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Why men have nipples | RS101 Portuguese

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PORTUGUESE VLOG 57 Answering all of your questions in English!
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P Last Name (1 month ago)
You should use your nipples as your channel thumbnail.
xCUBITUSx (4 months ago)
someone has been playing with his nipples a little too much XD
RickySeaman (4 months ago)
xCUBITUSx got that right!
Kelly Miller (4 months ago)
Yay! I'm actually teaching ukulele now! You should totally get one.
tá meio bixarada esse video hj em mano kkkkkk #VaiCorinthians
Rick Angelico (4 months ago)
What is your background?
RickySeaman (4 months ago)
French and Scottish?
Rick Angelico (4 months ago)
RickySeaman I can tell that, what I meant English/Jewish/Scotch/German etc..
RickySeaman (4 months ago)
Rick Angelico White American gringo
Manoela Gomes (4 months ago)
O Palmeiras não tem mundial
out about (4 months ago)
Do you have a calender coming out??
RickySeaman (4 months ago)
out about not yet, that’s a great idea
Norum (4 months ago)
Acho que a maioria dos teus vídeos você sempre tá comendo, cara! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
LinoGermano (4 months ago)
Melhor do que estar cagando. Kk!
Rodrigo Patriota (4 months ago)
Hoje é dia de Corinthians 💪🏻
bertoniandre (4 months ago)
No power? I bet a tree fell on the power line during the storm
ManchinhaMV (4 months ago)
Show, vai Palmeiras
Léo Bellɑ Cruz (4 months ago)
Top men , vai Corinthians !!!
Vovó Malfada. (4 months ago)
Já cheguei dando like! Abraço Gringo.

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