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11 DIY Christmas recycled crafts tutorial / HOW TO!

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11 DIY Easy Recycled Christmas crafts/decoration tutorial 1. Paint Brush Santa (00:06) You will need: paint brush, felt fabric, acrylic paint, red pom pom, plastic eyeball with self-adhesive sticker, beads, glue gun. 2. Flower Pot Ornament (Snowman) (1:45) You will need: Flower pot, felt fabric, ribbon, pom poms, glue gun, sponge, acrylic paint, paint brush. 3.Light Bulb Decoration (5:22) You will need: light bulb, acrylic paint, red fabric, paint brush, Christmas twine, sponge, glue gun, brown paper. 4. Wine Cork Reindeer (7:30) You will need: Wine cork, glue gun, ribbon, plastic eyeball, beads 5. Ping Pong Christmas craft (8:50) You will need: ping pong ball, glue gun, red yarn, felt fabric, fabric paint, ribbon, twine, sponge, acrylic paint, paint brush. 6. Pine Cone Santa (11:46) You will need: pine cone, santa cap, glue gun, twine, pom pom. 7. Snowman (12:42) You will need: Unimasa Storage / Fish bowl, glue gun, white deco snow, Christmas decoration, felt fabric, ribbon 8. Rudolph Reindeer Lollipop (15:50) You will need: Lollipop, hard paper, color pens, double-sided tape, ribbon, plastic eyeball. 9. Christmas Candle (18:08) You will need: Pyramid template, green paper, double-sided tape, puncher, led candle, glue, glitter. 10. Christmas Handkerchief Wreath (20:10) You will need: Christmas handkerchief, cardboard, stapler, glue gun, gift bag, twine. 11. Mason Jar Christmas Light (22:43) You will need: Mason Jar, ornament paper, double-sided tape, Christmas decoration, twine, candle, glue gun.
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Text Comments (39)
raj kumar (3 days ago)
Michelle Staunton (8 days ago)
Surely that is a fire hazard!
Lucia C (8 days ago)
Really cute ideas! Thanks for sharing!
rosemarie novak (9 days ago)
Cute Santa from a Paint Brush. Going to try him.
Kids And Moms (10 days ago)
The reindeer with lollypop is my favorite. And the sweet Christmas tree so cute.
Marlen Plancarte (25 days ago)
Happy chitmas
Phoebe (25 days ago)
Those adorable and beautiful ideas. 😃🎄❄️⛄️☃️
Mailin Pistekova (25 days ago)
Françoise Allemand (26 days ago)
Τι φινέτσα στην υλοποίηση ...... Μπράβο! Σας ευχαριστούμε για αυτά τα μαθήματα με 3 φορές τίποτα ..... Ευτυχισμένες διακοπές What finesse in the realization ...... Bravo! Thank you for these tutorials with 3 times nothing ..... Happy Holidays
Lisa Hill (28 days ago)
So much fun to make
Genial ...!!! ;)
ivani ferreira (1 month ago)
Todos maravilhosos!
that is amazing b (1 month ago)
The reindeer lollipop was such a great idea!!!!, can’t wait to try it.
Show!! Brasil. Eu também faço esses trabalhos com reciclagem. Um abraço
Mario Turcatti (1 month ago)
Me encantaron las manualidades!!!!!! A mi primo le regale el reno del chupetín y por eso me dio un abrazo super fuerte!!!!!!gracias desde Rosario
Sylvia Jones (1 month ago)
Love these. Excellent, easy to follow tutorial. Thank you so much.
K Horan (1 month ago)
so cute
Mina Cat (1 month ago)
¡Todo me encanto!.
Dawn Lindgron (1 month ago)
I. Won't remember them all ! Cute
Nhuai12 (1 month ago)
Wine cork reindeer reminds me Homer from the simpsons
Gladys Diaz (1 month ago)
Hermosas, manualidades felicitaciones.
Linda Beebe (1 month ago)
Yay!! These are so sweet and fun. Thanks for sharing such wonderful ideas.
Bulma Mendez (1 month ago)
Me encantó la 8 y 10 saludos
обожаю ваши видео, у вас золотые руки)
Cami Carrillo Diaz (1 month ago)
Video bien explicado... tienes qur dar el paso a paso con medidas y todo incluido
Cami Carrillo Diaz (1 month ago)
Por que no dan las medidas?
Conchi Torres (1 month ago)
Muy bonitas manualidades reciclada
Vanessa Human (1 month ago)
Where did you find the beautiful handkerchief
Janet Olson (1 month ago)
Do you have templates
Soledad Quitrak (1 month ago)
Hermosos gracias desde Chile
Southern Sass (1 month ago)
Love these!! TFS ❤ Going to make the wreath one today 😍
Taro chan (1 month ago)
The snowman is genius! Very nice :-)
Cida Ramos Ensina (1 month ago)
Paul Norby (1 month ago)
Very creative! :-)
Jesus the cool (1 month ago)
Great ideas but you must have lots of money because you're so wasteful with your ribbon.
Wyndy Goforth (18 days ago)
I was gonna say the same thing. It's almost painful the waste. Great ideas tho! So fun, can't wait to try them with my little.
Katie Nayman (1 month ago)
Looking forward to doing these with my granddaughter. Thank you.
Interior Design Info (1 month ago)
So many cute ideas - thanks for sharing!
Lía (1 month ago)
It's beautiful! 🤤🤤😍😍

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