! Thank you I am getting LV lol
The Brunette Press (4 months ago)
Love the bags! Thanks for sharing 😀 That YSL bag is life!🙌🏽
Jackie F (6 months ago)
Love this video!! I’ve been going back and forth with my next purchase which I want to be a day to night so this definitely helped :) ... regarding the light colored Gucci, do you have any issues with color transfer? Love that one but afraid of wearing it with jeans.
Drea Beauty (5 months ago)
I haven't had any problems with color transfer but because it is a light leather I would definitely just be careful. I have honestly used it so many times and it is still in perfect condition :)
Patricia Smith (7 months ago)
Love the handbags but give me one of tho pretty handbad lol very pretty
min 1108 (10 months ago)
LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! Can u do a update video ab the Pochette metis,after u using for a while,got any glazing issues? I heard a lot of people got this issues though😥. Thank u!
maya lee (11 months ago)
Don't believe guys, don't be fool...you'll regrets later like me..after 10 yrs finding out it's fake.
maya lee (11 months ago)
Sorry but I stop paying so much money in America for BRAND PURSES like LV, so ripoff,,, way back in the 90 I bought a LV shoulder purse I paid 700 hundreds for it, till now I still have it and it's fake...so don't be fool people just because it's sold in the USA and it's at the mall doesn't mean it's real...cause that's where I got mines too, at the mall in AMERICA , and the SHIT IS FAKE.
Sharon Damongeot (1 year ago)
Marie C. You can speak for yourself , I am writing to someone else so mind your own business !
Donyelle Hill (1 year ago)
Hi what’s the name of that Louis Vuttion bag it’s gorgeous?
Drea Beauty (1 year ago)
Hi love, everything is linked in the description box! <3
Gabriel Divina (1 year ago)
Everyone should have at least one Chanel bag
EneSltnn (1 year ago)
I want to take this bag as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend http://bit.ly/2ybFXbP
JerricaNavarro (1 year ago)
Nice collection 👌🏽
Lou123 (1 year ago)
That necklace is so cute
joannkole (1 year ago)
Very nice thanks
carmelatte (1 year ago)
I love all your bags <3 http://carmelatte.co
Sharon Damongeot (1 year ago)
You say "I feel like it is beautiful ". You may feel it sounds normal to speak like that but in Britain that sounds hill billy English !
Sharon Damongeot (1 year ago)
Your handbags are very beautiful. You are pretty one but!!!! You say "like" so many times it makes you look a bit uneducated. No more critics you are gracious , sweet and have good taste.
Marie C (1 year ago)
Sharon Damongeot 8 I doubt she is uneducated. Can you afford to live on your own at that young age AND still be able to afford designer hand bags? I doubt it.
Luxury Wholesale (1 year ago)
Nice Video and Collection !
Qing Xu (1 year ago)
All Pretty
Jakyung Rhee (1 year ago)
Which lipstick did u use on your lips? Gorgeous
Elisa Youssef (1 year ago)
the first one looks really cheap
Andy Zaturno (1 year ago)
Queen Andrea, are you latino?
Kasia My Full House (1 year ago)
Just found you. I am sticking :)
martina14890 (1 year ago)
So you basically listed the current most popular and trendy styles. Nothing classic here.
lei zhu (11 months ago)
martina14890 I was gonna say that. Especially the jw Anderson bag. I like all her bags (besides jw Anderson bag), even though they are all trendy
Tanya McCoy (1 year ago)
Love the bags. The clarity of your camera is amazing!
Anabela B. (1 year ago)
I don't know much about you but since you are wearing a cross necklace I assume you have some Christian believes. All the brands you mentioned are owned by satanists and members of the illuminati and they adorn the designs with occult symbolism particularly Gucci and Ysl. Channel and LV were supporters of Nazi movement during WW2. Please do some research and at least educate yourself before you part with thousands for a handbag
Zooey Palafox (9 months ago)
Anabela B. Lmfao you troll 😆
bamsalinas (1 year ago)
What camera are you using? 😊
Jabou baa (1 year ago)
I have that exact same Gucci beige bag and I love it
Jabou baa (1 year ago)
Funny my first designer bag is a LV as well.
Mel S (1 year ago)
Can you do a video going through your week workout routine? Like which days you lift weights, which days you do cardio and how many times, in the morning, at night. That'd stuff would be great!
Egle Bar (1 year ago)
the bull bag will go out of fashion soon....
Erika Chan (1 year ago)
I need to get my life together, stop buying junk food and save it for an expensiveeeee purseeeeee
Jayl (1 year ago)
I think we have similar tastes in bags I have 3 out of the bags you mentioned. Ysl black with gold hardware - though I think the black hardware is even better makes it more versatile for night and day! Pochette metis empreinte noire. Though I'm also lusting for the mono but didn't have the chance to get it when I was travelling... waitlist on the mono! And the Chloe Faye in grey though I dropped funnel cake strawberry syrup on it so it's slightly stained 😰. The Chloe Faye is so delicate so I don't think it's something I would recommend to splurge on... probably inspired looks is a better bet so it doesn't break your heart watching the wear and tear process
Tony Mullenix (1 year ago)
Thanks so much, Drea! Saw your video and purchased my mom the exact LV bag you have here. She loved it!!! Thanks for the recommendation. Great video and your very pretty.
Janina Loves (1 year ago)
Really good video! The LV is on my list! :)
litsa (1 year ago)
this is a great video! Thanks for all the info. :)
Stephanie Hofmann (1 year ago)
I love your choices! 😘
Adele Elzinga (1 year ago)
Pochette Metis is an amazing bag. Probably my favorite LV bag.
Shirin Van Dort (1 year ago)
Totally agree 😍👍
Andrea Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Love your videos! What are your go-to's for touch ups or things you take on the go for just a natural look.
Kat F (1 year ago)
Great video babe!! Just a question!! What camera do you use?!? Love the quality! Xoxox
Julia Christiansen (1 year ago)
Great collections ♥️
Nickey Wonder (1 year ago)
Loved most of these!! I am trying so hard to get down to a small bag, but its so hard lol.
Sharon Laux (1 year ago)
This is my first time ever commenting on a youtube video, I subscribed to your channel a while back after 2 minutes of watching you. I've seen fair amount of other youtube videos in the past few years and have even contemplated here and there about starting my own channel which was how I came across your channel actually, from watching your video about your filming equipments and set up. Now, I'm really having a hard time understanding why you don't have over a million subscribers.?? You have one of the best quality channel/videos on here and your content is amazing, I can tell you put a lot of work in to it, You're drop dead gorgeous and so natural at this. I know it shouldn't matter how many subscribers you have and blah blah blah but that shit is frustrating to me AF!
Luly Hernandez (1 year ago)
Thank the Lord!!! I thought I missed a video since I haven't had power for the last week because of Hurricane Irma :(( thankfully Miami wasn't hit that bad. Hope you were safe and everything's okay!
Ashley Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Does the nude Gucci stain easily? Like against denim? I've been in between the nude and the black.
T0103 (8 months ago)
Ashley Rodriguez I’ve had my nude soho disco bag for 6 months and I wear it with dark jeans all the time, no color transfer! The only complain I have is that the zipper is hard to close without two hands, so the top corners of my bag already has little scuffles from my hands constantly pulling it. 😞 But I still love the bag!!!
K Garcia (1 year ago)
Ashley Rodriguez bought the nude disco soho bag and i dont wear it with dark clothes and jeans to prevent color transfer
moonlightsadness (1 year ago)
I love that you also include bags that are similar yet affordable. Thanks so much!
Jackiebebss (1 year ago)
Actually LOVED this video and haven't seen anything like it before. Can't afford half those bags, but definitely goals. If I hit my youtube subscriber goal by end of year, maybe I'll splurge and buy myself the YSL one.. amazing <3
ladyangarika (1 year ago)
where is your cross necklace from?
Nina Cubana (1 year ago)
The gucci and LV one are on my list as soon as i have money ill get them 2 😍 thank you for your video ! It was helpfull
Katheryne Ayala (1 year ago)
Love your videos 💕
Lauren (1 year ago)
This is an awesome dupe for the Gucci disco bag! I love mine!! https://www.dsw.com/en/us/product/camera-crossbody-bag/386019?cm_mmc=CSE-_-GPS-_-G_Shopping_AllProducts-_-All_Products&cadevice=m
whiterosesandlipstick (1 year ago)
How do you not get more views/likes/subscribers? I love your videos ❤️
Hope Williams (1 year ago)
Why don't you post more 😩
Blake Lisser (10 months ago)
Drea Beauty Louis Vuitton Pochette metis comes in a less flasher leather
Drea Beauty (1 year ago)
I'm sorry love, I've had the craziest past few months with school and now Hurricane Irma so I'm getting back on track and I promise I will be posting a lot more! <3
Maggie ia (1 year ago)
Kely Noemi (1 year ago)
First !!! Do more fitness videos pleeeeeease!!! 🙌🏾

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