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Glory Hole Repair

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This is the greatest wall repairing of All Time
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Text Comments (10575)
phanny pack (2 hours ago)
Boner Barricade!
Gordon Schnick (6 hours ago)
*M A R T H A Y O U C L U M S Y S L U T*
χ2c Gaming (9 hours ago)
*y o u d o t h e m a t h*
Exchanger4ever (10 hours ago)
First it's whipped cream, after it's shaving cream, after it's wall in a can,
Brendan Hauser (10 hours ago)
Bruh just use Flex Wall duh
ShadowWolfPup_ Playz (10 hours ago)
Stoned Batman (11 hours ago)
Thank God!!! Something funny at last! Just watched a ton of lame ass shit...
Alejandro Olivera (11 hours ago)
My house is made of concrete...
Bert the Builder (13 hours ago)
The Pebble (19 hours ago)
“More holes than a block of cheese in this motherfucker” actually made me laugh out loud
VancouverCanucksRock (22 hours ago)
Kids fighting over who gets to do the cleaning....LOL good one!
Salty Seamen (1 day ago)
_G I M M E T H A T W A L L B I T C H_
Racinq (1 day ago)
Matt Mccoy (1 day ago)
God damn that was a good idea
Cthu- -luu (1 day ago)
H... wh... HOW DID I GET HERE?!
EJ Estonactoc (1 day ago)
good shit
superplerp (1 day ago)
This is the best video ever
1000 subs with no videos (18 hours ago)
Jäger WFA (1 day ago)
"Gimme that wall *****"
Treptic (1 day ago)
Why dont we have more people like this in the world?
Adee Cooper (1 day ago)
2018 brought us wall in a can.
Sydney Grenkow (1 day ago)
1:34 ok this mother fucker looks like he was playing in that shit, that doesn't just happen! *oh darn looks like I got this allllll oooover my self, better use that liquid dry wall instead*
toolboy1212p (1 day ago)
z z Z z z 💤 😴👎
frootube (1 day ago)
Boner barricade killed me
Christian Laverty (1 day ago)
The biggest advantage to sheet rock construction is cost. There's no doubt about that, but it's not just a benifit to the contractors or the development company. The savings get passed down to the consumer. This puts more nice homes into the hands of the middle class, which could be argued is as American as baseball and Apple pie. Another small consideration is that you can often fit more insulation behind sheet rock than you can with the older styles of construction. Presumably this would lead to lower energy costs for heating and cooling depending on what insulation is used. On another small note I'm a commercial/industrial electrician but I often take residential side jobs on weekends. If a customer wants to add another circuit or accent lighting, smart home integration/modification, electric car charger, etc I can cut out the sheet rock, do what I need, and then patch it up, sand it if needed, paint it, and be done. I can do it so fast and with such cheap and inexpensive material that I often dont even consider drywall repair in the bid I provide to the customer. All that being said, if I was to build a home for myself tomorrow and money was not an object, I wouldn't use drywall lol
Otaku - Kun (1 day ago)
But the question is , can you fix an asshole with it.
TPG evilboi (1 day ago)
anyone notice at 1:10 his hand is in another direction in the close up
lor (1 day ago)
“im filling more holes than a male porn star”
UnknownHuman (1 day ago)
What if there is a big hole in the house?
TP FILMS (2 days ago)
We can fix the wall but not bad parenting
Big Nut (2 days ago)
If you think about it, there are a lot of penises in the world
Hannah Wade (2 days ago)
I'm fillin more holes than a m a l e p O r n s t a r tonight
Capsle (2 days ago)
i'm here from GD DuhPowah
Watch the real video just search up jaboody dubs
krystal moon (2 days ago)
Who else thought it was a commercial for the first 30 sec of the video Just me ok
Ignitor 810592 (2 days ago)
Willem (2 days ago)
ROFL so good !
hallo jumbo (2 days ago)
at 1:17 that guys is like ah fuck did i just hit the wall? SHIT
Rylee Grace (2 days ago)
m Ꭺ Ꮢ Ꮖ h Ꭺ Ꮍ Ꮎ u Ꮯ Ꮮ u m s Ꮍ s Ꮮ u Ꮖ
Anthony G (2 days ago)
This shit was funny
D. Cho (2 days ago)
Why... why the fuck... would you...
King (2 days ago)
You got an asshole on your wall? Buttplugged LOL
red_head_ri (2 days ago)
Oml im dying😂😂
Rambo Et Pipaas (2 days ago)
Will it fill my insecurity?
FBI (3 days ago)
*wall in a can muthafucker*
Mr. Paley (3 days ago)
May contain asbestos.
P_A_N_D_A PANDA (3 days ago)
Watch out for the white sticky stuff
Ash Y (3 days ago)
Best 1 minute and 37 seconds of my life ... Thanks dude
Willow Hicks (3 days ago)
Wtf YouTube recommendations
Cear Rose (3 days ago)
Bingo bango bongo that dick be gone yo
Royale Channel (3 days ago)
I dont need that because i live in europe, houses are made from concrete, and bricks, not like the shitty us houses, that are filled with air.
Adam (3 days ago)
seriously, why tf would the kids be fighting over a broom?? lmao
Adam (3 days ago)
lmao this is hilarious!
wheelitzr2 (3 days ago)
"Martha you clumsy slut!"
Mattia Trovato (3 days ago)
That wall is made of shit
Jadyn Sage (3 days ago)
“goodness me more holes then a block of cheese in this motherfucker”
Leonardo Felici (3 days ago)
Or just have a normal brick wall
tt's life (3 days ago)
This is categorized as gaming
Timotje25 (3 days ago)
Good thing houses in Europe aren't made from fucking drywalls and cheap wood
Hasan Shaikh (3 days ago)
This should be a Rick & Morty inter-dimensional advertisement
Julia Camara (3 days ago)
Kyle Harshaw (3 days ago)
Sebi Liz (4 days ago)
This makes me wanna buy. It more than the original commercial
Is Martha phoebe from friends?!??!
Lucinda (4 days ago)
W h e n S a n s G o t h i r e d f o r t h i s ( idk why i say this... )
The real mercy ♡ (4 days ago)
Joshua Bryant (4 days ago)
This is just priceless
Windex Dispenser (4 days ago)
I had to do this cause there was a wiener sticking out of my wall
hvcnyc (4 days ago)
*whoopies* *you* *got* *a* *little* *asshole* *in* *your* *wall?* *butt* *plugged,* *no problem.*
Borney TM (4 days ago)
*This is a wall in a can motherfucker*
Felix (4 days ago)
The realy joke here is who the fuck builds with drywall???
Zerovity (4 days ago)
There's a wall in the wall 😂👌
Just 99 (4 days ago)
this is why i use youtube
飛騨zip (4 days ago)
The hole part is not that serious. Getting the right paint is a pain in the ass.
Popsos360 (5 days ago)
I wuld bye this
kirby {uwu} (5 days ago)
She's like HAHAAAAAAAA oh sh*t the wall
TuhFakin Fwauk (5 days ago)
*Jejerking wants to know your location*
CPU Virtualization (5 days ago)
I installed liquid dry wall in my can of walls
Dan Brant (5 days ago)
Whoopsy you got a lil asshole in your wall, B U T T PL U GG ED
ohbogey (5 days ago)
Working with gay anus?
Saltlife Fishing (5 days ago)
Am dying
This Is Wall In A Can Mother F u c k e r
Domin8or Ve (5 days ago)
Gosh I thought I was getting to watch a real glory hole
Jacsky (5 days ago)
hurusan41 (5 days ago)
Read the title Couldn't wait to read the comments Did not disappoint :)
Naughty Ron (5 days ago)
theres a fililino Youtuber that do this thing he's name is "Glocco"
Violet Thorne (5 days ago)
It's wall in a can m o t h e r f u c k e r
Titus james (5 days ago)
And only on america theres a hole in a wall when you touch it
Craig Lavelle (5 days ago)
1:05 to 1:15 in the close ups the hand is the opposite way round 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
riano 1125 2 (5 days ago)
Just put flex tape
QwakeyQwak (6 days ago)
This is sooooo funny 😁
swag boy123 (6 days ago)
Tim Swayne (6 days ago)
You sound like mordecai from Regular Show
The people who disliked this are actual hellspawns with no funny bone
Matthews Irish (6 days ago)
I don't give a single fuck who u are, u are now my god, my lord, my saviour, Jesus and shaggy are both quaking in their boot
Tyrannotitan (6 days ago)
Just patch, bond, seal and repair!
YoungSha22 (6 days ago)
I hate you spiderman
ScreechingChild _ (6 days ago)
Now that walls on your wall
what if the bullet loses force after passing a clumsy slut and it's still sticking out?.... i bet there's a solution Bullet Hammer... making life easier just for you!!!
Dakot Qc (6 days ago)
Kinda sold it to me

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