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Example of a New Product Introduction

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Presentation by Chris Westfall introducing a new program for audio products. Creating clarity in a step x step rollout for a new set of product solutions. Introducing a program, identifying support materials, and creating a call to action.
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ANDREW SPENCE (1 year ago)
THE FOLLOWING SCRIPT IS PROVIDED FREE BY FAC (Fast-Accurate-Cheap) TRANSCRIPTIONS. E-mail [email protected] for your product video and we will make you an offer you cannot refuse. ------------------------------------------ TRANSCRIPT - AMX Audio Hi There. I'm Chris Westfall national director of residential sales AMX and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in AMX Audio. I hope we can welcome you into the AMX family. In the near future you are going to be receiving a packet of information from AMX. It's information that we are going to need you to fill out and return to us. At first glance, the info can be a little confusing, a little intimidating but it doesn't have to be. I'm going to take just a few minutes in this video presentation to step you through the packet of information and let you know what you need to send back to AMX so that we can welcome you into the AMX family. In the information packet that you receive from AMX, there is a Welcome Letter to thank you for your interest and details the information that is enclosed. You will also receive a return addressed envelope so that you can fill out the necessary forms and return them easily to AMX. Along with the Welcome Letter, thanking you for your interest in AMX, you will receive our new AMX Distributed Audio Products Terms of Sale. This is a three-page document which steps you through the Terms and Conditions of Sale for AMX Products. You simply sign the third page and return that to AMX. You will also see a 10-page which is a Limited Warranty and Disclaimer. It gives you information about the warranty associated with AMX products. If you are interested in receiving credit terms with AMX, please take the time to fill out the Credit Application that is enclosed. If not, there is no need to fill it out and we will assign you Credit Card Terms Only for your purchases of AMX Audio. You will also see a document called the Uniform Sales and Use Tax Certificate. This certifies you as a reseller of AMX products and certifies that you will sell for net on your taxes. The deal Information Form provides us with information about you. It is very valuable to our business and to our working relationship. It allows us to understand information like the corporate address, billing address, ship to address, as well as some contact information within your organization. Now some of the folks that are watching this video are not going to have information to fill in every one of these blanks. That's okay. Fill it out to the best of your ability with the information that's appropriate for your particular firm and reply with that information to AMX. It will really help us out. Now we move on to the Dealership Account. This is a four-page document that talks about information we need to set you up with our online resources. AMX places a great deal of information on our website - information on pricing and products that's available only to our Dealer Networks. So again, we need you to fill that out and let us know who you want to assign as the web administrator for your account and also whether there are alternate administrators or backup web administrators for your account. Finally we include a couple of other pieces of information just so that you know what things will look like in your correspondence and communication with AMX. The first is a document that looks like this, it's an Order Acknowledgement from AMX. Finally you will see a Shipping Notification. Again, just an example so you are aware of what communication you will receive from AMX. Information about our products that are shipping, products that may be on back order etcetera. So that's it. That's the Dealer Information Packet. You can refer to your Welcome Letter, to let you know what information needs to be filled out and again if you would please place that in the enclosed envelope and send it back to us at AMX, we will get that paperwork processed just as quickly as possible. And again, I want to take this time to thank you for your interest in AMX Audio and welcome you to the AMX family. I am Chris Westfall. Thanks again.

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