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Car Parts Auto Part Fix & Repair ~ Cars Trucks For Sale Parting Out Video Review

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Car Lot Walk Around ~ Need Parts? ~ Cool Unique Cars Trucks For Sale Parting Out Video Review http://www.1OwnerCarGuy.com This is a walk around of my neighbors yard that he has a bunch of cars on. If you see anything that you like and want to buy let me know and I can get if for you cheap. Want the whole car? or just some parts? I can help you out. I will be glad to help you out with anything you need. He does have some cool unique stuff in here but also has a lot of higher miles not so clean cars that just aren't what I do. But they are cheap and you can get a heck of a deal on them. Here is the Soda Steam link Free Shipping and $10 off http://www.stockgambles.com/stock-gambles-blog.html Make sure and check Out My channel I have Lots of 1 & 2 Owner Cars Trucks and SUV's on there and I sell them Cheap Also If You Subscribe You won't Miss out..;-) I Have a few Channels You can Access them Via My Main Channel page or also you can See the Links I post Below I will Also Post links to My websites and Facebook so you don't Miss any of the action Sign Up Everywhere!!..;-) Cheers Nathan Wratislaw AKA 1 Owner Car Guy 406-544-6919 Make sure and visit Some of My Websites Below I do All Sorts of Unique Things..;-) http://www.1ownercarguy.com http://www.cerealmarshmallows.com http://www.Beaglespocket.com http://www.ClickWebs.com http://www.Hardener.com http://www.missoulaautoauction.com http://www.vita-depot.com http://www.Nathanwratislaw.com Also Make Sure And ADD Me or Subscribe on Facebook & Youtube http://www.facebook.com/cerealmarshmallows And For Youtube I have 2 channels you may want to add http://www.youtube.com/user/cerealmarshmallows http://www.youtube.com/user/1ownercarguy http://www.youtube.com/user/stockgambles http://www.youtube.com/user/montanamuscle Send Me Hate Mail or Goodies & Stuff to show on Youtube 1 Owner Car Guy (Nathan Wratislaw) PO Box 2505 Lakeside, CA 92040 No Ticking items please..;-) "Car Parts" "Auto Parts" "Parts For Sale" "Auto Part" Car Cars Parts Part Auto Find Buy Get See Rare Relay Cheap Truck "Car Lot" Walkaround "Hard to Find" Cool Unique Trucks SUV "For Sale" "Parting Out" "Video Review" Ford "Mercedes Benz" Lincoln "Town Car" Pontiac Firebird "Trans Am" Nissan Explorer Part Wheels Honda Accord Prelude Civic Chrysler "Volvo 960" "Grand Prix" GTP Supercharged Cadillac Eldorado See Get Buy Sell Cheap Deal Deals Search Google Youtube Video Videos
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David Spillman (4 years ago)
All Pulsars of that generation have T-tops-the hatch is also easily removable for a near-convertible. They also made a wagon back accessory top you can swap in in place of the hatch.
HammerHeadmotorsfl (5 years ago)
Make selection from a huge number of models of commercial truck for sale and its various types with qualitative approach and get the best purchasing option of trucks as well as trailers at selected truck sites.
Lawrence Eich (5 years ago)
Hey Nathan, I need a center consoul cover for an 2001-2006 chevy suburban with the spongy leather vinyl lid in grey if posible! I can get one on ebay for $120 but I'd like to spend as little as possible do to being poor.   [email protected]
David Senn (5 years ago)
Cool man, well anyways keep up the cool videos especially the newer one with the how to's, its neat to see behind the scenes.
armyman20015 (5 years ago)
whats the story with the 3rd gen at 14:47 ?
David Senn (5 years ago)
you mean autostick when you referred to the automatic vw squareback
VazDrae Studios (5 years ago)
Yeah, it does depend on the state, but most dont. I live in the state of Wisconsin and we don't have to do anything like that. Just have to have the yearly licence plate renewal, and if you have a registered plate your good to go. However, I do think that would probably be a good idea to have cars checked up, as i see some real crap on the road... lol
canadiancatgreen (5 years ago)
funny when I saw the black car I thought of Jaguar and Rolls Royce or Bentley type car but also thought of another company I forgot the name of i remember know it is Tatra never saw many of them so I could be wrong
fsj66 (5 years ago)
That first black car, isn't that a 60's phantom Rolls Royce?
Stephen S. (5 years ago)
Sorry, the only thing is that my driveway is at full occupancy of V-Dubs. I have 7 of them. 4 Westie's and 2 Love bugs, and 1 squarebacks. I would own all of them in the world if I could. But, sadly the neighborhood association does not want me to have more. They consider it as a small eyesore.
Stephen S. (5 years ago)
I really love those old V-DUBS!!!! I want them aaaaaallllll!!!!!! VW's are my favorite car. I need that SquareBack. Did I also see a late 80's Vanagon?
Stephen S. (5 years ago)
I really love those V-DUB's. I need that SquareBack wagen. Did I also see a vanagon?
Mr. Cairo (5 years ago)
Love that 92-93 Explorer. That is the original Jurassic Park car after the YJ's of course.
ARednecksLife (5 years ago)
I thanks a lot of the car shows should show more the rare cars, try to build interest in the more rare cars instead of always showing Mustangs Camaros ECT.
Jacob1986 (5 years ago)
What brand is the mikado truck?
Bobby West (5 years ago)
What a great video for the car nut I wish that I could have every single one of those cars. I love an old good car that runs well but hasn't in a long time. Half of those suckers would start and be drivable with a new battery and air in the tires. Where did they all come from?
Bobby West (5 years ago)
In the Lincon town car, do you think it could have been a can of great: stuff foam insulation exploding?
Musicman The FAM (5 years ago)
8:16 must of been a zombie that someone shot? lol jk Looks like it could be the radio that it exploded since there's no radio? It's a mystery.
YouDontWannaFightMe (5 years ago)
My sister has a 1989 nissan stanza that needs a new headlight assembly for one of the headlights. Much of the silver paint has also worn off the front and back bumpers. Could you let me know if you just happen to find one of them. They're a rare sight these days
YouDontWannaFightMe (5 years ago)
That green nissan is a sentra coupe
YouDontWannaFightMe (5 years ago)
What happened to that town car?
YouDontWannaFightMe (5 years ago)
I saw a Chevy Mikado about a month ago and was like "what the hell is that" i was driving by and it was parked. I saw it quickly and only caught the first two letters of the name. I tried googling it, but had no luck. Thanks for showing it to us. Now I know what it is!
alexrod71497 (5 years ago)
When are you going to do a review on the ford crew cab
Fredrik Strandberg (5 years ago)
I like that Eldo-or whatever :)
BasicallyDrunk (5 years ago)
@ 8:50, is that a 4-door Ford Bronco?
mark (5 years ago)
holy shit a volkswagen rabbit pick up i always wanted one i think ive had every other vw except that one
Andrew Walker (5 years ago)
And the Jaguar Mark 9 was a 3.8 litre. Is that an auto or manual?
crunkenergy93 (5 years ago)
With Smith gauges that is prob a Jaguar
integraz32lover2 (5 years ago)
That S60 would be a great car to fix and sell for a lot
The Great Falloni (5 years ago)
My grandma has an s60. Comfiest car I've ever sat it as long as you weigh less than 170 lbs and less than 6' tall haha
jesse234455 (5 years ago)
Oh and Nate, I would see if you could buy that from him, their extremely rare and worth a GOOD penny!
jesse234455 (5 years ago)
That is an old Jag Mark IX I believe. Jaguar used Smith gauges in most of their pre-70's vehicles.
tornjarvis (5 years ago)
Can you get a set of slotted mags like on the ranchero for a Chevy truck 5x5 bolt pattern?????
Mark hoffman (5 years ago)
that shoebox Ford is probably a 1950
Mark hoffman (5 years ago)
Dad bought the 76, my brother totaled it in 1985.. 53,000 miles.. 225 slant 6, bulletproof engine
Mark hoffman (5 years ago)
a blast from the past.. used to work with a lady that had a Pulsar.. I had to run errands one day, she gave me money so I could gas up while I was out.. automatic.. nice car The Aspen wagon is cool also. My dad wanted one in 1977, I went to the dealer, all loaded SE models, with woodgrain.. no way.. took a brochure home, figured we would have to order one.. on the way home, passed the Oldsmobile dealers used car lot.. 76 Aspen wagon, white, blue interior, 8 months old 7,300 miles.
DELTA912420 (5 years ago)
The hole vehicle I want. Tan on Tan two-tone paint. I'll get a video up and see.
James Quigley (5 years ago)
Thats rare finding a "Square" styled Explorer in '95
MrThat70svan (5 years ago)
The VW was a rare automatic,NOT an autostick, The Autostick looks just like a 4 speed nob with no console
MrThat70svan (5 years ago)
It was a Volari with an Aspen tail gat or an Aspen with a Volari grill,lol
SteelCity1981 (5 years ago)
your alternate name one junker car guy. :)
DELTA912420 (5 years ago)
I need to see a 1950's dodge M37 or power wagon.. I got a bed trailer and the tailgate is all jacked. A detailed video of an Early 50's Dodge would be sweet..If you get one in id love to see it.
DELTA912420 (5 years ago)
I need 1984 Ranger or Bronco II parts. 2.8L V6 a/t 4x4
fastfiatjames t (5 years ago)
im guessing that squareback was a 1969 and it was the first vw with a truly automatic gear box before they only had a automatic clutch as an optional extra. pretty cool!
Yannick de Vries (5 years ago)
By far the best looking Explorer. Always thinking of Jurassic Park with that plexiglass roof :D
june201955 (5 years ago)
Not long ago I transported cars & trucks (repo's) for an auction. It's amazing what you can find in them at times. Coins, cash, jewelry, tools, etc..
Foxeema TV (5 years ago)
I think the first one is a Jag and other is 49 or 50 Ford Rob From Canada, Nathan did I tell you my my dad worked at Studebaker in Hamiton Ontario 19 years till they closed in 1966
Matt Mascarenas (5 years ago)
that squareback was a full automatic transmission....in the late 60s and early 70s vw did make an auto stick....you could shift it and there was no clutch!!!my ex girlfriend had one in high school...cool concept but they had a few problems
Santiauto99 (5 years ago)
6:14 that gen explorer is the best
Matt Mascarenas (5 years ago)
that prelude could have came with an f22a or a h23 dohc or the bad boy h22a dohc vtec....all great motors...
Sondre Raa (5 years ago)
Sweet vid! Show us the derby car!! :)
DirtFloorGarage32 (5 years ago)
Ok thanks man
King Dom (5 years ago)
I wonder what happened to that Lincoln. Did the AC unit explode or something? Nice exterior though. LMAO with the Contour with the missing wing.
Chase Carter (5 years ago)
Any firebirds in thd 1979 era?
GomerPyleM14 (5 years ago)
Well the reason why there low millage is because they have more problems then any other GM Cadillac product. My Grandmother had a 98 with 50K miles the damn thing needed $2500 worth of work when it was garaged and well kept. Kind of a rant i know but it is such a Pile of shit.
as d (5 years ago)
Lol he must have lost 80 horsepower XD
A. Dange (5 years ago)
The volkswagen caddy is so cool preety rare around my parts!
Doug Odyssey (5 years ago)
what exploded in that Ford/Lincoln?
DirtFloorGarage32 (5 years ago)
Oh ya and happy 4th of July Nate :)
DirtFloorGarage32 (5 years ago)
Ok my bad it was worth a try lol but I need non faded gauges for my conversion of my 92
Evan Tumelty (5 years ago)
How much for that supercharged Pontiac
bren seventies (5 years ago)
thanks for the shout out but I had a s80 which I sold now I have a 240 wagon plus a donor car for any parts I need :)
Mike Baer (5 years ago)
grand prix gtp.. aka "got transmission problems" regardless still love em hahs
11094DEREK (5 years ago)
prelude comes with a h22 v-tec of course guys pick them in their civics lol
GomerPyleM14 (5 years ago)
That looked like a stink bug lol. Cadillac CrapTera's all around
DirtFloorGarage32 (5 years ago)
Hey how much do u think I could get the instrument cluster or rpm gauge out of that iroc z
DirtFloorGarage32 (5 years ago)
1ownerpartsguy it got a ring to it lol
canadiancatgreen (5 years ago)
what is the car next to the Volvo and between the van and the jeep?

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